some thoughts … Astrology considered. Also re Anxiety

I have had an on-off relationship with astrology for as long as I can remember. One of the best readings I ever had was with someone who assisted in the vetting of American troops. Every single thing he mentioned was spot-on including weaknesses and strengths of character. He had never met me, and the only thing he had was my birthday details.

C G Jung on astrology “Understood in terms of his own psychology as a symbolic representation of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, Jung found in astrology a wealth of spiritual and psychological meaning and suggested it represents the “sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

In 1955 he said ‘The basic meaning of the horoscope is that, by mapping out the positions of the planets and their relations to one another (aspects), together with the distribution of the signs of the zodiac at the cardinal points, it gives a picture first of the psychic and then of the physical constitution of the individual. It represents, in essence, a system of original and fundamental qualities in a person’s character, and can therefore be regarded as an equivalent of the individual psyche.”

Astrology readings in the newspapers which divide everyone up into 12 types, depending on their birth day, may or may not be valid but when I read them, I find a degree of blandness, advice which could apply to anyone in terms of being cautious, venturesome, this is not the time to do, this action.

I just received via Nexus Newsfeed an article written by Lorna Bevan “what goes around, comes around”: Astrology forecast October 29th to November the 5th 2023. The writer has quoted the aphorism “There is no try. There is only do or not do”  Yoda. The article starts with the following advice:

The week opens in the active seismic window of the October 28th Taurus lunar eclipse. Keep your agenda light, as both personally and collectively much that has been concealed or hidden will begin to reveal itself. Refuse to be carried away by fake dramas and overreaction stirred up by the Scorpionic Sun/ Mars opposition to the eclipsed Moon and Jupiter.

It goes on, “pay attention now to any part of your life where you’ve been cutting corners, hiding your head in the sand or evading responsibility – there’s no more from the consequences. Saturn means business. Resist any tendency to self sabotage through toxic habits or addictive behaviour or to be a rescuer or a victim.

As Saturn turns forward, choices are to be made and stances taken:

# Actions matter more than intentions
# be impeccable with your word
# If you are lacking sobriety and accountability, you are likely to drown
# Consistently deliver more than you promise
# Be kind and sensitive to the more vulnerable, or chaotic parts of yourself”

The writer then says that for much more information obtain “your guide to Saturn in Pisces: 2023- 26” as an immediate digital download.

I understand that overall astrological configurations i.e the position of the planets and so on can affect various factors irrespective of your date or birth but there is an additional factor a particular characteristics based on your exact place and time of birth.

Looking at the above advice, I find nothing harmful in it; you could say that it could apply to any living person. The materialist would ridicule astrology, because they have never studied it but think that if they did, they would find nothing of significance. However, if they look further they would find a statistical significance between types of occupation and the so-called star-sign as one verifiable instance.

The date you were born. It is likely that the critics have never had an analysis. If not, they should do so and then answer objectively and honestly weather the report bears any relationship to what they recognise about their own lives. If the astrologer is any good at all, he or she will get it right at least eight  out of ten times.

The summary of this brief article is:

* don’t dismiss anything without having a go
* if you have a chart already, read it from time to time and take notice of which aspects jump out at you
* at worst, the often bland advice does no harm to anybody
* if you tune your intuition to the universe, you will probably get it right anyway

Anxiety – what is it and how to minimize it

I would like to consider the topic of anxiety. As you must all know by now, I love the English language and the more it is attacked and degraded the more I love it. Consider the various words that are used as equivalence to anxiety.

Anxiety – this is an uneasy state of mind usually over the possibility of an anticipated misfortune or trouble. It can come about most easily when you have no control over the situation

Unease – this is a slightly more creepy version where you say for example I met someone and I had a feeling of unease with them. It is more psychological than the first anxiety which can relate to the outcome of anything on the material plane

Apprehension – this is a suspicion of fear of future harm or misfortune. So you are anxious for something but you are apprehensive about say your partner going hand gliding for the first time

Nervous – we can be nervous of strangers which can alter our behaviour, we can have a lot of nervous energy. Nervous twitch which originates in our nervous system. Nervous is a catch or word which needs to be more clearly defined.

Agitation – this is more about instability of emotion which can happen to humans or animals for example I could to tell from the horses agitation that something terrible was going to happen

Tension – this is essentially about things unresolved. The subject is striving in a state of unrest. They can be in a state of latent hostility or opposition between individuals and groups. Tension can also arise between opposing forces or elements in a committee for example

Dread – is an outside factor that causes fear for example ‘I dread the arrival of my father because he bullies me’

So let’s Stick to anxiety for a moment

I was drawn to this topic by reading a broadcast from one of the bible study tools groups that I subscribe to. The website is

The first reason in the article they give is that we solve the problem of anxiety by avoiding it. There are various texts from the New and Old Testaments that can be read to support what they are saying. My take is that if you have a feeling of an inner presence in your life that will give you the extra confidence to move forward and face what ever it is that makes you feel anxious. My input – If you can put a name to a face and see why you are anxious, it may be that you can either on your own or with a supporter face the situation whether it’s a job situation, or a person that is troubling you or a fear that something might happen.

The second reason for anxiety is one well-known and that is overthinking. Today I was expecting a call back from my dentist’s assistant and it did not come. It was probably because they were overworked or someone had not handed a note to the people concerned. Perhaps they had a very busy day and just did not get round to it. I tend to think of more fanciful reasons why they should not call me for example because they had nothing to say to me or in some way taking it personally and this is a waste of energy.

