Visit to my acupuncturist in Frome – a nice coffee and service

The acupuncture meridians are not to be dismissed  – lightly or otherwise. They are streams of energy that flow though the human body and probably through the planet (though the name for that is a lay line).

When Martin put a needle into me at one place, I can feel the merest prickly sensation. When another needle of the same size is inserted somewhere else, it feel like a red hot nail.  I lie on the table with about 10 needles in me, some in the feet, four in a line in the stomach and three each in the left and right hand. Cooking time is about 20 minutes. I seem to be getting better. Mind you, I work on myself between each session as I don’t want to spend unnecessary money and time if I undo Martin’s careful work.

I went to a local community centre cafe  and had a coffee and a slice of date crumble.  The lad who served me was a delight. I reckon he was about 16. He had a boyish sense of humour, was glad to have a banter with me and was really proud of his work. He made me a latte (below) with a lovely design. He whistled as he worked on cleaning up the floor in preparation for closing.

This evening to another Vineyard meeting. There were six of us. How do we communicate the Gospel when meeting people in the street.  Some of our number believe that asking if they can pray for the people is a good way forward. Others feel that demonstrating unconditional love is the best introduction.

I testified that all the people who had really influenced me towards faith did not preach nor did they try to convert. Rather they were a shining example.

I said that at Glastonbury this last Monday I just talked to people, listened to them and showed something of God’s unconditional love for my fellow human beings. It did not come naturally. I was so bereft of example from my parents that I did not know how to behave socially and it took me a good 20 years to get the hang of it but now I am satisfied that my social skills are adequate – nay more than adequate to take me through situations that would have previously frightened me. The final breakthrough occurred when I found out that people loved to be listened to and valued. I do not blame my parents for anything. They themselves were not shown the example by their parents. My dad was born in 1906 by the way.

I drove home with wind and rain prevailing. One has to concentrate so much when driving on such nights.

To bear in mind if growing a church

Our local Vineyard group had a discussion this evening on what factors attracted us to the Vineyard church.  There were only a few of us there but a lively debate ensued never the less.  From my point of view:

I have a distrust of hierarchies and hierarchical thinking.

Everyone, even someone off the street, can be inspired to say something useful to all

We must try and deal with our own ‘judgement on sight’ of those who present with less than perfect attention to detail. I have written a ‘micro-app’ which prompts me to say when I see such people ‘that was me 20 years ago’

It is so important to give an indication of welcome by the door, for example a balloon, a scarf tied to the door, a welcome notice, a flag, some flowers.

I like the informal style of the Vineyard ways of doing things, for example starting a service when people are ready rather than at a particular time

I also like the fact that couples lead the groups and churches, rather than one person.  This gives a wholesome family feel.

I very much enjoy the meeting of souls over coffee before the formalities start

I like the emphasis on going out of the church and doing practical things in the community

Many people are shy of coming to any new place.  When I was in my father’s church ( I was a vicar’s son) he told of a man who walked round the local common three times before summing up the courage to enter the church
That people often present to a group damaged with a very low level of trust.

We need to meet them where they are and talk about the things that they are familiar with. Thus we get to know each other as people, human beings, and then when it is safe and appropriate we can discuss things like belief and faith.  We need to get our timing right so we should I suggest wait for a sign of interest before mentioning something spiritual.

There was at the gathering this evening a woman who came from a catholic background. She felt she was being led towards a different approach.  I teased her and asked how her ‘guiltometer’ was.  Guilt infuses Catholics quite extensively I find. She has been feeling like breaking from the catholic church since 2019 so with the lockdown and so on, not long.

I said that if she could describe to us her situation,  a feeling of ‘not belonging’ and jumping from group to group, she was probably doing quite well.  I described her situation as ‘taking off overcoats’ – removing layers of fear and mistrust and indeed – guilt. I was moved to congratulate her on her progress.

Another Amazing day, this time at Glastonbury for the Spring solstice

As we left home for the spring equinox celebrations in Glastonbury, the  rain started. First, in spots and then more continuously. However the overall forecast seemed promising enough if you did not expect sunshine as was the case yesterday Sunday.

We arrived about 11am for the midday celebration. It is always pleasant to arrive early before the crowds come. Fairly soon I was tempted to buy a good slab of pizza, made with wonderful healthy dough and good ingredients.  As I always do I started talking to a lady sat on her own around the camp fire. It turns out that she was guided to move to Glastonbury from Manchester, She arrived in January 2023. She was very well aware of many esoteric things and we chatted away.

I went to the office to check if Caroline, one of my mentors, was there and sure enough she was. We agreed to meet after the ceremony. The well head had as usual been dressed for the occasion. The area was packed about 10 minutes before the midday hour. We started with talks about the importance of love and peace, the development of consciousness,  the changes that are happening in the world – good and bad. We then had a ten minute meditation to collect our thoughts and bless the earth.

It is a tight squeeze for everyone. There are two viewing areas. The ‘stalls’ i.e. the area around the well itself and the Gallery, the path that leads up from the well to the top field.

After the ceremony I mingled and mixed as I usually do. There is a new Head Groundsman called Dave. I sought him out as I wanted to say hi to him and welcome him to the fold. He had a lovely healing voice, fitting so well with the gentleness of Chalice Well, and I drew this to his attention. I went round to the other trustees and staff and congratulated them on their choice. Someone said that they put out the intention and got the right person. I feel I am in the world to make a difference to others. I absolutely love the role

To the High street as per normal.  To the health food shop where we stocked up with quality provisions.  I love the busy notice board, always a sign of a  healthy community.

Me to Burns the Bread for my sausage roll and a chocolate bun.

Francoise to a shop (Starchild)  that sells essences. A real Aladdin’s Cave of esoteric substances.


Realisation of the day – spend time with those who are already on the path of growth. If those who are asleep have chosen to be asleep, why bully them against their will and their disposition.
The biggest treasure in the world is to quantumly entangle (i.e. love) with others.  If we want to go to heaven then we should take as many people with us as possible.

Rockaway Park Mothering Sunday lunch and an occasion for fellowship

Always fun to go to Rockaway Park for my sanity fix. This was mothering Sunday so there were lots of families taking time out together.

BELOW We visited the man (Beam) who made knives and I decided he should be declared an alchemist for his professional attitude to his work. We told him he should charge more for his labours.

This is an example of their anarchistic sense of humour

BELOW This is the first site of Rockaway Park as you walk up an incline. It is a jaw dropping moment for most people visiting for the first time.

BELOW This car would probably fail it’s MOT. However the owner thinks that with a bit of spit and polish it would go fine. It may well be mechanically sound. Having said that, maybe the owner was joking.

I met an amazing woman

It was my privilege to attend the morning meeting of the Vineyard group at Radstock Methodist church of yore. This morning there was no service as such. Instead the event was centred around children. There were games, constructions and a bouncy castle. Us adults milled round chatting to each other.

I was fortunate enough to meet a lady called Alisha. She had been born in UK but worked in Milan, Australia and America where she is currently with a non profit organisation which assists with the poorest of the poor. She is back here in the UK renewing her visa. Normally work visas are issued every two years. I lived in NY NY for some time in the late 90’s so I reminisced.

