What vibrations can improve our lives?

by | Jun 17, 2023

BJ – Schumann Resonance – is it designed to be a panacea for healing for everyone. It is normally 7.83 Hz and sounds like this. This ‘music for mind, body and spirit’ claims to boost positive energy and for meditation.

The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

JB -If you are spiritual and you’ve got no access to other frequencies then the frequency of the planet itself gives you the least force.  It’s not that it particularly ‘heals’ anything.  With the average human being whose field is so full of every frequency and with the sheer number of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere it almost doesn’t matter.  It does not ‘do’ any healing. The only thing that can heal is consciousness.

BJ – If you can get away from the sources of other interference patterns of which there are at least millions do you stand a chance of the body healing itself with only this background field?

JB –  even the Schumann Resonance is force. so you have to get past that too. if you get down to that it’s an awful lot better than what we got.

BJ – so as I was saying previously my violin is is tuned to A is better than the pneumatic drill

JB – The other thing is that most human beings who go looking for healing are so full of nonsense that the healing really doesn’t affect them. Yes they feel better but it’s only palliative and it is only felt through the senses but because their consciousness is so full of rubbish and snobberies and prejudices and racism and… you know what else …. it’s just so full of crap that it’s irrelevant.

BJ well you mean it’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

JB yes pretty  well pretty much it because it’s a waste of time  before you can take advantage of symmetries in our universal structure. You’ve got to sort yourself down to that.

BJ – to make yourself ready even at the gateway you mean

JB – lot of people go to these places where there are incredibly low magnetic Fields and then they find it then that sets up a  tension because they’ve got a much higher iron magnetic field in them. So you have got the force within them juxtaposing with the low force  which creates more force so they get even worse.

So paradoxically a nice place to a bad person is a bad place. They would be better off listening to heavy rock  because they resonate with it so they’re going to make better decisions  – strangely enough initially – because of that will reduce their force paradigm because we haven’t got a fight against low force.

Any force keeps you in the universe but to reduce it you can’t just reduce the ambient force. You’ve got to do something about what’s inside – on our soncsioucness.

BJ you mean the causal effect?

JB – yes the consciousness part of it. People just look for physical panaceas but they don’t exist because there isn’t anything physical that can influence consciousness positively.

BJ well for example someone might go for a massage and feel better

JB – It relaxes your muscles which is great but then people claim it has calmed them and all that but this is meaningless.

BJ As an adjunct to this I think we can waste a lot of time on formulaic principles of spirituality because we all came away from God for different reasons and if we can see why we came away in particular then we know the force but the remedy

JF – all you have got as a  force reference frame is yourself.

BJ  – So for example I did actually ask the universe what my major stumbling point was to go to the light was and I got one word  ‘too ‘judgmental’  I couldn’t really get away from the from The Voice. I’ve got it and I’ve got to readjust my whole psychology to not to be judgmental.

JB -Dont try to adjust your psychology, try to be you and work out what who you are. Don’t go ‘ l I want to be that now or I want to be this and as a calculation. Do what you feel. If you do what you feel and you don’t like so you will not do that again. Thinking and analyzing is a front office brain and that’s like your Schumann  resonance analogy. Places are good and indeed thoughts can  be good but you have to try to to adjust yourself to a more peaceful giving outward environment.  The problem is that if you don’t really think about that  then it is not going to work properly.

BJ – there’s a person called Braco who goes around. He’s from Croatia and all he does is stand there and send love to people. He has rallies  but he never speaks

JB that’s fair enough

BJ -I think its brilliant; he says it’s not me I’m just radiating love.

JB – The problem is that if everybody were like that bloke all standing around radiating love then  everyone would starve to death. What I’m trying to say is that it is everyone to their own and those that are at that level where they can radiate love or whatever should jolly well go do it. The majority the society should be – if you can do things such as to feed the poor or whatever then that’s just as good.

BJ – I’m enjoying writing my diaries and I get fuel from within. I don’t know how many people read it but it doesn’t matter

JB – do what you enjoy and don’t analyze what you have done. Don’t go ‘why did I do that?’. if you’re happy with it then continue with it. And that reduces the tension  – you’re going to reduce this inner tension but if you try to be something you are not then far from reducing tension that will cause more (damage?) than anything else

BJ – That’s why so many people have messed up and especially healers

JB  – they try to be something than you are not but first you have got to find it out.  You can only find that out by experiencing and confronting life. Go to things you dont think you should like.   Don’t go to dangerous places if you know about electromagnetic and radiate yourself,  that’s obvious.

So don’t do anything openly dangerous but in terms of interaction with other people consider others’ opinions and go “hey I don’t agree with your opinion but what would it’s advantages be”… that’s expansion

BJ  I find that most people are afraid to say what they think because of fear of effects and giving offense is so disastrous. When I want to say things in a group I have to think twice. Do I want the hassle that’s going to come when I do it.

JB – I tell them to get lost.

BJ – I have much to learn from you John. I’m too nice


After this conversation by some strange turn of fate  I saw a TV documentary featuring Louis Theroux. He specializes in interviewing really way out people – devil worshipers, convicts, people who have changed sex. This time he was talking to two high roller gamblers in Las Vegas. He asked really blunt questions and kept on until he got an answer. They almost seemed to enjoy being questioned.   This was the role model I needed. ———————————————————————-

I was finally able to take what John had told me to heart and action it. I decided to be less ‘nice’ to people and instead I challenged them, disagreed with them, took issue with them. In almost all cases the result was productive with  many people being forced (invited) to reconsider their positions


BJ – The World Health Organisation is enforcing  the younger generation of the countries they control a complete obliteration of their souls by demanding they look at porn films and are taught about masturbation from the age of 3, plus indicating that everyone should have a senior sexual partner and so on. It’s awful what’s going on and I wondered whether your grandchildren were being affected by the new ‘re-education’ in their school in America. I dread to think what torture their teachers go through fighting their conscience, knowing deep down that what they are doing is unconscionable.

JB – They don’t go to school. My daughter decided to home school them forever

BJ – Well she gets five stars for that. She might even bring up human beings, you never know. We need all the human beings we can get.

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