Some people would find that praying or meditating or asking for help in your head is a more effective use of energy. I like the phrase in Matthew where Jesus says “therefore do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” so we are encouraged to focus on the present and not overthink about the future. I also think it helps to imagine that things will go right, and to think about things where you have succeeded and got pleasure from it. This helps to balance your mind.

The third way of dealing with anxiety is to attempt to be in control of every aspect of your life. Perfectionism in my experience can be a disease and a need for control can lead to exhaustion and frustration. Where the element of trust comes in and if you can trust in God and his guidance for you then so much the better. So rather than wasting time and energy anxiously trying to control situations, choose in God’s sovereign will or if you like trust in the universe. Whatever suits you. My own experience of controlling people is that they are very unpleasant people, dictatorial,  bossy, do not listen and frankly do not care. To anyone who wants to control the universe by brain power, I wish them the best of luck but please stay away from me.

The fourth Way of dealing with anxiety is procrastination. I am better than I was but I often used to say to myself, I really must get around to this sometime and I never did and the list got longer and longer. I find that undone things wear me out when I think about them. For example, ‘I really must clear out the attic and throw away what I don’t need’. Now I am much better and when I think of doing things, I do them immediately. I’m reminded of the text, whatever your hand finds to do who, do it all your might‘ in other words, time management and discipline are required.

Related to this is planning. When I’m going to go on a journey of more than a day, I always get all my paperwork ready, think of anything that could go wrong for example making an insurance claim and making sure I have the details. This is very important way and going abroad especially to USA where the medical charges are stratospheric, $5 for an aspirin and then  anything else they can get out of you. There is nothing better than starting a holiday having made a list of what you need and a list of what you would do if things go wrong and then you can enjoy yourself. Inevitably, if you prepare for the worst you get the best but if on the one occasion you don’t plan you will pay for it.

The fifth way of becoming anxious is to criticize yourself too much. We can talk ourselves into a negative state and feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt and our thoughts can be plagued by it. The sad thing is that with the right support and the right inspiration you probably could do a task that you were afraid of doing. So, you can fuel anxiety without any basis at all. This can lead in many cases to loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and loss of general health and even if it persists to the loss of friends, There is a text I find particularly useful ‘Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.”


We decided to risk it this afternoon doing a gardening job that we had been waiting weeks to do. It started in bright sunshine but within 45 minutes we had the pleasure of small hail stones, thunder and rain so we had to give up the job and we’ll go back on Friday to finish. I feel sorry for people who have to work come rain or shine and who just have to put up with inclement conditions, otherwise they don’t get paid.





Synchronicity Symposium Part 2 – reflections


I have just had three hours of collective listening to three very good speakers and I have just left the afternoon session 60% of the way through because my head is bursting with ideas and the text for today’s diary. Following on the statement made by Catherine of Genoa a few days ago I feel that I am a monist. Monism is a theory or doctrine that denies the existence of a distinction of duality in a particular sphere, just that between matter and mind, oh god and the world. Another way of saying it is monism is the philosophical idea that all things and existence are part of the same essential oneness or whole. Monism is opposed to dualism, which holds that there is a fundamental difference between the mental realm and the physical realm. Note that it’s says ‘opposed to’ which means that monists actively disagree with dualism.

I think back to some of my dear evangelical friends who beseech God to ‘come into their lives’ and ‘take action’ and ‘move’ when in fact this is a bit like taking coals to Newcastle as we say in the United Kingdom because God is already resident within us and we have the challenge of removing the impediments to our belief in the fact. In other words, if God made us or manufactured us if you like, then he and us are the same.Yeshua (Jesus) came to give us this same message. I find this egalitarian attitude much healthier than groveling to some invisible person and asking for things when as Jesus himself said, I know what you have need of before you ask.

I experienced a marked improvement of quality today in the preparation of the speakers particularly the second one, Bethany Butzer. She lives in Prague with her husband who is a street artist. She is an academic and very thorough in her examinations of things and this reflects in the images that you will see below.

If you look at yesterday’s rather rushed and sparse notes you will see how these differ from them. Informative, concise, and methodical

In the speech notes I saw that someone had indicated what turned out to be a remarkable website, watch which has hundreds of very high quality films one of which was called ‘inside the Milky Way’. I paused in my activity in writing this diary and as soon as I saw its quality I asked Francoise to come in and watch it. If you have one hour 35 minutes 43 seconds and one to watch the most mind blowing graphics then do visit this link. Would be very good if you could see it in a darkened room because it is so realistic.

It’s certainly brings things like my dented car door into perspective. I went to the local garage this morning and they said they could dismantle the door and push out to the bumps. If I went the insurance company route and wanted to replace the door that would probably cost the best part of the value of the car except if I could find a breaker’s yard who just happened to have that corresponding door. It doesn’t have to look perfect, just halfway presentable and it is a 20 year old car after all.

Whilst on domestic things, to announce to the small minority who might be interested that my almost 20-year problem with Barrett’s esophagus seems to have been solved by some new medication offered by my doctor, Lansoprazole, which I guess is a cousin of Omaprazole which I have been taking for some time with very little effect. I guess the new medicine contains something which goes to the roots of the problem. Vomiting has for me being a daily occurrence but touch wood, and do need a very big piece of wood to touch, for the last week or so there has been no recurrence and my food is actually staying down. My doctor also wants me to take statins but so long is the list of side effects that I would rather have a natural alternative which comes in the form of something called Biocare, Bioplantarum plus Sterols. We shall see how we succeed with that one.

