People of different nationalities – the myth of separation

by | Oct 2, 2022

Star Seed in a world without separation

BJ –  When I talk to different people they do not think in the same way. Some cannot think out of the box. I cannot say that some people and lateral thinking go hand in hand; they are just not able to do it. Have you found that?

JB – No. I think they are the opposite. They are more capable. They meld it whereas we separate it.  We have a more machine way of looking at things because that’s what happened to us. They tend to meld it together as part of a single emotional response and we don’t do that. That’s always been the same, like, white people in many ways. We have been modified.

JB – Whatever we talk about we have a basic problem with the wide range of comprehension that people have or don’t have. If we open up our pages to everyone we are going to have a load of nutters come in and they all have got different words for things, they have got cults and they have read books by different people. They can misconstrue the logic of the whole thing.

With dark skinned people melanin is the key. It gives you more ability to apply more knowing. Knowing is the per-cursor of information.  People who work with information are more restricted than people who can just know.  There is a logic to do with information but you can see that you need a bit of both in order to have a more balanced line.  You need the ability to see like Dean Radin says you have got to be able to use consciousness in a higher form, in a potential form, which is not information, it translates to information to us as we have a brain that processes information.

We have also got a mind that sees both sides of the argument so you need to have the ability to recognize this knowing process but you also need to be able to use information effectively. In that way you can live life  and translate one into the other.

BJ Quantum entanglement between levels?
JB – absolutely it is, yes.  You need that other part so if you have not got both you can lead yourself into a real problem.  If you have only the knowing bit you can be seen as too fluffy because you cannot see what the world is really doing because you forgive everyone and all that. You have got to be wise. But you also have to see that consciousness itself is part of a God-frame where all things are together rather than separate like now. So you have got to see where you relate to both of those things. You cannot bring ‘knowing’ here otherwise you would just walk in front of a car because you wont have the logic or the information to work in this world.

You need both but you have to target the way we live towards when you die when you don’t have the information field any more.  All there is is knowing.  That’s all you have got. So that is the thing in summary, that is what you have to work on understanding. What are are doing in talking about neutrinos and all these different things is the quality of that world and how they relate in terms of this world.

JB – Things like race are the consequences of separation which means that dualities occur. You cannot solve a duality from the consequences of that duality. The only thing to remember with things like is is that when people die there is no gender, there is no race and you are all together as individual souls . It is the world that propagates this separate behavior. As a consequence you get men hating women, women hating men, white people hating black people. In death these differences do not exist.

BJ – so disembodied people do not have a colour

JB – No. We have to be careful about our prejudice as we can make statements that are seen to be racist. When we talk with people on our wavelength you are within a bandwidth of understanding where we make assumptions about what we know together. You cannot just take these assumptions and dump them on the public with far less exposure to such concepts they are going to take them wrongly. People with high melanin have a huge advantage in that they are able to access that knowing part much easier than we can.

JB – The concept of the mark of our capture in flesh is really the fact that the greys took advantage of a deviation and mutation in certain genes , which stopped melanin from being distributed through the skin. And in other regions, and parts of the brain too. Parts of the brain are full of melanin. Substantial.

BJ – Grays are only part of the story. I find the Greys themselves quite boring.  The whole alien thing is very interesting.  They are trying to get control over the consciousness of the planet and that will determine the actions of not so much us but of those in control.  They are being controlled without realizing it. So the extra-terrestrial wars that are going on are very interesting to me.  Elana Danaan who has been teleported up a few times and Michael Salla who knows a few things. There are a whole load of people who are so interesting.

Substantia Nigra, for instance, is a black substance at the centre of your brain right next to the places that are responsible for motor function. This is why you end up this is one of the putative causes of Parkinson’s disease. So, all in all, it is generally melanin is a protective agent, not just against the sun, but it also transduces electromagnetic waves via intermolecular vibrations. And if it is pizzo electric, which means it effectively forms a covering firm, to protect the individual against the environment. In other words, it will promote anything you have within your shell if you like everything, your body, or your thinking process is more preserved, and it doesn’t leak out and merge with the environmental factors. being white, we’re at a severe disadvantage.

