Long story short

#  My consuming interest is energy and coaching work which I have done for most of my life.

# I have kept a Samuel Pepys style diary for the past 7 years (see below)

# Over the years I have been privileged to compile two very large web reference directories based on 5G and also on cov*id and all that they imply for our society.  They are for the serious student and for those who want to know what is going on behind the scenes in this apparently mad world.

# I am also interested in extra terrestrial life, so called ‘exo-politics’ Over 120 extra terrestrial civilizations have visited the earth. All have left their influences.  This is just downright interesting nay fascinating.

# I also study spiritual matters, life after death, consciousness and the nature of human kind.  There will be a section of this website devoted to such matters. I am a Christian and view the world from this view point. I consider Christianity the ultimate all-inclusive ‘vehicle’ for the bringing of heaven to earth.

Samuel Pepys Diary Club

I have admired the diaries of Samuel Pepys and have used his work as a role model to write my own version.

Over the past seven years I have written nearly a million words and they reflect my daily life experience in Somerset, UK, which is where I live as well as my thoughts as a human being.

I encourage you all to keep a log or diary. It is a great form of therapy. The act of sharing raises the consciousness and the daily discipline of writing sharpens the mind and the observation powers. Diarists of the world – Unite!  There are many article on journaling, Scroll down on this link. It sets out most of the principles you need to bear in mind. If you would like to be part of a collective, or know someone who does similar, do let me know and we can do some networking.

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