I’ve had a little time to reflect on my performance as a listener with regard to today’s symposium. Although I enjoy abstract ideas, I could almost say all sorts of ideas, I am not an academic. I have not been trained as an academic. I am more interested in the practice than the theory. Theoretical models as we know from Imperial College London are often wrong. My overall view is that we need the courage to look at the root and not the branches or leaves.

One of my memes is that you don’t know what you know until you tell somebody. I find that speaking my truth, or the truth that I see it at the time, is important for me and furthermore I need to do it with a real live person in front of me. Is all very well but I do miss the intimacy, the entanglement, which is more likely to happen if you have flesh and blood in front of you

The value of the symposium does not lie so much with absorbing wisdom from the speakers but in what is sparked off in the Minds of the listeners and I include some of the chat among 180 people to show what a stimulus a talk can be.

It is impossible to figure out what you will take away will be from a given talk. I have been to hugely boring talks in my time and that was a great incentive not to be boring myself when I write material. Another talk was given by someone who had no idea how to run a seminar. Was announced for 1:30 p.m. But she decided to hold a meeting with her colleague at that time and did not start the meeting until 10 past 2. There was not a word of apology. That made me determined to start all occasions on time. So, not been along to that display of bad Manners, I would not have learnt my lesson.

As for my readers, I don’t have that much feedback from you; an account of a shared experience would indeed add to the whole venture of writing this diary. I Grant you that people have shorter attention span and my average diary entry is about 1500 words so I will not be for everybody. I am aware of that but I will not compromise for that reason

Someone on ZOOM told us about an image of a hand. It is in fact a bridge in Vietnam which is the last place I would think of but what a wonderful picture it is.

So I’m just going to pick out a few items from the Q and A

another topic we might want to consider as the SMN is the role that synchronicity plays in scientific discovery itself.. e.g. Wallace and Darwin co-discovering natural selection at the same time.. or Leibniz and Newton co-discovering calculus

“I do know that co-creation is essentially a passive receptive vehicle-state.”…hmmm…interesting enough I think it’s the opposite, but probably it is that you take that position/role “passive receptive vehicle-state” when that happens; there is no right or wrong on that, it’s yin/yang so we all need our opposites to find completion, and that is also an act of co-creating -see Marj’s example yesterday to see a possible version/model

so Buddha and the Rishis of ancient India called these effects “SIDDHIS” – they are not to be pursued as an end in themselves, but merely as an epiphenomenon on the road to enlightenment.. so Bethany is correct in saying that meditation practice tends to increase their occurrence.. but as yet, research into this matter is somewhat lacking,.

So maybe this time, now, is the time for us to understand and accept what was once considered to be weird, is more like the ‘normal’ we’ve been ignoring as we were so focused on ‘bringing home the bacon’ and ‘paying our way’ etc

It seems to me that one of the ‘dangers’ of both asking for analysis or interpretation is the instantaneous diminution of the uniquely individual. The ‘meaning’ is individual and the timing is in the moment where that meaning will be different a moment later. All references to both symbolism or paradigms swerve away from the critical instant and the critical individual?

We saw that the audience has been provoked or stimulated and this  should be the way of a role model for all conversations even in the street or at the supermarket check-out.

So the summary of these two days at least so far as I’m concerned.


# The inter-regnum period was still not addressed after yesterday’s vacuum and everyone’s microphone should have been enabled, and people encouraged to talk.
# I always think it is a good idea to ask people where they are from and put that information in the chat. With 180 people that would have made an interesting exercise and is a way of introducing people to each other

Observation of speakers

# Not all speakers are going to be equally gripping in their delivery.
# Some have natural gifts of delivery and I cite as an unexpected plus, the first speaker today who had his timing between sentences and phrases magnificently working for him so you were almost dying to hear what he was going to say next. Is what I call measured talking
# preparation really pays off in that the delivery is fresh and crisp.
# the speakers were given strict orders about how long to talk for and they were conscious of time
# with such a topic as synchronicity, it was almost protocol for them to validate themselves by starting with a personal testimony


# people still fall into the trap of telling their life Histories and not sticking to the convention about asking one question. The chairman had two hurry someone along because they were taking too long before getting to their question.
# people are finally getting the idea of unmuting themselves before speaking in other words getting collectively more familiar with ZOOM
# a really good chairman would keep an eye on the comments in the chat and refer to them as we go along in order for the audience to feel involved. It does require quite a high level of attention but the human being is capable of doing this


Encouragement and St. Paul, stomach problems and other matters

I attended the morning service of the Vineyard group at the old Radstock Methodist Church.  I never know what I’m going to meet or more importantly what is going to happen when I go in the door. There were about ten people when I arrived but as many again came in time for the morning service which started around 10:30

I started talking to someone about how they were, and after the usual pleasantries it appeared that he was having problems with his stomach. He had had a tuna bake  yesterday made by his wife but after a short time it repeated. In other polite words was rejected by the body.   Having had this problem for many years, I was somewhat qualified to talk to him and I told him of my own experience that the gastric juices are not secreted in such quantities after mid afternoon certainly in my case so I dont eat much after that time. I keep a check on my condition by avoiding milk and by taking medication most mornings plus sodium bicarbonate which seems to be a cure for most ills of acidity and bloating.

I could not explain his tuna bake situation so I said there must be something in the food that the body does not like and rejects. We are so used to trusting everything that we eat and it could be that just one chemical triggers the reaction.  I said this in spite of him being very careful about food and having good food as often as possible.  In addition, I said that there were three brains, the heart brain, the ‘brain brain’, and the gut brain each of which exerts its own influence on the harmonious running of the human body. I commented that stress certainly have an effect.  Although the conversation finished at that point it may be that I sowed the seeds of success  and maybe something will come of it. Sometimes it takes but a tiny tweak to effect a huge change. For example I benefit from cutting out sugar.