Certainly, in terms of our structure, you got to bear in mind that souls come into bodies based on a karmic event, and therefore there is no black or white when you die. And therefore, you know, you may be disadvantaged, but you may have a very, very good understanding and a good soul. And therefore your ability, to overcome that is better. But in some people, it’s that they deserve to be in that state, and therefore, they tend to be worse and they tend to continue to decay.  They tend to mean that somebody is a bastard as a white person dies, comes back as a black person really to bow out of deserving to pay off karma and then does the opposite with it and starts causing genocide.

BJ – So there are people who are happy in entropy and people who have got to fight it because of karma. Not because of karmic reasons, but because they got caught up in the system.

JB – So it ends on what your current state is that you’ve put yourself in.  So basically, if you separate, and you cause damage and harm to others, then you’re going to separate things out further and your position of being able to continue  is compromised. So in other words, you’re going with entropy. So entropy breaks things up constantly. If you go with it, you’re going to diminish your ability to do anything further in the future, your bandwidth will decrease, your level of understanding will decrease.

BJ As someone said We got to go up the down escalator. And if we do nothing we will continue to go down. Correct? I have difficulty with some writing styles.

JB -Dip into it.  Because the way you end up don’t necessarily mean you like somebody’s style of writing. But if they’re conveying a point, if you’re dealing with like a fiction author, I mean, this style is also important. If you don’t like the way they write, you’re not going to read the book. Yes, it comes down to information transfer. Don’t look for the information. It doesn’t matter how they wrote it. Really

BJ – some are more digestible than others.

BJ – I hope you’ll join, you’ll get them. I’m fighting here, you know, I’m really enjoying myself. Every day is a challenge. And the more the bastards throw at you, the more I say you’re wasting your time because I know what you’re doing. You know, it’s the only way to be, I think, otherwise, you’d sink into the waves.

JB – In terms of the melanin thing, people with more melanin tend to have a more integrated way of doing things. Whereas people with less melanin tend to have a more separated way of understanding in that, in that they’ll break things up into subject areas. So they’re more information derived, and people with melanin are more thought derived.

BJ It’s a bit like taking the pieces of a car apart and looking at each one. That’s what we do.

JB – As a single function, they meet for UConn. And so your concept of IQ in people with melanin, you think they’re all stupid because they don’t behave? They don’t process information in the same way that we do.

Yes, because they appear to be a bit woolly-minded and so on, but actually integrated. We’re just seeing it as woolly because we tease everything apart into its separate components and call that intelligence.

BJ – Was there a black chap called Frank who was around at one?

JB – There was my friend.  He was a medical doctor.  A move to a basic degree in Uganda or away from his country. And then he moved because he could only get into a medical school in Russia. He taught himself Russian, and then did a medical degree in Russia.  And then he’s got two master’s degrees from the London School of Tropical Medicine. You know, I mean, he’s qualified up because he was amazing. And I went to see him twice. And it was a wonderful experience. What’s he doing now? But he may well not be alive. Now. I haven’t talked to him in many years.

Let’s get on to dimensionality. And I’ve been, I think we’re gonna have two talks here, at least one of them is to, again, raw data dump. We have talked about the same thing in three dimensions, which means you can see actually clearer, we hear the New Age people talking about the fourth and fifth levels of dimension, which they say is more and more leading to clarity and freedom.

JB And yet its the opposite of our information, both. It’s what we would call evil. The thing is, if you looked at those books, you will realize that you can’t get to the fourth dimension because of an incongruity in logic. It mentions all of this in the first book, yes. And the third.

The sequence from nothingness to a point to a line, and you got to work out for instance, our line becomes a plane. And that’s all logical because it’s really you’re using all of the information that makes up a line for instance, or a point. So in other words, if you add another point, you’ve added all points. So you make a line. So you get the point-ness, if you like the quality of what it is to be a point and function of ability to see around it, included in the line, with more complex, or the lowing capable of doing more than a single point.

BJ – Yeah. So the god light contains all the necessary mechanisms, and actually everything. Now the omniverse contains everything that is God like.

JB – Yeah, the biggest trick is that when you get to two dimensions, and you’ve got essentially two, line two, it requires two lines to define it, then the problem is, the next logical progression would be to four dimensions not to three, you don’t just add a dimension each time it looks that way. But in fact, each one is using all of the qualities of what it was before. So to the thing, the logic stops, because who is trying to make four. And the problem is they can’t make four without going through three. So three becomes twisted in order to conserve all of the information about what true is, it’s all wrapped up into three and two sides of the argument. So you’ve got to find a universe that we call solid, and upon a universe we want to get you this is where you start to get separation.

