Blood clots

BJ – a technical question. We see all these blood clots. They are not blood clots. They are growths that contain blood.

JB – they are blood clots.

BJ – why are they 3 foot long then?

JB – because spike proteins are causing blood to clot. When the blood cells come past, it induces blood clotting. That’s what we predicted they would do. It effects the endothelial cells of the blood vessel. It sticks out and that activates the clotting system  and the whole bloody lot goes.

BJ – someone was pulling huge blood clots out of the actual heart. I did not know that the reductions of live births is due to babies having heart attacks in the womb.  Live births are down 70% in Australia.

JB – we warned people about this. If we say anything we get clamped down.  They are killing people in droves.