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The delights of Weston Super Mare

Some have unkindly called it Weston Supermarket which actually is not too far from the truth. We rose early this morning and departed about nine o'clock  for a journey that was supposed to take one hour 17 minutes according to my GPS.  This equipment is remarkably and annoyingly successful in predicting arrival time because it has lots of data to go on than is apparent at first. My step meter -...

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Weston Super Mare on a windswept day

There is something about wind that always excites me. Man vs. nature and all that - so off  to fill up with petrol (gas) and off we go into the unknown. These images are not in chronological order. A late lunch at Papas, reputed to serve the best fish and chips in the area. Evidently the owner also runs a fishing boat, so all is fresh as can be. I found the batter thin and crisp, the fish cooked...

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Free personal sand blasting at Weston Super Mare

For those of you unfamiliar with the UK, Weston-super-Mare (literally Weston on the sea) is a fairly nondescript seaside resort south of the mouth of the Bristol Channel. We decided to go there on the spur of the moment because the westerly winds were forecast to blow at 50 miles an hour. I love wind. This is a mere breeze compared with the 1200 miles an hour winds of frozen methane across...

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A change in responsibilities + Just Stop Oil

This is one of these impossible images I can only imagine if the gradient is not very steep. Difficult to tell from the angle of the camera. We have had another glorious day. It really was a warmth that went through your body. I woke up warm this morning, warmer than I would like. This afternoon Francoise  spoke at length on Skype to my son Mark who lives in Mumbai and works at a school. He has...

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About, and User’s Guide

Welcome to all diary enthusiasts My personal record of life and living in Somerset, Following the example of great diarists, join me in my adventures Brian Snellgrove Users Guide You can search for any place or topic  including Bath,  Frome,  Wells,  Bristol,  Glastonbury, Cheddar, or you can search topics such as Christian,  meditation,  philosophy. You will also find extensive writings on ...

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Bed time – a movable feast? – Storm – garden safety

Wednesday 19 October 1664 ... To supper and to bed, my wife coming in by and by, which though I know there was no hurt in it; I do not like... So who feels sleepy at the same time of the evening for the same reasons? Our circadian rhythms are seldom the same. I know of couples who retreat into separate beds or even in different rooms so they can get a good night's sleep. It does not mean that...

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