A talk on silence and my reaction to it

Today A scientific and Medical Network monthly book talk took place with David Lorimer and Sarah Anderson author of the book ' The Lost Art of Silence - reconnecting to the power and beauty of quiet' This was just the inspiration I needed for today's diary theme. As you may have noticed, there have been no entries for the past three days, when I have been re-adjusting from being in London back...

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Pictorial adventures in London part 4

I came downstairs for breakfast amongst considerable activity. I noticed that there were many young ladies of a slim build and they looked very athletic types. Little did I know that there were going to be a preparation and final selection for the Paris Olympics for the 10,000 meter runs. This was to take place at Parliament Hill with the best  athletes from the country competing. The...

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Pictorial adventures in London part 3

A free day. I decided to take the bus number one which goes from Hampstead Heath to Canada Water. I have never been there before but I know it has something to do with the docks. I took advantage of my Freedom Pass to get my free ride. The London readers in the bus cab do not recognize the Freedom Pass, you just wave it and get on the bus.  The driver scarcely looks up. The No 1 bus passing the...

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Pictorial adventures in London part 2

At large in North London.  I visited Whittington Hospital and saw a rather strange sculpture in the forecourt. Not sure what the plastic domes are about. Is it for people who smoke or is it a residue from the covid times when everyone thought they had to keep distant from others Decided not to enter Highgate Cemetery which has been privatised and which will cost you 10 quid to get in. I don't...

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Pictorial adventures in London part 1

Once more I am drawn to London this time to celebrate someone's birthday, that someone being the oldest friend I have going back to 1966. Once again I went the cheapo way via Megabus from Bristol for the princely sum of £2.99  on the outward journey and £3.99 on the return journey. My friend kindly put me up at the Premier Inn in Hampstead about which I have written many times. This trip I don't...

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The history of weather manipulation  1:20:56 I'm taking a few days off this week so I leave you today with a very interesting film about something that affects us all. The USA allocate 93 million dollars per day to spray the air with a mixture of barium strontium and aluminium. Why you may ask?  Do they think the sun is making a mistake in shining? Has Mother Nature suddenly lost control. This...

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