It’s been absolutely ages …. since I wrote my diary.

It is true that I have been busy – over-busy in fact. I went to Manchester to stay with an old friend. We spent our time driving around the area. Manchester and surrounds are not the most beautiful in the north so to get to anywhere attractive you need to drive for over an hour.

The furthest place we visited was the Isle of Anglesea. This was our first visit and I realised I has underestimated the size. It is 715 square km.  We discovered an old brick making works on the north coast and then we went to the opposite side of the island to visit the most beautiful beach I can recall for some time.  The sand was fine and the weather was hot.


The whole life change situation of the five year plan code named Covid has been taking the vast majority of my time and has affected my sense of priority. I am applying myself to the war against technocracy because I want to remain in a world populated by human beings as opposed to semi-autonomous ‘beings’ that will have lost their humanity, sense of compassion, love etc.

Local matters that I found important have now receded somewhat. I shall be keeping a diary but it will refer to my daily experiences from the point of view of a fighter for truth. This must sound terribly corny but alas it is ‘do or die’ and I refer to a spiritual death.    I keep myself alert by adding daily entries to my web site  I am not the campaigning type so my contribution is rather more ‘behind the scenes’ – doing research, weeding out the wheat from the chaff, and presenting facts so that people can make up their own mind.

Frankly, most people on the planet have been brainwashed and frightened to a point when they are unable to think. My aim is to strengthen my fellow thinkers and perhaps influence those wavering beings who realize that all is not what it seems to be.

I do not know how regular my entries will be but I can only state my intention. I may well about ‘ordinary’ things but don’t hold your breath.

ZOOM meeting with my allotmenteers – Germany in the early 30’s

Although many people are now used to the ZOOM technology, a number are not and we had 18 of the 56 allotment holders gathered together this evening for our first ever virtual AGM. Most of the conversation was quite ordinary but important because people like to meet others in a social setting and I think people are missing this at the moment. We asked everyone how well their vegetables grew and this was useful for newcomers.

If anyone wants to take part in this type of meeting remember that what seems to you as background familiar sounds are automatically amplified to the same volume as the speakers. This is called automatic sensitivity control and it makes sure that people with less strong voices are heard. Hearing children in the background can be annoying for others so if that is going to be the case then mute your microphone while others are speaking.

We used the poll facility which means people can vote on things for example in our case ‘do people want any more manure?’ 13 people said yes and 4 said no. Anyone can see the results so it is a very satisfying democratic thing to do. I always circulate the meeting video afterwards. It is useful for those who genuinely could not make the meeting but would have liked to attend. The problem is, where to store 500 MB of data in an accessible form. The lower grade plans of ZOOM allow the storage of 1 GB and you have to pay quite handsomely to have more. I save material on my websites which normally have quite a lot of file storage attached.

The rate of dystopian news about Covid increases as the government gets more and more mad inputting these arbitrary and ridiculous lockdowns or circuit breakers. People do not understand that the ‘Government’ are deliberately trying to depress people so that when the magic bullet comes along, the vaccine, people will do anything to get free from the obligation – as they think it – to wear masks and behave like performing animals. Today I added 24 news items and I don’t mean the mass media but articles of substance.  Keeping up with the news is a bit like surfing, you have to keep ahead of the wave and this can only be done by continual learning of what things are all about.

I know it is difficult for people to comprehend this, but in the UK at least we are similar to the situation that pertained in Germany in 1933 when Fascism was rising and people did not want to believe it. That is probably one of the reasons why the Germans are taking this current so-called crisis so seriously. They see this is a smokescreen for something far more insidious. I see it as the permanent entrapment of our souls and  the termination of the human being as we know it.

Sodden ground; unpleasantness in my Working Mens Club

Today, continuous rain, sodden ground and roads awash with deep puddles that slow the cars down and cause the steering to drift if you’re not careful. First of all, we went to have a look at the state of our favourite ford, in Wellow near Bath and found it in a fairly torrential state but nothing like what it is capable of with really bad weather.


Afterwards, we went for a walk in and Ammerdown Forest or should I say wood. We noticed copious amounts of gum coming from the pine trees and wondered what purpose that served at this time of year. I’m sure it’s full of good things and has many uses but a quick Internet search didn’t find much.

sodden foliage

On the way back home, we popped into one of my favourite haunts, Radstock Working Mens Club. I’m so used to going there that I forgot the added restrictions. Now, we cannot go to the bar and order. We have to sit down, someone has to write down our contact details and we order a drink while being seated. This must add to staff costs enormously.