Encouragement – what is it?

First, what is it not?  A dystopian visit into the past now follows. Pour encourager les autres is a French expression meaning, as an example to others; originally, a quotation from Voltaire on the execution of Admiral John Byng in 1757, for neglect of duty in failing to relieve Minorca when blockaded by a French fleet.
This is the very opposite of what encouragement should be about.

I have always said we use words and sentiments without thinking what they mean. I’m not talking about Americanisms such as ‘ have a nice day’ or ‘how y’all doin’ then?’  I’m talking about genuine communication,  conversation with individual people with a view to making a difference to their often difficult journey on this planet.

Suz, the co-leader of our local group based her talk on  Thesselonians 2.   St Paul was writing to people for the second time in Thessalonia – which is now part of Turkey by the way – explaining the root and branch reason why they should have the attitude that Paul describes.  Encouragement of other people was a big part of this letter as was consistency.

We were asked in our group to discuss what discourages you and what discourages you. Between us we  said  ….

We can start from the day to day understanding of what a human being is which is a frail and insecure creature until he or she realizes that the body is not the natural state, and our natural state is indeed in spirit, or in heaven as some  would say.   There is therefore an inherent insecurity.  Daily, we are insulted by disorder and disharmony. The easiest way to avoid this is to be in harmony with nature, living off the grid, feeding ourselves, not being subjected to wave forms such as EMF, 5G etc.  In other words of purity of life.

Maintaining our humanity is a full-time job. Even if we live with someone as a friend, companion or partner,  we are ultimately on our own because each one of us has a soul in other words a unique blueprint of the Almighty and the eternity of which our human body is the center and not the source. We must expect buffetings. We cannot deal with all situations equally well.

When we speak to someone and they do not understand it or they abuse us, this is not necessarily a reason for an immediate and reactive search of our own soul to see if we did the right thing. It may be that the bad behavior of another person is a damage report describing the way that they themselves have been hurt and therefore are unable to respond adequately to other people in certain respects.  This is where objectivity and the need for compassion come in because you are aware of the damage not so much on the person and what they have said.

There is no need to beat ourselves up. If we acted in good faith, it is highly  unlikely though not impossible that we set the wrong thing.

Jesus forgave us our sins because he understood our condition and we should be miniature versions of the same.  We are supposed to be imitators of Christ.  Think about the condition of the person who speaks angrily.  Who would be angry and objectionable because such actions do not make you happy, they cause an eternal internal strife from which it is difficult to extract ourselves.

Sometimes you can with the best will in the world say the right thing but at the wrong time and this will also not produce the desired result. If you are in tune with your intuition you will know what to say, and perhaps when not to speak and let the process itself take the person to a position when they understand what they have done. I believe that true love enables you automatically to get the right degree of distance between yourself and another situation although it may not be easy. I think compassion as opposed to sentimentality  has its own  built-in ‘self-adjusting distance meter’ so you don’t go too close to the flame and get involved with situations that will only diminish you.

I am not talking about passing by on the other side, I’m talking about a creative distance where your example can be available to them but not getting caught up in the manifestations of anger which may be coarse and unproductive.

You are less likely to be distraught at someone’s action if you have a good base of being supportive to other people. To give a simple example let us say you’ve had 99 examples where you have taken part in something and had a productive result, and the hundredth one brings no result, it is unlikely to be something that you have said inappropriately or unkindly.

We need to understand what is called ‘storing up treasures in heaven’. We cannot find security through possessions and anything on the material plain but we can find security in the knowledge of our eternal nature which does not change and can never change.

There is another phrase, ‘Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial?’

The term  unequally yoked does not mean ‘do not speak to’ but it means avoiding forming an inappropriately close association with another at the core of your being. This is the principle on which a marriage or relationship should be formed.  While we should be friendly with everyone we should be careful who we admit into our inner courtyard.  It is very easy for us to be compromised in our face by engaging activities that  those in a group may find attractive. Let someone prove themselves before being admitted otherwise disaster and personal hurt could ensue.

We could learn to believe more in the presence of a loving  and accepting energy field or as Christians would say the Holy Spirit and know that we can be re-transmitters of this in the company of others so maybe we don’t have to actually say anything but just be in close proximity to them.    You will never know what good you do and some would say that is a good thing for the ego.  You don’t wake up one morning saying, ‘I’m going to have a positive effect on a complete stranger today’.  It just happens as a by-product. Your first duty is to your own inner truth and align with that. Some would say prayer and supplication is the way to do it, others would say meditation and awareness is the way to do it.

There are two types of actions and words. Those who separate and those who join together. We are very good at saying ‘we are all one’ but unfortunately we don’t act like it. Is it the famous ‘stand-offishness’ of the Brits?

There is another way where we can control  our highs and lows.   I do not think it is helpful to tell ourselves to ” snap out of it”  because that does not address the cause.  If you are digging a hole for yourself and have a wrong concept about something you would just dig a deeper hole. Its difficult to think while you panic.

How about rest and recreation, which by the way is formed of two words

re = about
creation = to create

How about finding something that you really benefit from. Clue:  it could be about the way you treat The Four elements are air, earth, fire and water. Many people get a restorative benefit from walking in a wood.  I get benefit from cutting hedges. I can apply a tool to unruliness and create order and beauty. Even 20 minutes or such engagement on this sort of activity causes a magical restoration of the mind. Even nicer if you get paid for it. Ha ha. It is not magic of course, it is the restoration of balance. When I have finished writing this piece, I will probably sit down and have something to eat or drink, and I may go into the garden.