Alisha said that the homeless problem was severe. Under the new Mayor Eric Adams, police have the power to take any homeless person off the street if they consider them to be mentally challenged. That could mean just about anyone. She also said that prices had gone through the roof. A cocktail was $16 or $15 on a good day.  So, a drink and a couple of snacks could set you back $30. Also people were of enormous size physically. She attributed this to ignorance. She eats no meat so in certain areas there is nothing offered. There are few if any fresh vegetables.

Alisha lived for a time in Melbourne which is now a cool and sophisticated city challenging Sydney as the cultural capital of Oz.

However what impressed me most was her practical application of faith. God has definitely opened up ways for her and ‘made her paths straight’ as it says. Her apartment on lower East side ‘had her name on it’

I shared some impressions of her which some would construe as a compliment. I found talking to her a transparent and ‘clean’ process. I find this with people who have worked through their personal stuff. She says that when she is on her own the reads the Bible a lot.  I also found that she came across as someone who ‘walks their talk’. There was a joy and a glow about her that indicated that God was present. No question – if you trust God a lot, God will guide and help you.  If you do not trust, then God cannot whisper in your ear so although you might get guidance it would not necessarily be from the right source.

I also commented about what I had observed about single people.  Sometimes it is not our destiny to be with someone. I suppose you could say being married to the community is a good alternative. I have advised single people ‘ get married to yourself, the rest will follow’. I added that I had met married couples who might as well be in prison.

I left the meeting enriched and encouraged. I need such meetings like a piece of coal in a fire needs another piece of coal. It keeps the fire burning and two or more together is more effective than one on its own. I know that that is the way we are made. ‘ No man is an island’ as John Dunne said or ‘We are members one of another’. St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans 12:5




What The Nine have to say

This is from ‘The Nine’ which are a group of aware beings ‘somewhere’ in the universe. These amazing words can be found in the book
The Seeders, Return of the Gods by Elana Danaan

The universe, in its multi-layered creation
is a living conscious entity
It breathes in  Cycles, learns and grows.
Yet the universe is contained in each living creation
and all living creation is Limitless

Each living being whatever their nature or species
is a sentient cell of the universe
This great body, in the need of experiencing,
will allow some of its cells to become diseased for a while
in order for other cells to develop fighting skills,
discover their strengths,
and learn how powerful is a unified body

You are starting to acknowledge
The holographic structure of the Universe.
You were conditioned to believe that a hologram is an illusion
despite it is real physics and the contrary of an illusion
It binds the Fabric of reality in our coherent Matrix

Crushing down and enslaving a society
works by suppressing the access to knowledge
and even the awareness that knowledge even exists…

Creation and destruction
the universe needs both to complete the balance
and evolutionary development

And love binds all creation together

Linear time is the matrix
Wherever that is gravity
Linear time creates a matrix of its own
which is in the shape of a sphere
Dilated around a gravitational body
A planet around a star
a Star around the central vortex of a Galaxy

A matrix is not an illusion it is a reality of its own
Experienced by all consciousness that exist within it
consciousness experiences mortality

Outside of a gravitational sphere
consciousness is free from time
consciousness Experiences immortality


Giving Offense

This topic came up at our Vineyard prayer group this evening. St Paul and the other disciples ‘gave offense’ when they preached the gospel.

Let’s have a look at this word with its various meanings and context.  The noun ‘offense’ comes from the Latin word offendere, which means ‘strike against’. An ‘offender’ is someone who breaks a rule, either civil or criminal, and may be punished in a variety of ways.

Can we ‘give offense?’ Is it better to say ’cause offense’?  Deliberacy is not always meant  … She unwittingly caused offense when she made a statement’. However, when So -and-so acted offensively when they spoke out of turn, this was done deliberately.  This means that a person was aware of what they were doing but did it nevertheless as they were careless of the effect it would have or perhaps wanted to take revenge or cause harm.

In this politically correct day and age, the slightest diversion of views, or the mention of certain topics, can be perceived as being ‘racist’ and therefore offensive. However this may be due to the ignorance or laziness or prejudice or indeed fear in the recipient. There are however inconsistencies in this approach.  If a black person calls me a white person, I am not offended because I know a) it is true and b) I am secure in my whiteness. c) I consider this a description not a racist comment.

On the other hand if I call a person of colour a ‘black’ person I can be accused of ‘racism’. Is this because of a feeling of inferiority or insecurity in the black person that I have stirred up? Just imagine a person like the entertainer Lenny Henry being told he was black. He would just make a joke out of it. Why? He is secure in his identity.

It behooves the witness or indeed the object of the description whether the words are meant pejoratively or descriptively.

As William Shakespeare said

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.

If they don’t like what you say in truth then they must deal with it.

Another evening of blessedness

I have just come back from another evenings fellowship at the farm of Rob and Suz.  Mike, the co-ordinator of Vineyard in the Bath area was there giving a talk about the structure of the organisation and the way forward as they see it at the moment. At the end of the meeting we had a good chat and I was able to get to know him better.

I told him that in 10 years of being in Midsomer Norton I had not committed myself to such an extent as I had with Vineyard.  It is not so much what IS there but what it NOT there. I guess it is the structure of the church, the politics, the tradition and so forth.

I realise that I have quite a lot to contribute with regard to how organisations grow,  because I ran a social organisation, London Village, in the 70s  for seven years with about 4000 members. We retained control through a series of hubs which related to the postal district of London and surrounding areas. Through keeping the coordinators happy and  informed we were able to maintain order and harmony throughout the whole group. This was the days before the internet when everything had to be done by mail and telephone. The  members received a newsletter once per month. We had over 200 social events monthly with as many again off programme.

I reminded the Vineyard meeting that volunteers had to be looked after otherwise they would burn out, that Small Is Beautiful applies to some of the most successful family-based organiations but there comes a time when  structures have to change normally due to growth and I was reminded of cells in the human body. They cannot be bigger than a certain size and at a certain point they divide into two or more. I spoke about hairline cracks which is where people maintain a countenance but what are driven by  why differences that they do not bring to the surface and I said that hairline cracks were much more dangerous for the longevity of an organisation than obvious differences which were out in the open. Ventures work best if people serve rather than fight for power. As a notice in my father’s pulpit said ‘Sir, We would see Jesus’

Again, I seemed to be the only one jumping around and speaking though there were one or two other people who had something to say. There was a couple who had just come back from missionary work in Africa somewhere and there was someone else who had just returned from New Zealand ; she was in awe of the beautiful scenery. She was there for 5 weeks, just about enough time to visit the North and South Islands. Incidentally the total length of New Zealand is 1000 miles and yes you can drive all the way. She only arrived back 2 weeks ago so she witnessed the resignation of the beloved Jacinda.

What I like about such meetings irrespective of their averred purpose is the people you meet and the lives you encounter without expecting anything.

I gave a testimony about how I started to contribute to the organisation from the financial point of view. I decided to pay only what was comfortable and decided to give the equivalent of 1 glass of wine per week and then work up from there are. I hope that this was an encouragement to others to give because as I said previously the the cost of maintaining three Church Centres was over £100,000 and we must all take responsibility for this.

