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by | Jul 10, 2023

Welcome to all diary enthusiasts

My personal record of life and living in Somerset, Following the example of great diarists, join me in my adventures
Brian Snellgrove

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Have a great day and may you have many more.

Brian Snellgrove,  Editor and diarist

About me

#  My consuming interest is energy and coaching work which I have done for most of my life.

# I have kept a Samuel Pepys style diary for the past 7 years (see below)

# Over the years I have been privileged to compile two very large web reference directories based on 5G and also on cov*id and all that they imply for our society.  They are for the serious student and for those who want to know what is going on behind the scenes.

# I am also interested in extra terrestrial life – so called ‘exo-politics’.  Over 120 extra terrestrial civilizations have visited the earth. All have left their influences.

# I also study spiritual matters, life after death, consciousness and the nature of human kind.  There will be a section of this website devoted to such matters. I am a Christian and view the world from this view point. I consider Christianity the ultimate all-inclusive ‘vehicle’ for the bringing of heaven to earth.

Samuel Pepys Diary Club

I have admired the diaries of Samuel Pepys and have used his work as a role model to write my own version.

Over the past seven years I have written nearly a million words and they reflect my daily life experience in Somerset, UK, which is where I live as well as my thoughts as a human being.

I encourage you all to keep a log or diary. It is a great form of therapy. The act of sharing raises the consciousness, and the daily discipline of writing sharpens the mind and the observation powers. Diarists of the world – Unite!  There are many articles on journaling, Scroll down on this link. It sets out most of the principles. If you would like to be part of a collective, or know someone who does similar, do let me know and we can do some networking.

Contact me

bsnellgrove@fastmail.fm  or +44 (0)1761 415473

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