I feel It is important to share your beliefs about this and indeed any other topic.  We are not able to be consciously aware of everything we know. We would go mad.  By focusing on something and addressing someone else – especially in cases of need – you will automatically  sort out the things we were only half aware of or even completely unaware of and thus learning takes place.

Come to think of it, if I gave away  every last bit of knowledge I had, I would be wiser at the end then at the beginning. Why could that be?  Because the brain, the ultimate relational database, would have done so much creative and analytical work that it would have generated more knowledge and wisdom.  That is in general why selfish people are less happy than selfless people.

The Book of Thessalonians in the Bible is in an exercise in economy of words and great meaning. In order for this letter to be successful in its mission, the writer, St Paul, had to have all the parameters at his fingertips so to speak. He would need to understand what God can do for example “may the Lord lead you into a great understanding of God’s love and the endurance that is given by Christ”   this is only one sentence but it contains a great deal of meaning and could be the subject of a whole evening’s discussion.

He says elsewhere ” We did not accept anyone’s support without paying for it. Instead we worked and toiled…. We did this not because we have no right to demand our support, we did it to be an example for you to follow”

In other words on a previous visit Paul had set the example and he would just remind them of this. he was encouraging other people by chiding them. St Paul was not trying to win any popularity contests. What he was writing was a question of life or death.  I would love to see more sense of urgency in the people I meet with day to day. I find that ‘normal’ people in particular have no sense of what is coming and I’m sorry to say I find them boring. One of the things I enjoy most of all is to hear English spoken as it is meant to be spoken with all its subtlety, humor, variety, and ability to lift us up from our rather mundane activities that we have to take part in most of the time.   We are supposed to redeem each other not leave it to someone else.

I sometimes think that the ease with which we can communicate such as by emails and telephone calls results in sloppiness in our presentation. Talk is cheap. If we had to write a letter that had to be hand delivered to someone 400 miles away with no guarantee that the letter would not be stolen along the way, we would write every word carefully. I see that we have lost the art of this I’m afraid

Anyway I’ve been preaching for long enough.  I realize with our group that they don’t all have to be perfect examples but they just have to provide an atmosphere in which I can be inspired. In other words I can give myself permission to be a spiritual being and not Be misunderstood.  It must be pretty lonely in solitary confinement in a cell but it must be more lonely to be with people who are not on your wavelengths and this has come out in the recent years with the  vaccine, the lockdown, and all that has gone with it.

To sum up therefore on the topic of encouragement:

We can also be discouraged, that is part of the human condition.  Unlike robots, we can encourage each other by our companionship, our words, and our very presence.  If we understand what is troubling us it may be nothing to do with us but the force of circumstances at  it is called.    The world exerts force on us and if we think in the same terms, and allow the force to influence us, we will be subject to turbulence which you could call depression or discouragement.  If we believe in a life beyond the physical that in itself will be a great store of encouragement on a 24/7 basis,  because it is part of the universe. Do we choose to be part of this universe?  That is up to our own free will so you could say we create our own heaven and hell within us

Shepton Mallet market no more

I went back home to pick up Françoise and we went off to Shepton Mallet looking forward to the normal collection of stalls. The market square was empty. We went into the coffee shop on the corner and it was obviously not the first time they had been asked. the service said that due to lack of subsidy presumably from the council, the market had had to be cancelled. This is very sad because the town is not the strongest town financially and does rely on local activity to bring people in. It’s all very well having  a local Tesco’s and Aldi  but that does not solve the community local spending attitude that people should have.  The lights go out little by little.


This is a powerful video from Neil Oliver. ‘To Hell with Spinelessness’

What does it mean to care?

Ominous Sky

To me this is a reflection of our times. The sun is shining but there are dark clouds on the horizon.  Possible lock downs to come. Not good.


Today I had a philosophical chat with my friend John. We were talking about understanding or should I say comprehension which is a slightly more sophisticated word but then we moved on to another topic – caring and love

I joked with John that one of my longest diary entries was on a day that I entitled ‘is it possible to do nothing?’. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Brian: trying to understand life on a material level is a bit like being familiar with two stories of a nine story building. You never get the full picture.

John: For example in medicine, they don’t do it holistically. They don’t realize that there’s a consciousness that is independent of these various mechanistic functions. That consciousness is capable of cleaning itself out if it wants to. The problem is that a vast number of people are unable to do this or be aware of it so they are on a slippery slope to becoming increasingly held by a molecular mechanism.

Brian: Even the thought of being healed has a power of its own. Fear leads to a false self imprisonment. I should be even more optimistic than I am at the moment

John – While we are still free we have the capability of doing anything

Brian- I want to talk about love. I think it’s more than emotions. It’s actually a presence of mind which is far deeper than any emotion you could have.

John – Emotions are the translation of the restricted interpretation of an overall caring function. It is restricted because separate emotions is like shining white light through a prism. You’re going to get a variety of different effects from the same thing. The overarching concept is caring.

The emotions are what happens when you shine it through all the prisms of life, into a brain format of feeling this way or that way and that. Caring is emotionless in its way although it’s a primary emotion; it is the concept which is a fundamental property of a living thing. Caring is an original function of what we call a soul.

Brian -so caring is the carrier wave.

John – Caring is the function that if everything comes from one thing caring is the gravity if you like, It’s not the same as gravity but it’s the glue that puts everything back together. Love itself is a larger concept not an individual perspective.

Brian – Caring is actually compassion in action and one of the effects is let us say an interference pattern which we would describe as the emotion of love.