For some reason I was attracted to Mike’s description of the armour (of God) and weaponry of the Vineyard people. I felt that an image (updated perhaps) could come out of the diagram above which was drawn on a table cloth by the founder of the Vineyard in the USA. . I rashly said that next Monday I would have a work of art version that could be used to train and inspire people.

My stomach is functioning perfectly. Last night I had such pain that I could not sleep and had to be in the sitting room. I blame the loaf of bread we bought in Frome. Who knows what was in the flour. Roundup perhaps?

Lord Jesus please save me

I attended a very lively and positive meeting of our Vineyard group. Mike who presides over the Bath area and is a trainer to new churches, gave us a talk which included the problems that the movement went though during Covid, and the revised challenges of what God had shown him to be necessary. The theme was ‘Making Jesus Known’.

He spoke with great conviction and clarity. I was motivated to contribute by sacrificing the cost of a glass of wine per week. As I am partly teasing myself I shall share how and why I made my decision at the meeting tomorrow night – Monday.

I shall also speak about the noise made by young children during a service. To be fair the officiant asks the children to leave after the singing and praying. I get it that the children pick up the vibe of belief, and at a very young age. I also get that parents would like to be involved in the service BUT the noise made by unruly children for me takes away from the ability to focus and concentrate. I don’t see how the parent guardians can fully concentrate either as their charge might suddenly scream out or run around . Most parents especially the doting ones react by smiling or grinning. Since when did smiling result in a child being quiet.

I am not sure about prayers to God to ‘move amongst us’.  Water and air do this automatically. It is their nature and they don’t need asking.  Surely the point is that God is within us and we have to become more sensitive to intuition (our intuition?). God is within us not somewhere else.  He is not waiting, hanging around so to speak. The onus is entirely on the individual to DISCOVER their own ‘likeness in the image of God’ and behave like it. God does not have to be begged. You don’t have to say ‘please’.  Also how can God ‘save’ us when he has already given us the tools to do so.

Timsbury Seed Exchange

This morning was committee time. By that I mean that our Allotment Association of which I was chair met to discuss the condition of each plot and whether ‘notice of dirty plot’ letters needed to be sent. At 10 am the four of us gathered and walked up and down the 64 plots discussing each one and deciding on the need to reprimand or more like it advise the tenant that something needed to be done. The rules say  ‘75% of the plot area needs to be cultivated’ and this we all have to stick to. Most of the plots were in good condition, particularly commendable in view of the varying weather.

When we write to people  about an untidy plot the first communication is more and enquiry* than anything else. It may be that illness or family problems prevent someone from devoting themselves to their plot. If there is no response we escalate the communication reminding people of their obligations. I guess it is the same with all services. Don’t assume the worst when there might be a benign explanation.

* I did not fully realise until today that Inquiry is a formal request, Enquiry is more informal. Am I the last person to know this?

Yes, its that time of year again, spring. We all gather in Timsbury Village Hall to meet those selling seed potatoes, healthcare products and advertising local environmental groups. There is exchange from and to our garden or allotment or supplier of seeds.  On entry I made a beeline for the cafe where I purchased a piece of banana cake and a cup of good coffee for £2.50.

I sat down next to a couple who had an allotment in Bristol and we put the world to rights. I pick people who look open so instead of sitting ‘by my self’ I can have a pleasant few minutes chat. We discussed in detail whether our rule of 75% cultivation included space for sheds and pathways.

I met Mark, who is the boss of nearby Rockaway Park and we eulogized the new knife maker. Marta his partner thinks he is under-charging. A small knife comes out at about £50, larger knives £70.  All his knives are works of art, custom built.

I talked with a lady called Stef Mills. She sells Weleda products. She also does light massage from top to bottom, £60 for 90 minutes. I talked peer to peer about distancing, value for money, the wisdom or otherwise of offering a cut down reading for new people (we both thought not). I did a chakra reading on her solar plexus (a good chakra for energy draining risks) and her third eye.  I told her I thought she was a natural healer and listener and congratulated here.

Off to do our weekly shop at Lidl’s then to buy some bread at Sainsbury’s.  We had heard that Morrisons is suffering from a £1.5bn deficit since being bought up by an American corporate.  Silly them. Americans are the predators of the world.  Morrisons should have read the small print.

Our philosophical conclusion? – being aware that digital currency is coming, that thousands of ‘refugees’ will continue to arrive in the UK by design, that food shortages, fuel hikes,  fake ‘net zero’ policies, fake ‘climate change’ policies, the sexualisation of children, the destruction of religion and the family, 15 minute cities, probably another manufactured ‘virus’ – is that we have to

  • Keep fit
  • Keep our minds active – learn every day
  • Keep our needs simple
  • Maintain our hope
  • be self sustainable as far as possible
  • Keep faith in God
  • Serve others and be available to them
  • ‘we are members one of another’ as the Good Book says

Its all about quantum entanglement with the invisible universe.


My attempt at a ‘day off’.

I decided to take the advice of my friend who told me to take a day off from time to time away from my responsibilities. So, there is no time like the present.

As it happens I had a number of reasons for visiting Frome, one of which was to see my acupuncturist for a treatment. Over the years I’ve been to see a number of therapists and I can say that the most important thing apart from competence is  a rapport between myself and them which of course needs to be mutual. I can say that this is the case with Martin, the acupuncturist in question, and me. We seem to be getting on very well and understanding of each other. I think it has to do with our common attitude, for example to Covid, and our attitude to reality in general.

My session was at 11:30. We parked in front of the the green and cheese community hall which is bang slap in the centre of Frome next to the car park. The Treatment Rooms are only a short distance away so while I went for my appointment Francoise walked around some of the shops and sampled some of the cultural life of this small town (28,600). It is a very cultural place with I believe has three theatres and one cinema.

We then went to visit the Rye bakery which is in a road adjacent to Frome station and was repeated to be very good. Upon entering we realized that this was a gummy establishment with a pain au raisins costing £3. A charge of £4 for a loaf seemed about right for the quality of the ingredients. Francoise bought a sourdough loaf with organic wheat made with traditional and heritage rye grains and we did indeed pay £4 for the privilege.

I don’t mind paying for quality but in this case we found that the inside of the loaf was sticky and under cooked, as we discovered when after returning home we cut a slice. I rang them to make a complaint but the answering machine said that ‘we are closed for Christmas and Boxing Day’ so I wrote to them suggesting that they might consider updating their message.

We then found a Caribbean street food cafe as referred to in my previous communication. The very cheerful man was cooking fresh Roti which is vegetarian.  The price was £6.50 and frankly I could not have finished it myself such was the quantity. Good to have fresh food. We sat around outside chatting to the other customers.

Nearby there was a machine selling pasteurized milk at £1.30 per liter so we bought a reusable bottle at £2 and then had a litre of milk.

We then returned to the car park and went up to see a new community type restaurant called the Good Heart where tea and coffee were offered free and meals were on offer. So far as I can understand it, you get meals (vegetarian) for nothing but if you can afford it you are asked to buy someone else’s meal which means you pay double price. So I would pay £13 including £6.50 towards the running of the place and of course subsidizing the poor.

