A talk on silence and my reaction to it

Today A scientific and Medical Network monthly book talk took place with David Lorimer and Sarah Anderson author of the book ' The Lost Art of Silence - reconnecting to the power and beauty of quiet' This was just the inspiration I needed for today's diary theme. As you may have noticed, there have been no entries for the past three days, when I have been re-adjusting from being in London back...

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What is the Holy Spirit? What is intelligence?

Do we know more than we think we know? I have a theory that we all know everything but 99.9% of it resides in the subconscious. All that is required is someone asking us the right question and this provides the catalyst for the requisite knowledge to pop up. This is why listening to someone is so important because we provide the theatre, the environment, the circumstances in which people's inner...

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Day 6 – St Albans – modern and ancient in one city

This was one of our quickest journeys going directly from Brighton via our stop East Croydon to Saint Albans , fast from St. Pancras. It was 49 minutes in total; the train whizzed by the countryside. So, (roll of drums) here is the man(above) who gave his name to the city. St.Albans is an incredibly sophisticated town that combines the ancient with the modern. The market according to Saint...

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Christian Worship – Why did Thomas doubt?

I arose at 7 o'clock this morning leaving a sleeping Francoise. As I have had a Bemer treatment overnight, which  is a machine that sends vibrational frequencies through the body to keep the blood flow in the micro channels, I had a good glass of water followed by a coffee. I enjoy brewing coffee. I saw a man do this on a street in Marrakesh and have followed it ever since. Trans World Radio As...

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The ‘Ultimate Summary’ of what being a Christian requires

From the Editor:  For the first time ever, since I started writing this diary I've come across a piece written by David Sorenson, which if ever an item deserved dissemination this does, because it goes to the root of our very being on this planet and resonates with what I feel 110% First you might like to hear the countervailing argument. In attack on Easter, Biden and the Democrats declare...

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An Encounter with an awesome Christian organisation

The first breath of Spring, plus following my intuition A day of responding to the first breaths of Spring by us working in the garden, digging, pruning, cutting and somewhat obsessively collecting firewood to save money on the gas bill and because live fires are much more satisfying then staring at a hot radiator. I got a strong impulse to go to the Baptist church in Street which is about 3...

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