John – We translate it into a personalized function because we’re individuals and therefore we’re using that function,  so caring in our perspective is an outward function. It is what you do to others. There is caring and of course (in the course of life) there is hating. Hating is when we try to restrict others. It’s a negative function.

Hatred or hate is an intense negative emotional response towards certain people, things or ideas, usually related to opposition or revulsion toward something. Hatred is often associated with intense feelings of anger, contempt, and disgust. Hatred is sometimes seen as the opposite of love

Brian – (about publishing these thoughts) My overall aim in these discussions and indeed all real live meetings is to provoke people into thinking, and considering,  in ways they would not normally do. Our task in these conversations is to help consciousness of the population rise in subtle ways. Plenty of people go on marches and attend demonstrations. This is not my style though maybe it is cowardliness.

Brian – Let’s talk about this other level of consciousness which means you can cancel out the effect of of entropy. We all know about eternal souls but if I’m to give practical advice to people who might benefit what do I say.

John – positive thought … people say that if they actually visualize the cancer in their mind they make it go away if they continuously think that they want the thing to go away, it often does. Mind over matter is a real effect. It’s claimed not to be by ‘the science’ but it is it’s very powerful thing and that’s one example of it.

The placebo effect is another.

Brian – I thought you were going to say cancer and sugar because isn’t is not sugar the main contributor to cancer.

John – it’s one possible cause. It makes it worse – defective mitochondria and therefore it’s only got glycolysis so it is a defective mitochondria which means you have glycolesis (the breakdown of glucose by enzymes, releasing energy and pyruvic acid) so it takes all the sugar out these system. So if you deprive the body of sugar it’s less able to grow so that’s not the only thing. What I was talking about is a positive attitude not molecular. This ‘attitude’ treatment IS thought. The key thing is to incorporate the dynamic of thought into our change paradigm plans.

Brian – When you are dead, you do not think, you are just thought. When you die, thoughts are the only thing you can take with you. You cannot change. It’s a bit like being in a river with no paddle.


Brian – As for loneliness, think there is a big element of laziness in this and people should just get on with things. That was a hymn somewhere that said ‘live each day as if thy last’ and I do try to do this, it keeps me buoyant.

This is a famous quote with many off-shoots.

Live each day as if it were the last day of your life because, so far, it is. Live each day as if it were your last. Learn as if you would live forever. Remind yourself of all the things you love about life, stay in touch with your loved ones and friends, and do what your own heart tells you to.

Reflections at the Recycle Centre

A philosophical point occurred to me when I was taking garden rubbish to the recycled centre here in Midsomer Norton. I am at an age now where people think I might need help with tipping a large bag over into the metal containers. A man asked me if I wanted help and I replied, ‘no thank you I am okay’. I was not just saying this out of politeness, I was saying it because the weight was not as bad as it looked and I need to do something to keep myself physically fit.

I am concerned that I may have put this good Samaritan off from asking other people because in his mind an offer of help has been linked with a rejection. Should I have accepted the help because it was given even though I did not need it.

I take the same view when I’m in London on the subway or tube as we call it. Actually I prefer to stand up but people want to offer their seats. The same principle applies. Am I putting people off volunteering to give up their seats because I say no.   Do comment in the comments section if you wish.

To Halfords

There is nothing like a forthcoming longer drive to stimulate a checking of my motor vehicle. Apart from filling up with oil, power steering and windscreen washing I had to replace a tyre that for reasons of bad tracking had worn on one side. Warning lights appeared on my dashboard so I had to go to Halfords to get some new bulbs. They have a scheme where the company will on demand replace small items like bulbs and fuses for a small amount of money, a fiver or so.

The closest to immortal life since the Morris 1000?

The sales person was having difficulty with the computer system. It took forever to work. He said it was the same system that was installed 25 years ago. This almost beggars belief but he was not the sort of person who would deceive me. We joked about Volvo’s being immortal and he said that his own Volvo was disposed of only when it reached 165,000 miles. My Volvo is at 82,000 miles so plenty to go. Fingers crossed of course. Once a Volvo driver, always a Volvo driver. Is it an addiction?


Why AMISH children have almost no disease or mental health problems. An eye opener from the Health Ranger Report.

I met an amazing woman

It was my privilege to attend the morning meeting of the Vineyard group at Radstock Methodist church of yore. This morning there was no service as such. Instead the event was centred around children. There were games, constructions and a bouncy castle. Us adults milled round chatting to each other.

I was fortunate enough to meet a lady called Alisha. She had been born in UK but worked in Milan, Australia and America where she is currently with a non profit organisation which assists with the poorest of the poor. She is back here in the UK renewing her visa. Normally work visas are issued every two years. I lived in NY NY for some time in the late 90’s so I reminisced.

Alisha said that the homeless problem was severe. Under the new Mayor Eric Adams, police have the power to take any homeless person off the street if they consider them to be mentally challenged. That could mean just about anyone. She also said that prices had gone through the roof. A cocktail was $16 or $15 on a good day.  So, a drink and a couple of snacks could set you back $30. Also people were of enormous size physically. She attributed this to ignorance. She eats no meat so in certain areas there is nothing offered. There are few if any fresh vegetables.

Alisha lived for a time in Melbourne which is now a cool and sophisticated city challenging Sydney as the cultural capital of Oz.

However what impressed me most was her practical application of faith. God has definitely opened up ways for her and ‘made her paths straight’ as it says. Her apartment on lower East side ‘had her name on it’

I shared some impressions of her which some would construe as a compliment. I found talking to her a transparent and ‘clean’ process. I find this with people who have worked through their personal stuff. She says that when she is on her own the reads the Bible a lot.  I also found that she came across as someone who ‘walks their talk’. There was a joy and a glow about her that indicated that God was present. No question – if you trust God a lot, God will guide and help you.  If you do not trust, then God cannot whisper in your ear so although you might get guidance it would not necessarily be from the right source.