I’m not sure about this model. I do not think it would work everywhere so I will go back to talk to one of the organisers, a very nice lady called Bridget. I would have captured her on the spot but she was just on her way out after what was obviously a long morning

We sat next to a chap whose name I did not get who came from Stoke-on-Trent. They are called Stokies. He appeared to be homeless and without employment. When we spoke to him about 2pm he had not had breakfast. When the food was bought to him he gobbled it down in a way that makes my fast eating look slow. We exchanged a few simple words. I will write about this cafe later when I’ve had a chance to speak to Bridget but it is a very interesting model.

If I were going to do the same in my own town I would offer free tea and coffee but also a donation for food. There are many reasons why people cannot pay to fill their stomachs. One is that they have literally no money especially towards the end of the month, another is that they cannot fend for themselves for various reasons. I remember when I was in India, free food was offered to anyone who lived within a certain radius of temple, cannot  remember which religion it was (maybe Sikh) but I remember being very impressed.

So I know this was supposed to be my day off and I ended up by doing lots of things but it did feel like a rest day . It makes an enormous difference if my stomach is giving trouble or if it is not. Yesterday was a bad day because I over ate in the morning and I suffered from it until 4 a.m. this morning. Once I go off balance, all hell gets loose .

Today there was a rapid temperature rise going up from 1 degree C to 11 degree C so all the snow had melted. I was quite happy to go home where upon we had a lunch consisting of warmed up food, Food is often tasting better when it has rested for a while. I then switched on my computer for the first time today to maintain my sites and write this diary.

Frome has other offerings of a social nature.

A most interesting multifaceted day

Awoke to snow, about two inches of it. The first of the season.  I must rise as I have to take my car for its annual MOT (certificate of roadworthiness). I left at about 9am to avoid the inevitable traffic jams from children being delivered to their school, and dropped my car off at fourth Avenue Motors.

As I walked away from delivering my car I noticed about 6 workers repacking Amazon packages into their own delivery vehicles. I guess this must happen rain or shine. A larger vehicle must have delivered some pallets in a semi presorted way and the workers needed to scan the packets when they were put in their own individual cars. I have never seen this done before and wondered how it was achieved.

I then went off to have breakfast at Porkys which is an inconspicuous cafe on an estate of factories here in Midsomer Norton. You can get breakfasts in various sizes paying from between £7 to £9. I have the smaller breakfast at £7 with coffee as an extra £1.20. We would call this a greasy spoon cafe. Workers and delivery drivers frequent this place.

I must admit that I overdid the breakfast and when I returned home  I was tired so decided to go to bed again. I had nothing on my schedule today so I spent a very pleasant time dozing and dreaming. I had a light lunch of rice mixed with soup. The time came to have a conversation by zoom with my friend of long-standing and I took the opportunity to review  a number of aspects of my life including why I felt it necessary to work all the time.

My friend thought it a good idea that I schedule a day with absolutely nothing happening and to see what came out of it.

I am attending a conference in October and I got the idea of a pop-up ZOOM group where people discuss what they want to have happening before the event, then what happened after the event. I thought this would be useful for those who live on their own or are with an unsympathetic partner.

It was also a time to consider my psychic work. Did I need to do it professionally or just incorporate it in my life. Does any one need this type of support any more?  After all the brain washing that the world has gone through are people capable of changing?

I find regular talking is very therapeutic because sometimes a problem is so deeply very that you don’t realize it is even there are until you start talking to someone else who is on the same wavelength. The need to talk is not a sign of weakness or dependency but rather a requirement for discipline and to make sure that you are intellectually tuned in to yourself and others.

It is difficult to know how much progress we have made, or how much better we could have done in our lives. The last 2-3 years have been a disaster for human kind. Maybe I have achieved more than I could imagine by remaining sane when most people around me have given in to fear and behave as robots.  There are some bright lights still shining, though.

A soliloquy on FEAR

Fear and Trust do not go together.
Fear and honesty to not go together
Fear and courage do not go together

I was motivated to write on this topic after an excellent fellowship meeting last evening with a group of Christians.  We were invited together to hear about the formation of the movement, The Vineyard’.  It started in America and spread to the UK. There are now 120 branches of this Christian – some would say ‘Charismatic’  –  movement in the UK. Overall there are over 2,500 branches world-wide. More details can be found on their website, here.

I would like to look at fear from the Christian and secular perspective. What exactly is fear?  I like the part definition “state of being afraid, uneasiness caused by possible danger”.  There is a positive aspect of fear. We can be afraid of having an accident, a fear of being robbed,  even a fear of death. We are equipped with the survival instincts necessary to respond with fear when we sense danger or feel unsafe. Fear helps protect us. It makes us alert to danger and prepares us to deal with it .

At the gathering (there were 13 of us assembled in the above-mentioned group) there was in my opinion a comfortable and secure atmosphere where even people who did not know each other would be emboldened to speak out about what was on their mind. The log fire further engendered a pleasant atmosphere.

When the speaker, David, had run through the history of the Vineyard movement he asked for questions whereupon there was a silence, not a deathly silence but a silence nevertheless. This I found slightly embarrassing because of the wealth of information that had been given and the implications that arose from such conversations. Maybe there were no questions to ask because people knew everything anyway but as I understand the human spirit it is like a wind and it is curious and it always wants to know the answers to things in order to advance itself.

I tried to break the ice by suggesting that people were worth shy about asking because they didn’t want to fall into the trap of being the only one who doesn’t know the answer to a particular question which has been lingering on their mind for some time. There is no such thing as a stupid question so why the silence? Maybe it is a thing of ego that people don’t want to be seen as ignorant. Or maybe it was Just pure and simple laziness or lack of interest in the subject matter. Why did they come?

It is said that the fear of public speaking is a fear greater than death for most people. According to psychiatrists, the fear of public speaking is caused by the fear of ostracism, the fear of standing out, the fear of criticism, the fear of ridicule, the fear of being an outcast. The fear of being different prevents most people from seeking new ways to solve their problems.

I should be making it as part of my mission next Monday, the second out of four planned meetings, to challenge people why they are so silent if indeed that comes to pass. People do not do advance in spirituality automatically but because they examine themselves and see what their strong or weak points are. Silence cannot be explained by English standoffishness.

Fear is a bitch

What does it mean to worry (about something)?

I went along to my Vineyard meeting at the Methodist Church, Radstock. Today being the first Sunday of the month,  time is spent on doing good works. This time we were asked to go round the streets giving a bunch of daffodils to passers-by and to appropriately ask them about their faith. We were to tell people that we were with the local church and that we would like to pray for them. I am quite good (in fact very good) at talking to strangers in the street but this one was a challenge to say the least.

However, not knowing that this was going to happen we had arranged to meet a good friend, Graham, in Dobbies Garden Centre in Shepton Mallet shortly after 12.00 so we did not feel able to take part in this.  Also (perhaps an excuse) it was a cold Sunday morning with very few people around.

Anyway, during the breakfast I struck up a conversation with another attendee, John, and we started to talk about worry. I confessed to worrying too much even though I could see that it did no good neither in the short term nor the long term.

I decided there and then to write a piece for the diary. Here goes.

What is the purpose of worrying. ‘He had a worried look on his face”. ‘I was worried that they would not return home’ or ‘I was worried that I did not do enough to pass the exam’.