So this is the first dimensional state that is from that state, the third report. And so you’ve got a fourth dimensional interface, it goes nowhere. It’s full of information. And this is where the grace of the braiser was actually built and come from, this is why you get this quality of artificial intelligence. And you’ve got another interface back to the second dimension, if you like, which is not a state that’s present. Its not visible from the third, although it’s part of it.

BJ – I just forgot a very key point I wanted to make. I want you to go on because I’m, I’m recording this and I will write it down. I think about it. I take you very seriously. Believe it or not, you can believe it or not.  So entrapment really is a con. It’s like saying that the universe of parts of bits and pieces are where the action should be, for the benefit of myself. of yourself, of your Yeah, of yourself of your soul. In other words, what do you see as beneficial to you? Is it feeling secure? In a system where you understand the parts.

JB – you got to look past the opoints basically. And this is why a lot of these teachers have done, they, they reject the world. And, you know, Jesus reportedly said, you know, unless you reject the world you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. In other words, you got to reject what was given to you, by your senses, in favor of what’s given to you by your heart. And the problem is that the advantages that the advantage of having Melanie is that you can actually see past the parts, because in those other places in the second dimension first and back to what’s called Godhead. Everything is together, everything is in union. And so the mission is to bring things together, rather than to have the ego to recognize the concept of self.

BJ – I think what I do instinctively is to look for that, by the way, yeah, I was gonna say, I think I do one plus one plus one, there’s this, that the other evidence and therefore, but I do not refer myself up to the higher level as I’ve started to do recently, to look down as in innocent as doves and wise as serpents. I tried to do that more. And I find there’s no turbulence there, actually, which is rather nice.

JB – The aim is to bring things together so that because that’s the way it was originally in those other dimensions because it wasn’t, there’s no concept of separation in the second dimension. Yeah, we still have little circles that are enclosed, you cannot have enclosure. Only when you get to the third you get enclosures, and therefore you get atoms. And you get less enforced places we call space. And between all of those, you get a thing called a Lagrange dynamic, which means that if you for instance take for example, if we look at the Earth and the Moon, there is a place between them where no gravity went out yet. Cancellation points are where you can allow the god light in if you like, because there’s no force there, there’s no force operating there penciling itself out. And that is the nearest place you can get to the second dimension without being there while still being in the third.

BJ It’s a simulation.

JB – So in other words, between all atoms, all groups of atoms, you get this shimmering line of cancellation, which is what Nigel Kerner called a god line. And this is where the forces are actually canceled out. And in some places, they canceled out sufficiently. So that a soul if you like the second dimensionality, which is a soul, if you like, can actually then influence it can come through that space, and influence matter. If you dig a hole in the ground and roll a ball along, it’ll fall down a hole, but the hole didn’t do anything? Yes, that hole was there. In other words, this is the concept of peace.

JB – Same thing? Yes, clearly, something not quite right in those conditions. But, you know, individuals or individuals, and you can’t, you know, their family, and therefore, they have a right of being there, for family reasons, as well as for a spiritual reason. And therefore, they want to reject the spiritual part it is still their home.

BJ – Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Any news, by the way? I was very keen on assisting Isabel with the record of the records we’ve had in getting them on computer. And she said she was going to get some a printer, sorry, a photocopier with software, to read the material.

yeah. So we’re really we have the on the pragmatic, still a plan for that. Yeah. But you know, we maybe running out of time,

JB  I don’t know, because I really am itching to get on with it. But they, she talks about giving it to Colin, on the grounds that he doesn’t have much to do. And I said, Look, Data Summary of any sort is a real challenge to your concentration. And you can’t just start painting a picture.

JB – I’ve got dimensionality I can talk about because I understand them a bit. Yes, yes. Yeah. It goes into it and Book Three, but books one and two. Like Book One is much more technically orientated. It’s full of facts, if you like an explanation of dimensionality and all of those things, yeah, we should be Hitler’s chapter on melanin and stuff as well there.

BJ – It’s a bit like Marmite, you know, it’s so concentrated. And each sentence you could give a talk on, I think, absolutely. And that’s the point of that type of writing. So, yeah, don’t worry about the style look for the content

JB – absolutely. And that’s the point of that type of writing. So, yeah, don’t worry about the style look for the information that’s contained within it a lot.

BJ I find that I can read the same thing. 10 times. And each time, a different sentence will jump out at me.

