The Ultimate guide to travel between Bristol/Bath and London – from £2.49

Getting from A to B as cheaply as possible For most of my life I have not been in a good financial situation and have had to live hand to mouth. Now circumstances have changed thank goodness but the habits of not spending money when I don't have to, have remained. This article is dedicated to all those who have to watch the pennies as we say and the principles apply to anyone traveling anywhere....

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Trials and tribulations of traveling over the holiday season

Today's return journey from London to Somerset was not the best I have ever experienced but it was certainly populated with events. Our journey sounds simple enough, get a bus than a tram and arrive at East Croydon, from thence take the 20-minute rail journey to Victoria station, walk to the coach station, await the 11am coach (M10 as it so happens) and be transported to Bristol, then take the...

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A trip to Bristol for a private art viewing

A friend of Francoise at her art class is showing 35 of her works in a club and hotel called The Square in a posh area of Bristol. We took the 11.37 No. 172 bus from Brookes the newsagent 6 minutes from our house to the centre of Bristol. Travel time is about one hour. First to Za Za, the monstrous buffet said to be the largest in Europe. During the week the charges are moderate, £12.99 per head...

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Lots of images of my visit to Bristol

The aim was to time the visit so I could draw breath and be away from my immediate environment whilst a particular communication was going out announcing my departure as secretary from the allotment association that I have been chairing for the past 7 years. We decided to have a free day and do as much or as little as we liked. The centre piece was a visit to lunch at Za Za's which is the...

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I met an amazing woman

It was my privilege to attend the morning meeting of the Vineyard group at Radstock Methodist church of yore. This morning there was no service as such. Instead the event was centred around children. There were games, constructions and a bouncy castle. Us adults milled round chatting to each other. I was fortunate enough to meet a lady called Alisha. She had been born in UK but worked in Milan,...

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A great day in Bristol – and the downside of Downside Abbey

We now have a direct service to Bristol which does not go around the houses but directly from the end of my street to Bristol Bus Station taking a mere 51 minutes.  We took the 11.14 to that city and seated ourselves upstairs at the front for the best view. Nothing much has changed since my teen-years. Definitely the best seats in the bus if you dont mind less leg-room. There is something about...

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