It is interesting that in these cases, nothing can be done to change the situation.  It is out of our control. I found this diagram on the Internet which I find helpful as a starting point for thinking.

So we could be ‘worrying needlessly’. Will my social security check arrive tomorrow? I have no evidence that the system has failed so on what am I basing my concern. Do I have a lack of faith in things working for me? Do I feel I am unworthy to receive certain things? Is the ‘surface concern’ an indication of other deeper matters that have not been resolved?

If I have no basis then I am a ‘worrier’ and a good purpose would be served by focusing my mind on other things. I must not let the worry control me for if I let worry loose on my system it will change the flow of blood, affect the secretion of enzymes and hormones and make me less than happy with my lot.  All this caused by something that has no base in fact.

However, think of the mother who has the strong intuitive feeling that her son, working in another country far away, has had an accident. Two days later she receives a knock on the door from two police who tell her that her son is deceased. You could say that she had every right to worry though she did not know the cause. This is the function of intuition or as we would call it ‘quantum entanglement’.   ‘We are all members one of another’, as it says in the New Testament.

The bible has a lot so say about worry or anxiety (a close relative).

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”   Philippians 4:6-7

This implies the need to keep our compass pointing in the right direction irrespective of what is currently going on:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

This is about re-focusing

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

This is about priorities

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is life not more than food, and the body more than clothes?”

This is about context (of the worrying thing)

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

This is about reassurance

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

What’s the point in worrying?

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”

The blessings of trusting

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when the heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

About our responsibility to others

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” – Proverbs 12:25

I found these most encouraging especially when read together. It could form the basis of a meditation or even a longer session or workshop.

Here are some more quotes from other sources:

Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.” “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” “What else does anxiety about the future bring you but sorrow upon sorrow?”

“Chronic anxiety is a state more undesirable than any other, and we will try almost any maneuver to eliminate it. Modern man is living in anxious anticipation of destruction. Such anxiety can be easily eliminated by self-destruction. As a German saying puts it: ‘Better an end with terror than a terror without end.”

— Robert E. Neale, “The Art of Dying”

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

— Deepak Chopra

All the above I find very challenging to broaden my mind, to remind myself of the immortal spirit that I am and will return to when I pass….

We can justify many actions which may be cruel. This is more true if we do not face the source of our own anxiety. Would a happy person chastise and hurt others? What string of justifications would they use to explain their behavior. Are they mimicking what hurt was done to them or is this just an excuse?

It may be that our anxiety causes us to strike out inappropriately against others when the matters has nothing to do with therm but with our inner resource and maturity. The actions, word, or even the sight of another is enough of a catalyst to spark us off and cause undignified behavior.

This anxiety question looks more and more like the need for self discipline and self forgiveness and accepting the Love of God plus a good dose of self examination.

In my own case on a daily basis in order to minimize my anxiety about what might happen, I always arrange a ‘plan B’ for what if…. the car breaks down… I lose my tickets … I fall ill…. and this does enable me to start a new journey with a more peaceful heart.  Emergencies cannot be foreseen. We live in a physical world so we must be prepared.

A Place where trust is the guideline – Rockaway Park

We were going to visit Bradford-upon-Avon to visit the weekly market but it did not seem quite right. The weather was perfect but a little cold. I had recently received a newsletter from the wonderful  Michelle at Rockaway Park. If anyone has not been there and lives in Somerset then you dont know what you are missing. Long story short.  It was a quarry. It is now a centre for alternative living and the arts. Have a look at the February newsletter on this page.

We arrived at about 1pm to find that the cafe is only open at weekends. Friday between 12.30 and 1.30, Saturday between 12 and 2pm and Sundays between 12 and 3pm (for a roast vegetarian lunch). We found Michelle in her office and we decided to sit out in the sun and chat.

We talked about newsletters in general and the mistakes people make when mailing others including not checking that the links work. It was a jolly conversation. I love talking to people on the same wavelength. It is so effortless and I find myself being inspired to say all sorts of things that I did not ‘know. Well, it is ‘inspiration’ not expiration’.

We then went to the self service lunch in the cafe. We were the only people there.   There was a bar area where food that could be microwaved, plus tea, coffee and cakes. We had one main meal between us and two slices of almond cake.  Food made with love definitely tastes different There was no one to pay but an honesty box. The key was in the box and in there was about £50 of notes and cash. I paid my dues and took the change.

We then went for a walk around the various workshops including one where Vim was making bespoke knives with high quality steel.  He only learned to do this when he found himself bored during lockdown. At the end of the room was an amazing sculpture. (See below).  If you like this type of work then  do pay a visit BS39 5BU or visit website link above. It is open 7 dayss and free of charge to enter.

This is from the large hall where there are an incredible variety of weird objects. You would have to travel a long distance to find an art gallery as daring as this one.


To home then to Frome for my acupuncture appointment. In the way I visited a new bakery called ‘Rye Bread’ which has a good reputation although new. It is in a row of shops in the station car park. I arrived after it was closed but made a mental note to return.

There was also a Caribbean Street food outlet situated in a converted transport container. The people were offering a good lunch snack for £5, and then an evening meal for slightly more. I LOVED it. It reminds me of Brixton in London, a haven for restaurants from many countries. I made a mental note to change my next acupuncture appointment to nearer lunch time so I could sample the food.

A very rich day with a wonderful sunset. I felt very ‘down’ this morning what with my problem with my stomach but felt much more spirited after my appointment.  It is nice to be treated by someone with whom you are in harmony.

TV on or off at Wetherspoons?

I decided to treat myself to a breakfast at Wetherspoon’s this morning partly  to avoid the Monday Morning Feeling but because I genuinely enjoy the food especially the Freedom breakfast. There was a time when the Freedom breakfast was about £1.90 and coffee was 99p but now I found myself paying £5.80 for the two items.

I complained to the lady next to me, called Di, who is often in the pub in quaffing her early morning beer. She said that there were alternatives, for example Jacaranda, the restaurant just outside from Wetherspoons,  where you can easily spend £10 for the same meal so in effect chiding me for complaining about the price.

For the first time I noticed that the television was on in the background with sound. This I took exception to because I was not interested in the subject material and it was more like noise than anything else. Another man heard me complain and joined in so we both went to the bar and asked that the sound be turned off. Evidently it was only turned on because of the rugby last night and someone had forgotten to change the settings.

I said to the others that if I wanted to watch TV I would watch it at home and I came to a pub for peace and quiet. Fine if the TV being on on special occasions such as the coronation but basically I go for a drink and a conversation. The inevitable ackground noise with children screaming and running around,  is a disadvantage if you can call it that but I’m still loyal to the Wetherspoons brand and I’m very glad it has arrived in this small town.

Anyway, after a quick look round Sainsbury’s, off back home on a rather cold and unpleasant day so I must create my own atmosphere.

A new experiment in hospitality – Sunday lunch

To my informal service in the old Methodist Church in Radstock. There were about 16 of us and we met for the service, hearing a talk about how Saul converted into being Paul. The Pharisees of which Saul was one felt that they were doing right thing in persecuting Christians and it took the ‘Damascus moment’ when the Spirit of Jesus said Saul Saul why are you persecuting me? Saul did 180 degree turn and worked enthusiastically for Jesus and eventually died for him.

