Our church service, the devil, and temptation

This was the organized part of our church service this morning run by our two affable leaders Suz and Rob. Their style is definitely impromptu, make it up as you go along, but it seems to work so who is complaining. One of the reasons I like this church is that you can go along without dressing up. I like to wear a hat or cap in my case so I do and no one even notices it Today's Vineyard Church...

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Frome Christian Mens Group meeting

As you may know I have featured hundreds of posters since I started this diary. Some are on the mark and some are not. The above gives a very powerful visual message about what correct advice can do. I saw it in the church hall in which we had our men's breakfast this morning Up early this morning to attend the Christian men's breakfast in Frome. It is always a pleasure to meet articulated...

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Synchronicity writ large. You could not make it up

Another really bad night. Awoke at 1:30 am. I had only eaten cous cous but that was enough to set off the acid reflux reaction. My legs were burning. I opened the sash windows and heard a man calling desperately for his friend or his dog. It made a surreal impression what with the wind and the rain which lashed down from time to time. I made it through the night and we went down for breakfast at...

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The Box Arts Centre, Plymouth + a brilliant Tourist Information Bureau

Plymouth's award-winning Tourist Information Centre is located in the Mayflower Museum at the heart of the picturesque Barbican; Plymouth’s historic, maritime quarter. From here the friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you make the most of your visit to Plymouth. Services available: Free local accommodation booking service Comprehensive information on attractions, accommodation, events,...

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Dartmoor Prison

'Dartmoor prison' conjures up in most people a desolate and lonely place surrounded by Wild Moors in this one of the most unspoiled areas in the country. It is given protected status for a reason. The prison itself is on the outskirts of Princetown. The population of Princetown, which is an ordinary enough town, with a population of somewhat less than 1500. When I read about it I felt that it...

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Experiencing the howling wind of Dartmoor

When I write articles I attempt to put an original view on something that makes it worth reading. I know you can't please all the people all the time but at least we can have a crack at it. First, I hope you like our new home page design which symbolizes more accurately what we are trying to achieve in terms of conveying the spirit of a living soul following their life path. So, we had planned...

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