I also commented about what I had observed about single people.  Sometimes it is not our destiny to be with someone. I suppose you could say being married to the community is a good alternative. I have advised single people ‘ get married to yourself, the rest will follow’. I added that I had met married couples who might as well be in prison.

I left the meeting enriched and encouraged. I need such meetings like a piece of coal in a fire needs another piece of coal. It keeps the fire burning and two or more together is more effective than one on its own. I know that that is the way we are made. ‘ No man is an island’ as John Dunne said or ‘We are members one of another’. St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans 12:5




A funeral of a friend

Today was a day indeed.

We had to travel to Oxford to attend the funeral of a very dear friend of us both;  Susannah. Rain and clouds on the journey were the norm.  We wanted to avoid the motorways but unfortunately chose a direction which involved the highways and byways including the dreaded A303 at Stone Henge, always a lot of traffic there. We left somerset about 10:30 this morning and arrived just in time for the service which was at 1:30 p.m. The sweet little church was full of people and the service was exemplary in terms of delivery, non sentimentalism, informative content and a celebration of faith.

One poor couple arrived just at the end because they had been caught up in a traffic jam on the M25. They looked disconsolately at their service sheet trying to catch something of what they had missed

Afterwards we went along to the church hall for a wake. I must say all the people there were of a very good caliber and it shows me that like attracts like. Susannah was an exceptional person who gave her life in the service of others and had many friends. We were joined by three of our friends from our zoom group that I ran for 2 years; Paul,  Nicholas and Simone. Our  group seems to have run is course because now everyone is going their separate ways and the support that was offered seemed to bear fruit. We can say that the birds fled the nest stronger for their experiences.

For me the acoustics were a little sharp. Many people were talking loudly (well, they had to in order to make themselves heard) and it was not conducive to the exchanging of fond memories of the departed. We stayed a couple of hours and then the noise got the better of us.

On the way to the car we spotted a sign  ‘pheasants for sale’. A brace was available for £5. I have never cooked a pheasant and not being one to miss a bargain grabbed the opportunity. We climbed the steps to an adjacent house and talked to the seller/owner who had lived in the same house all his life.  A few stories later we departed, me with a nostalgic feeling for the times that were. He said that the only way for him to cook a pheasant was to make a stew out of it.  I shall do this.

The return journey in the dark was not pleasant. With a GPS we found ourselves lost In the dark but eventually arrived home here in Midsomer Norton at 7.15 pm. We avoided two traffic jams one of which was 3 miles long going into bath and the other one were re numerous traffic jams going into Bristol which we avoided by skirting around Bristol which in the dark is an act of faith.

At the wake I met a couple of people who were interested in my mediumistic comment about how Susannah was doing on her new platform of life after death. They were interested in having a reading so I gave out my cards to them.

I have been involved in a county court judgement against me for a dispute about about a gardening job and this has weighed on my mind quite a lot and it does require a certain amount of faith to maintain a Christmas spirit.

I’m glad to say that after all this trouble my Volvo is doing very well. We thought we would have to replace a fan motor costing £500 but when they put my original motor back it started well and is functioning 100%. We feel that the problem was due to a calcified connection and not a mechanical defect as such.

A great day in Bristol – and the downside of Downside Abbey

We now have a direct service to Bristol which does not go around the houses but directly from the end of my street to Bristol Bus Station taking a mere 51 minutes.  We took the 11.14 to that city and seated ourselves upstairs at the front for the best view. Nothing much has changed since my teen-years. Definitely the best seats in the bus if you dont mind less leg-room.

There is something about the Christmas Spirit that was not only lingering on but was thriving. People are more happy to talk with each other, exchange humorous banter, and generally going on their way showing good will.  The sky was blue and although it was cold then lack of wind made this less than an ordeal.

We went to my favorite buffet restaurant, Cosmo, where at this time of day you can have an all you can eat for £14.99. The giant is ZaZa but they were charging £19.99 per head which we felt was a bit much for lunch time.

As usual I made it my habit to talk outrageously to as many people as possible. I notice that although I wonder how I get away with it people seem to take it in good spirit.  I reckon people are starved of people to speak to and to be listened to.

In the evening a trip to Downside Abbey for a nine lessons and carols type of event. The acoustics are terrible so I could hardly hear what was being said and that in spite of knowing the texts of the bible excerpts that are used on this occasion. An added irritant was the introduction of an uumps uumpa brass band which ruined the sacred nature of the traditional hymns. I stood right at the back as I could not bear to be seated and imprisoned at the front.

What was even worse – a women who insists on bringing her baby along. The baby  cries when it wishes and this is hugely disturbing and very selfish behavior. I find the Abbey without atmosphere. Francoise my wife does not wish to go there again except for an exceptional programme.

Sunday morning – to an 8am communion at St. Johns, my local church to which I have recently taken a liking to.  All Saints in Paulton is good on the social side and I regularly attend the Tuesday morning coffee mornings but I do not like the very informal nature of the services, with children running around. I mix and match which seems to work.

At 10 am off to the so called ‘Super Sunday at the previously abandoned Methodist Church in Radstock.  This is an informal group of Christians – The Vineyard’  both adults and children where we can catch up on the gossip and share meaningful experiences.