I enjoy meeting in small groups and we had a  sub-group of 5 of Us. Even shy people can start to speak their mind in a small group even though they can take time to get going.

I came away from the meeting enlightened and invigorated. The essence of spiritual power is Joy and freedom of mind even though the circumstances around us do not give us much scope for optimism.

At lunch time we went to visit a new initiative run by the local council where a two course lunch is offered to members of the public who may or may not be able to afford to eat. It was done on a trial basis of once a month and may be advertised as say the first Sunday of the month or the last Sunday of the month. There was music in the background. All tables had been decorated with spring flowers, at the food was simple and straightforward. As it was the first occasion I would always make allowances but in future there needs to be more coordination of staff. At one point the chef had to came out to take our order.

There should ideally have been an actual waiter but meanwhile a young boy who must have been about 10 years of age did his best to run around and serve everybody. We sat at a table with a young lady who worked as a bar in a local public house joined by her mother at a later time

The atmosphere was very good and I took the opportunity of speaking to one of the town councillors about new ventures and that we should not expect perfection the first time but if you have the same spirit then the events will take on a power of its own and it will grow of its own accord.

We spent a lovely afternoon on the allotment. I did a session of mowing, the first of the year, up and down the borders of the plots and Francoise dug up some leaks and we put up a trellis. Although it was only a few degrees centigrade the work soon made us warm and I took off my outer garments because I was sweating.

I was depressed to read that a hotel called the hotel Beresford in Newquay had been overtaken by refugees. It was a Shearings Travel company hotel and we had hoped to go there for a bit of rest and Recreation but now it looks as if it is not possible.

How many thousands of refugees or so-called refuge do we have to take before the country explodes in Anger?

New Ideas come upon me

As mentioned elsewhere I have been very interested in UFO’s and aliens good and bad – of loving and heartless. I decided to make a special site devoted to interactions between aliens and us, and vice versa. I know from experience that when I jump on something and take action as soon as I get inspired, things go magically fast. This time was no exception.

I got the idea Tuesday 21st February in the evening. I registered a site name and on Wednesday I roughed out a site with the basic features.  Tomorrow my web designer (who just happens to have a passion for UFO’s)  will help me construct the site to make it workable.  I shall also be talking with an illustrator to make suitable backgrounds for the information.

I am already doing so much. Am I mad to do more. Probably.  I believe the earth will become a better place – maybe it will take 150 years or so – so this is a time of awakening and cleansing.  Have a look at this young girl from Germany.   What a blessing to have her around.  https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/unexplained/do-aliens-really-live-among-us/

I attended my Tuesday evening Vineyard meeting in someone’s home. I love meetings with a small number of people. There was joy and optimism in the group. Joy is one thing you cannot fake.

Today Thursday, off to Bath for my eye injection.  In and out in 10 minutes. I enjoyed my lunch with Francoise at the RUH Hospital. Chicken Casserole and mashed potatoes, apple and pear crumble, LOADS of custard.

To Frome for my acupuncture appointment. I was told that most people are addicted to the following: wheat, dairy milk, sugar.   This would explain the majority of my stomach problems.  To help me move from milk to Almond Milk or their equivalents,  Michael the acupuncturist suggested I imagine milk as ‘dead puss cells’.  Evidently, mastitis in the cows is passed on through the milk.

I straightaway went to Lidl and bought three cartons of almond milk.

A thought for the day, which I find helpful

Our Deepest Fear
By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

This inspiring poem is taken from Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love. Though often quoted as part of Nelson Mandela’s moving inaugural speech, “Our Deepest Fear” does not appear in the speech. Marianne Williamson herself has commented on this mistaken attribution. For Marianne’s website, click here.

A great day transformed by ideas for my new web site. The web developer had a good morning on the creative side and delivered a great landing page. I will release it in 2-3 weeks.

A day of unexpected conversations

I went along to the Vineyard group as I normally do on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. for a so called super Sunday. This is when newcomers and children are invited. There is no actual service. I arrived about 10:10 ish; there were very few adults available to speak to so I just hung around a bit and took the proffered coffee.

I went into the church meeting room itself which had a full-size bouncy castle for the younger children. There are met someone called Rachel after butting in a conversation that she was having  with someone else. I found that she had lived in Dulwich / Herne Hill for some years and then moved to California for 12 years and then returned to Yeovil in Somerset, where her family roots were, to pursue a career in the retail trade. I admired the courage and faith of this single lady.  I discussed with her the features of living on one’s own which I have done for most of my life. I said the main thing is to get married to yourself and the rest is easy.

The Bible says that you should love your neighbor as yourself in other words don’t love your neighbor and hate yourself. I found the conversation stimulating and I hope to meet her at some Future time, possibly inviting her round to meet my wife.

My second meeting was with a very strapping man called Sean. He was a farmer and knew a lot about cars especially American cars and was a very good natural metalworker. He makes ornaments to order. He was very glad to show us on his mobile phone all the things he had created. His enthusiasm for life was obvious.

However, then was more to come. He worked as a marshal at the Glastonbury Festival. Recently he found that there was too much abuse from the general public who think for example they can get in without paying. He said that there are ticket producers outside the gate who will print off a fake ticket that is indistinguishable from the real thing and so he estimates that instead of the maximum 250,000 permitted  people there were closer than 350,000 people and as a result you can hardly move. Some people die standing up and you only discover them after the crowds have melted away.

He said that working for the organization was no longer a joy and the sort of music was not his; he preferred smaller more local festivals. Recently he had a disagreement with a Glastonbury organizers and told them they could stuff their offer to him or words to that effect. It sounds like Glastonbury is now too big and too commercial for its own good. Anyway this lovely man Sean had his 13 year old whom he clearly loved dearly.

Here was me expecting just another normal morning and I had met two outstanding people.

During the afternoon we went to to a small parking area on the canal / railway /walking track system in the pre Beeching era. We walked along the long rail track starting at the Hope and Anchor, a pub near Twinhoe. The walk terminated at Bath. Along the path we met a man with his dog staring at a castle once whom he told us was once occupied by the actor Nicholas Cage.

The man told me he had lived there once in the annexe in the 1980’s and it was haunted but he said he “didn’t believe in all that rubbish”. While we were talking, along the road came a lady from Italy who had a very good English accent. She was at the beginning of a 3 years in history in Bath and was just exploring the area. Were able to give a lot of tips to her and was very glad to have met her. She held herself with great composure.

After some brief conversations we went to the Hope and Anchor pub for a drink. For a medium Merlot, a pint of cider and some crisps I paid £11 18, close to London prices if not beyond but the atmosphere was very good and the pub nestling in a Valley is well worth a visit. The price of a main course meal is around £20 and they are open from Thursday to Sunday. I would say a meal for two with wine would be about £80 to £90.

I would like to walk right to Bath from Midford (the pub) and I discovered there ia actually a bus service Bath to Frome that stops outside the pub. We can Go to Bath, Do the 5 mile walk, bus back to Bath then another bus home.  It is the D2. I love bus timetables.

