The day of our return from London

AWAIT FOR PREVIOUS DAYS REPORTING And so after and all too brief sojourn in London we return. I always leave much earlier than I need to so we left our place in Selsdon which is somewhat south of East Croydon over two hours before the train left. I take the view that if you leave earlier then you need to, if anything goes wrong along the way it normally rights itself after a period of time...

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Eating alone in a cafe + the eclipse

I might as well start the week as I intend to go on,  so off to my local cafe or caff.  Porkies Cafe serves drivers and workers on an Industrial Estate in Westfield BA3 4BH. You cannot say that the front door is imposing. I go there because they do excellent fried bread and because I like the unpretentious surroundings. Today when I arrived at 8.15 am there were many cars parked outside and I...

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Christian Worship – Why did Thomas doubt?

I arose at 7 o'clock this morning leaving a sleeping Francoise. As I have had a Bemer treatment overnight, which  is a machine that sends vibrational frequencies through the body to keep the blood flow in the micro channels, I had a good glass of water followed by a coffee. I enjoy brewing coffee. I saw a man do this on a street in Marrakesh and have followed it ever since. Trans World Radio As...

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Am I lazy?

I have not written a diary for a couple of days now because I feel lazy. I have actually been quite productive but in respect of summing up my feelings about the day, I find my motivation lacking. I have decided not to beat myself up about this since my energy goes in cycles and sometimes I'm inspired,sometimes I'm not.My examplar Samuel Pepys also went for some days without writing his famous...

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These are my favorite Android apps

I have an Android oneplus 6 which I know is a minority product but it suits me well enough so just for fun I'm going to share what features I use and why I enjoy using them.   Brian, Ed. SANTANDAR I'm amazed how quickly and expenditure appears on my account. If it is not instant it is a few minutes. There are exceptions where the arrangement with the retailer who is a small seller or petrol and...

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