At 3pm THE FOOTBALL FINAL started. One of the best football finals I have ever seen. Full time  2-2. Extra time 2-2. Then the penalties began. It was about 5.50 pm and the All Saints carol service was about to begin. I’m afraid the devil got me. A cozy room, fascinating play, raining and blowing outside. If the penalties had been just ten minutes earlier I would have jumped in the car but – rotten timing for the service.

Of all distractions…

Anyone relate to this? from the LauraAboli channel Telegram

‘Hey God’ by John Roedel

Me: Hey God.
God: Hello…..
Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?
God: I would rather not.
Me: Why?
God: Because you aren’t a puzzle.
Me: What about all of the pieces of my life that are falling down onto the ground?
God: Let them stay there for a while. They fell off for a reason. Take some time and decide if you need any of those pieces back.
Me: You don’t understand!
I’m breaking down!
God: No – you don’t understand. You are breaking through. What you are feeling are just growing pains. You are shedding the things and the people in your life that are holding you back.
You aren’t falling apart. You are falling into place. Relax. Take some deep breaths and allow those things you don’t need anymore to fall off of you.
Quit holding onto the pieces that don’t fit you anymore. Let them fall off. Let them go.
Me: Once I start doing that, what will be left of me?
God: Only the very best pieces of you.
Me: I’m scared of changing.
God: I keep telling you – YOU AREN’T CHANGING!! YOU ARE BECOMING!
Me: Becoming who?
God: Becoming who I created you to be! A person of light and love and charity and hope and courage and joy and mercy and grace and compassion.
I made you for more than the shallow pieces you have decided to adorn yourself with that you cling to with such greed and fear.
Let those things fall off of you. I love you! Don’t change! … Become! Become! Become who I made you to be. I’m going to keep telling you this until you remember it.
Me: There goes another piece.
God: Yep. Let it be.
Me: So … I’m not broken?
God: Of course Not! – but you are breaking like the dawn. It’s a new day.

An expedition to pick some garlic – with an unexpected disagreement

We have a friend staying with us so we decided to go to Wells in spite of an indifferent weather forecast.  Wells always has had a market on Saturdays specialising in food.  There were fewer stands (due to c****) but enough choice for me being seduced into buying a lovely walnut and almond slice.

We wandered around the High street where mercifully there were fewer mask wearers.  We had been considering buying an electric bike so went or tried to enter a bike shop. In front of the door was a bike chain to keep everyone out. We were not allowed to enter.  I can only feel for the poor fear-filled proprietor, frightened silly. We did not bother to engage.

To the Cathedral, or more specifically to the Gardens where we frequently go.  At the entrance I was shocked to find that the fee was a minimum of £15. Our friend refused to pay this. In what will be the start of a campaign by yours truly I wrote the first salvo to the relevant Facebook page:-

I wanted to take a friend to the Bishops Garden but found that arrangements have changed and that a single entry now costs £15. Apologetically the ticket seller said that the person could come back as many times as they wanted in the year. I said that this was no good as my friend was visiting from Essex and would not be returning.

So what about the occasional visitors, the tours, who is going to pay the same as you do for a large National Trust property. This is pure short sightedness and greed from the Cathedral Authorities. Incidentally my friend refused to pay and so we (with our annual tickets) did not visit.

We went for a walk in an adjacent wood and enjoyed the peace, birds in full song. Back to the car park then off to find some garlic (always florescent at this time of year) to our favourite ‘forgotten valley’ off the main road. We parked up at the top and worked our way down (see images).

and we discovered another display, similarly bedecked.

it was early in the season for garlic but we found some in a pickable condition by a stream in more daylight. We picked a couple of bags-full.

Odd to Pauls at Hartley’s Kitchen (passim) We treated ourselves to ice cream, a toffee barnhoffer cake. This completed the day. We finished at around 2pm as rain was threatened.

My Covid site ( is picking up momentum entry-wise but not reader wise. I must do some more publicity. Since 1 August 2020 I have added 5,359 entries. I am on my way to becoming the largest reference centre for this dreadful con.  I just hope enough people wake up before it is too late and we all lose our humanity.    Someone wrote an excellent letter to the Archbishop suggesting that he resign.  Resign, Archbishop Welby! You should be ashamed!

A surreal view of a Bath Abbey Service

Today I viewed some streaming from Bath Abbey.

So the virus is very clever. It keeps away from the choir when they are singing but will attack the congregation if they sing.  I can find no respect for the church’s’ caving in to this ridiculous series of edicts. If I went along saying I was exempt  they would not let me in.  Our opportunities for freedom diminish by the day but the trends are more dependent on the result of the American election than you might think.

I do not see myself going to church while the congregation have to wear masks.

Yesterday morning, I went to the AGM of our small but active men’s group. It is interesting how many problems people have which they do not mention in the normal course of events, but given the opportunity people will share their situations, family or financial, if they feel the atmosphere of trust is there. This happened to one of our members who told us that the distancing from his daughter following a request that at the age of 28 she needed to pay rent and some contribution for food.

I volunteered to be Communication Officer of this mens group which means that I will do a mail chimp mailing to all the people on the mailing list of which there are about 100.

Today, Sunday morning, it is bright blue sky so off to the allotment to do the necessary fiddles and tidying up as you have to do at this time of year.

We have ordered more manure. We get a trailer-load for £30 and it is of good quality. I am preparing for a grand bonfire which we will have in November. Once you get the heat up you can burn virtually anything except metal so the allotmenteers can get rid of all their stuff without going to the re-cycle.

Françoise and I have recently discovered the Smithsonian Channel which is very good on American history and we spent three x 1 hour watching the history and development of three of the Southern American states. The quality was as good as anything I have seen.