Bath Bus Station (Bay 8) 10:12 12:12 14:12 16:12 18:12
Wells Road St Mary’s Buildings (W-bound) 10:13 12:13 14:14 16:14 18:14
Wells Road Hayesfield Park (S-bound) 10:14 12:14 14:14 16:15 18:15
Bear Flat (C) 10:15 12:15 14:15 16:15 18:15
Bloomfield Devonshire Buildings (S-bound) 10:15 12:16 14:16 16:16 18:16
Bloomfield Wellsway (S-bound) 10:16 12:16 14:17 16:17 18:17
Bloomfield Wayside (SW-bound) 10:17 12:17 14:18 16:18 18:18
Odd Down Corner (SW-bound) 10:18 12:18 14:19 16:19 18:19
Odd Down St Martin’s Hospital (SE-bound) 10:18 12:18 14:19 16:20 18:20
Odd Down St Martin’s Court (SE-bound) 10:18 12:19 14:20 16:20 18:20
Odd Down Cross Keys (SE-bound) 10:20 12:20 14:21 16:22 18:22
Midford Hillside (E-bound) 10:23 12:23 14:25 16:26 18:26
Midford Hope and Anchor (NE-bound) 10:23 12:24 14:25 16:27 18:27

I started the day feeling a little bit low but was considerably cheered up not only by the bright sunshine but by all the lovely people we met. This is the life that we should live every day giving thanks and sharing. Think of the people in Turkey. No family left. No house. No job. Little food. We don’t know what suffering is.

A day to remember with affection.

Exopolitics Special. UFO’s ET’s Time travel – you name it

I am using this post as storage for a number of excellent videos on the topic of life beyond earth.  Sometimes I think that focusing on this is the only way of staying sane. In what part of a pile of s h i t do you want to sit in?  For some semblance of mind let us focus our minds on the big picture. It will  be added to and published at some time.

NB – I have decided to transfer all this type of material to a special site which is being developed.   Watch out for it.

Over 100 civilizations have visited the earth. Some are good, others not so. There are millions upon millions of planets. Logic must tell us that they cannot all be devoid of life.  Would you say that Clapham South was the only station on the London underground system?

I have been aware of this topic for years but only in connection with ‘UFO sightings’ and did not study it much beyond. Recently I have come across three books which have consumed me.

They are all by an abductee Elena Danaan, french in origin who tells of her abduction experiences and meeting with human-like and not so human-like beings. The books are not cheap but I did not hesitate. Thank goodness I followed my intuition

2020 – A Gift From The Stars, Extraterrestrial contacts and guides of Alien Races
September 2021 – ‘We will never let you down’. Testimony by Michael Salla, Forward by Laura Eisenhower
August 2022 – The Seeders – Return of the Gods – forward by Alex Collier.

Quite extraordinary how she turns out three books in three years. Amazing illustrations of alien beings. I was literally blown away by some of her words. The whole mess on earth makes more sense or at least can be seen with more compassion and objectivity.

The Scientific Principles behind Extraterrestrial Technologies features Dr Michael Salla, a genius inventor Dave Rossi and an abductee Elana Danaan .

More of Elana’s work…..


NO THERAPY WITH GRAYS – addressed to QHHT practitioners / Feb 16 2023


 An overview of Human-looking extra-terrestrials & their agendas – 4th Interview with Elena Danaan 


 The Mission – a short movie by Elana Danaan

Other experts in this field, though the sources are not guaranteed. Plus Alex Collier,  Andromedan Contactee and Galactic Historian. A good video on return of Enki, Preventing Nuclear Was and restoring Adamic DNA


Good interview with Alfred Webre, JD, MEd, CERT public health. Had first multidimensional experience in 1973.

How the other half live

Falcons are so cherished in the UAE that they are permitted to ride uncaged in the passenger cabins, with their own personal seats, no less. 

I can see that the people who have this sort of life and share the same planet must have a totally different mind-set from my fairly humble self, living as I do in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, UK. Even when in London during one of my increasingly rare visits, the picture above is hardly credible (or ‘incredible’ should I say).

My time is spent

  • maintaining my website in the hope that others will wake up and see the world for what it really is;
  • assisting my local allotment as the secretary and encouraging others to eat more healthily;
  • reading widely on exoplanetary matters especially visits from over 100 types of so called ‘aliens’;
  • trying to understand the spiritual principles which distinguish us from other forms of being;
  • supporting my friends and contacts as much as I can and I am allowed;
  • maintaining my Christian faith in good order by having fellowship with others;
  • maintaining my personal diary when I can find the time;
  • getting acupuncture treatment to keep myself healthy and balanced and trying to eat well without causing trouble to my Barrett’s Esophagus. Basically – no milk after midday. Chew food well. Eat slowly. Not too much water during meals.
  • Advertising and promoting my talents as a remote viewer and psychic

Funny how things mount up.

Who knows I might have an occasional holiday.

A strange St Valentines Day

It was not a good idea to go out to lunch not having booked. The day turned into a warm and sunny one so we thought we would go to lunch. First stop, the Old Down Inn. We drove into the car park. On seeing there were no spaces we knew that the chance of getting a table was minimal so we drove straight out again.

To the Horse and Jockey in Binnegar.  We entered the restaurant to see at least 10 people waiting for their food. No waitress in sight. We left and decided to go to Wells. We parked in the central car park and went to our favourite vegetarian restaurant, the Good Earth, and had a pizza with a good salad.

Off to Wells Cathedral Gardens. The whole garden area has been stripped of dead leaves and is looking like a short back and side haircut.  The lawns were being given their first mow of the season. I love the sound of mowing and the smell of cut grass.  The children were enjoying playing in the sun.

I have got a great app. on my Android phone.  If I take a picture on my camera it automatically uploads to my PC. No need for messy wires. What a time saver. I wish my phone did not wreck such havoc with my body when I use it.  After about a minute holding the phone my hands start to burn and prickle.

Back home to jet-wash the car.  Many entries to my Covid site.  The perfect day weather-wise and this in the middle of February.

I love this guy

This morning I went to my Vineyard group in Radstock. There were about 20 adults and six children. It is held in a Methodist church. Today was the first Sunday of the month and instead of a service we do ‘good works’ in the area.  Some went off to Wells to do some gardening and painting. We stayed and cleaned the hall. Washing, brushing, vacuum cleaning (Thank you Henry vacuum machines).  I did the vacuuming. It was very satisfying and I found myself feeling more like ‘owning’ the premises.

I realize I take a clean building for granted and of course they do not clean themselves. I had a good talk with a fellow worker from South Africa who left there 30 years ago. She was not so worried about the fare but the cost of staying. As a guest you are supposed to buy shopping and take them out for meals.  Such are the effects of inflation in South Africa.  The Rand is still 20 to the pound but a rand buys far less than when I was there 8 years ago. Hotels cost from £60 per night but typically £100 plus

Imbolc – the first stirrings of spring

Imbolc or Imbolg, also called Saint Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival. It marks the beginning of spring, and for Christians, it is the feast day of Saint Brigid, Ireland’s patroness saint. It is held on 1 February, which is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Just in case you did not know

So, off to Glastonbury (where else) for the celebration. We went early and spent an hour going round the Somerset Museum of Rural Life. It is very well done and worth an hour of anyone’s time.  I object to paying £3.30 for a latte coffee, as I objected to paying £1.45 for a Wetherspoons coffee. Once it was £0.99, then it went to up £1.15, then to £1.25 then to £1.45.  I ask myself – why?   I know that energy charges are through the roof although the wholesale prices have tanked recently at least since last Christmas. A well known pub was paying £40k for gas and electricity. From April it will be £120k How is anyone going to find that sort of money? £10 per pint? I don’t think so.