JB – Absolutely. And a third book, though, is, is the same, but it’s written in such a way that it’s also a nice read for somebody, you know, somebody will go, Oh, that was a good book. I really enjoyed that got some points across. But in fact, there’s an underlying depth to it. If you look for it, it’s more subtle in that way.

BJ – So it’s a page turner.

JB – Yeah, it is. Really, I enjoyed it from that perspective. But I’d like to know your ideas. You might disagree with that.

BJ – Well, you’ll get them with full blaze of color and anarchy, and the prodigal son, all mixed together. Right. Let me just come back to dimensionality. Let me just think a little bit about you think you’ve given me you’ve actually given me plenty to think about, what I fully take your point about people visiting and so on. But what I plan next week was to ring you up and say, Can I come for a couple of hours and we can sit in the pub or something? That’s all right. Are we not too busy?

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking of. Yes. But there’s also aspects of stuff that Francois doesn’t necessarily need to hear. Agenda whether we’re being paranoid about this secrecy business, but better, or on the safe side, I suppose.

JB  – Well, the problem is, we got a history of learning it and other people haven’t. It’s not so much that it’s secret, because this is what we’re trying to teach other people. Yeah, the problem is sometimes taken out of context. You know, sometimes what we think, you know, from a wider perspective, is a good thing is not taken that way by others with a more restricted or less knowing point of view. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, it means that they’re just not as informed. And not as they haven’t considered these things, really, in the wider perspective, and you know, they may just be ordinary folks who take stuff for granted. And they really don’t have the knowledge base basically to clarify such things.

I give information in a particular way because the information has to be given to others in a manner in which they can receive it. If you give too much information to somebody, you know, if I start talking at degree level to 14-year-old children, they’re gonna balk at it and they go, what does that mean? Is there a word of what it means? It’s because there’s a big gap in sequential understanding that would enable them to get from one place to the other.

BJ – Shut up. Piss off. Listen, I’m really, really excited over about this effect we have with people when we meet them, you know, we talked about the, what we did in a brewery. And we talked about what we do with people. And is it I need to do this several times in various ways that if we come into contact with someone, they pick up something from us, which is all of the, you know, what?

JB- And it’s like a transmission stone to do that?

BJ –   When we meet someone in a normal day, of course of life, we actually have an enhanced effect on them. Insofar as we’re representing what we should be doing, we have an enhanced circuitry or something because the bits and pieces department in me wants to know a little bit more about this, or is it just in the aura in general?

JB – Well, it’s an enhancement, because it’s an increased bandwidth of understanding. And it’s implicit.

BJ – So it doesn’t really matter what we say to them, if we got the enhanced bandwidth, they’ll pick it up and benefit hopefully.

JB – Yeah, as long as we are not rude to them.

BJ – John, I would never do that.

JB – Or you said, you know, it doesn’t matter what we say to them. I think there is a limit. Yes. Yes. That’s what I’m trying to say is that as long as it’s long as you’re saying things to them, which are consistent with the beliefs that you hold, then I think that people will respond. I think anybody would respond under any circumstances.

BJ – Yes, but right, do we have a special extra bandwidth? Then? I suppose we must do really?

Yeah. Because we believed in Jesus.

And my observation of people who come across well, and who are charismatic, is people who have suffered a lot, you know, really suffered, and come out of it the other side, and I want to listen to them because they’re speaking from the heart. And I’ve been analyzing why I switch off people so easily. And it’s because they’re not talking from the heart. And it doesn’t mean anything.

I don’t know how. Yeah, that’s true.

JB – Because they’ve never occurred to them because they’ve been brought up in ordinariness. Yes, world, it’s they’ve never questioned what they see. And this is a big problem that’s happening now. People are believing all this guff they’re being given. Because they got this assumption that their government wouldn’t lie to them.

BJ – And that’s, that’s, that’s really terrible. I mean, the latest lot on climate change is so embarrassing. She says, if you have thought, you know, you’re anti-social.

BJ – Oh, no, it’s fine. This puts me up among them as the best. I do my thoughts properly. Right. All right. Listen, on that note. Thank you very much. lots to think about. I will work on it. I will continue. So hopefully we’ll see. sometime next week. I will bring our speech to Francoise.

JB And then I’ll see if we can get a night or so they’re rather nice because they just left us and I haven’t even picked up the towels or the bedding off the floor yet. Wash it all and have it ready.

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