We arrived at Chalice Well at 11.30. I had a delicious vegan pizza and a large mug of coffee. The celebrations started at midday. There were three performers and this time they used a loud speaker so the assembled crowd round the well of maybe 150 people could hear without straining their ears.

The talk was about the importance of love as the carrier vibration and being ‘co-creative’ when you engage with another human being. That was my takeaway message.   I had three great conversations, one of which was with a person who was doing a grounding dance in bare feet. Lovely. We engaged. She had been waiting at the age of 38 for a partner who had not turned up yet.  I suggested she stops trying to run the universe and just enjoy herself.

Another long talk with an American New Yorker called Raven. She had a felt pixie hat which was perfect for her.  I did a psychic reading on her ex partner and her current partner.  She turned out to be a Reiki Master so knew a thing or two about energies.  She divides her time between NY and Glastonbury.

To the town for our usual fix of health food.  We drove back via Shepton Mallet and visited Aldi for a bit of impulse shopping.

A great day. The weather held off. It was about 10 degrees C without much wind.    Ideal and not bad for February.

Second Coming Special

As a Christian I have strong views on the Second Coming of Jesus. For any  person who is also interested I am making this one of my posts and will add to it from time to time as I come across sources of information, mainly in the form of videos. See the Book of Revelation, especially Chapter 13. Tho Timothy chapter 2.

part 2 here
End Times: The Movie

Moving from the church as such

I recently joined a branch of the vine Yard Church in Bath. Meetings take place in a disused Methodist Church in Paulton but recently I went along to a home meeting being a small village about 5 miles from Midsomer Norton. We met on Tuesday. There were eight of us and we met the house of Drew and Tally. The meetings open with prayer and meditation and then someone reads from the Bible and we discuss it but there is also time for exchange of information on personal matters.

I also attend All Saints Church in Paulton but I admit I don’t like the style of the services and go to Tuesday morning coffee as often as I can and I enjoy the simple and sincere fellowship from the other people. I have also joined St John’s in Midsomer Norton. It is a bit on the high church side but there is something comforting to me about early morning Communion at 8am when I can set the tone of the day in peace and quiet.

A small claims court case

I recently had a disagreement with a customer, the first in 50 years gardening, but they took me to the small claims court for and over payment which of course I disputed. I received the summons 3 days after I had completed the job to the apparent satisfaction of the customer but during that time she turned on me with the assistance of someone else in her family. On Tuesday we had a mediation session and although the other side were lying through their back teeth and insisted on taking me to court I negotiated the sum of the claim by 50% and reached agreement.

So they settled for £150 which I felt I did not owe but I decided not prolong the agony and wait a few months for the case to come up. Having something hanging in the air is detrimental for peace of mind; it is just not worth it. There was no question that the relation of my customer was a nasty piece of work and I felt dehumanized by the whole thing but there comes a time when you have to just wash your hands of things and move on. Insofar as they abused me they will have to pay the price as there is always a bounce back. As it says in the Bible, you reap what you sow, so I will leave it to the universe to sort out. As some would say ‘karma is a bitch’.

It may be worth a mention about mediation. This is part of the small claims court, a free service to avoid escalation of costs. If you appear in court in front of a judge you have to bear your own costs and who wants that? The mediator, a very nice Indian lady was very patient and supportive. She called the the plaintive and then she called me and acted as a negotiator.

This happened over a 1-hour period by phone. It was such a relief not to have direct confrontation with the other party. After agreement has been reached both parties have to agree that it was a full and final settlement so that was a great closure for me.

Lesson – people can be perfectly nice but turn on a sixpence and become another character entirely. Maybe I am too trusting. Anyway my integrity was not compromised but my pride hurt. This will pass.

A visit to Nailsea

In accordance with our quest to visit places we have never been to,  we took the 9.10am  379 bus to Bristol and then a local bus to Nailsea.  The morning was very foggy, so much so that from the buses we could see very little.

Nailsea is a small residential town with a population of about 20,000. It is unremarkable save for the town centre – surely built in the 1960’s where the usual variety of shops, banks, a post office, coffee bars.

What stood out was a very fine vegetable shop – less a shop more an inside stall – full of difficult to get hold of vegetables even in Bath. The prices were good.   We bought 3 avocados for £1 and various exotic vegetables. The young man in charge was so proud of his stock and we enjoyed being served by him.

We followed this by a visit to Wetherspoons, where we feasted on fish and chips. My goodness the fish was fresh. A bit of a lengthy wait, about 15 minutes, but that shows how spoiled I am with the service here in Midsomer Norton.  The price was £16.59 including a tea for Francoise and a glass of white wine (175 cl) for me.  Satisfaction all round.

Understand that Saturday and young children go together.  They make a noise. That is part of a family outing. Put up with it and smile.

Back to Bristol and then home. The fog had come down again so again, in the fading light, nothing much to see.

An unsophisticated day but a pleasure nevertheless.

To Burnham on Sea (where is that?)

Today was pleasant, for a change, and the sky was blue. Many roads round here are flooded mainly due to rainwater running off the fields. Originally we planned to take advantage of the weather and visit Ebbor Gorge National Nature Reserve.

Due to very poor sign posting we missed the turning and continued on to Easton, then to Wedmore, and then for some reason to Burnham on Sea. This is not one of the most attractive locations on the south west coast however we thought ‘ why not’

We turned up at a windswept and cloudy esplanade. After some difficulty finding a car space we walked along behind the very high concrete barriers – obviously to deter the more violent waves which they are the recipients of. The tide was out. Mud prevailed and you would not want to attempt to walk out on the sands which are more like quicksand in parts.  In the distance we saw Hinkley Point, the nuclear generating station. We visited the amusement arcade, mainly because we needed to use the facilities. The magnetic fields were high and we did not feel well.

the no-frills resort

We walked down the high street and met a delightful couple who ran a charity shop to support their Wildlife Rescue venture. It was called Secret World Wildlife Rescue.  As we showed genuine interest they warmed to us and we engaged in a long conversation including why pheasants stand in the road and look at you rather than escape. We make it a rule to talk to shop workers as if they were human beings not functionaries. Our openness was richly rewarded.

We then went to a ‘cash only’ cafe, well done. Francoise has a  very generous shrimp sandwich with salad. I had an apple pie with custard.  With tea and a latte it came to £12.50.  The conditions outside were about as bad as they could be but the atmosphere inside was welcoming.

No way could we say that the visit was spectacular but there is something homely about such places. We returned home in the dusk. The drive was 55 mins 28.1 miles with very little traffic.   A nice little jolly. Back for tea with vegeburgers and fish pie.

Hover boring the place there are always nice people to be found.