When we entered the bar one of the regulars reminded us through sign language that we had to put a mask on. I simply said that we were exempt. We sat down but a woman not too far away complained about our ‘inconsiderate behaviour’. She was not the brightest button in the basket so I just told her she didn’t know anything and it was the law that if we were exempt we didn’t have to wear a mask. Her reply was “bollocks”.

We looked around and saw no that no one seated was wearing a mask. They think that  to move around the bar you need a mask on for example when you go to the toilet. Then go back to your seat and take it off again. This virus is indeed exists is quite intelligent, it can only detect moving objects. If you sit still drinking and talking to your friends it will not detect you but as soon as you move it will try and jump on you and cause havoc. For such a tiny object 1 µ in diameter it has amazing intelligence. Also, if we think about the 2 m rule it knows that if there is wind it has to brace itself and not move with the wind and contaminate the next person. It also knows it must not circulate in air-conditioning. This must be the most intelligent virus ever created.

It did maybe a bit sad though because the place I know and still love is very informal and you just roll in and chat. Let us hope this madness stops. I was very encouraged to receive a video statement from an international lawyer based in Germany showing that a mass legal suit is on the cards against the government for relying on misleading testing. I have circulated this to all the people I know and we can all cheer up a bit.

Later… The rain has stopped for the moment but it is now dark and for the first time I’m tempted to have a real fire in the living room.

Mental preparation for going to London for a political rally

There are always mixed feelings on such occasions. We are going to go along to stand up for what we believe; on the other hand the police have become more brutal and we may well get attacked. From last Saturday’s event I noted that the police charged those who had provoked them. I hope that people have learned from this and will be less aggressive though I have to say that most of the aggression came from the police themselves. Towards the end, another type of police people came along dressed in riot gear and they were the ones who were the real thugs.

As for my mental preparation, I plan as much as I can but I do not over planned because I know that time will fill itself in the way it is meant to be filled. I know I will meet the people I am meant to meet and have conversations that I am meant to have. They say ‘expect the best but plan for the worst’ so there is always plan B in the background.  Thank goodness I’m not flying anywhere. The endless filling in of stupid forms would do my head in.

I am going to take great pride in not wearing a mask. I shall be wearing a lanyard  with a notice saying that I am exempt and that should get me by. when I go into the local high street shops, Sainsbury’s or the chemists, and I don’t have a mask, people don’t give me a second glance. I wonder what it will be like on the London Tube system; I shall look at the proportion of people who are masked compared with those who are not masked.

This time I am going to travel light. I always take more clothes than I need and end up by carrying unused stuff to and fro. We have no formal activities this time so I can dress as I please so it will be more appropriate to have an overnight bag.  I am having 1000 leaflets delivered to the hotel where I’m staying. I hope to meet one or two people afterwards and have a social time but this time I’m really going to engage with people and find out what is going on in their minds and see what I can learn. There are times when I wonder whether my views on Covid in my website make any difference at all but I feel that anything is better than doing nothing and let’s face it the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Today the sun shines but the wind blows from the North and it looks like were going to have temperatures in the low teens so I must dress accordingly. The bus fare for the two of us cost £48 as opposed to £21 last time. Maybe National Express decided that they were charging too little for a return but in any event it is quite a chunk. On the other hand as I mentioned before I’m paying £168 for four nights in London Premier Inn which is about a 60% reduction on what I would have paid, so overall I’m not complaining.

A marriage amidst the disaster of post lockdown Bath

Today, a trip to Bath for my bi-monthly eye appointment.  Since wearing a mask on public transport is mandatory I have had to wear one. The drivers showed not the slightest interest in whether I had one or not so maybe I could have got on the bus anyway without being challenged but it was a risk I could not take because my eye appointment is valuable to me and my sight.

On to the bus without difficulty. Little did I know that I was going to find a graveyard of establishments that were not opening again. The Prince of Wales is a pub on the road to Bath slightly north of Peasedown.  There is no question that the closure of this pub is not temporary. They have closed for good. 11 weeks without a customer was just too much.

I arrived at Bath bus terminus about 1 PM. I was keen to see the effect of the recent loosening of rules.  The queue to get in the Bradford and Bingley building society must have been about 25 yards long with 2 m squares carefully marked out on the pavement. I did not see that many crowds in pubs.

Gardens in the middle were as immaculate as ever, people just walked in without any need to pay as can happen during some holiday periods.No one was wearing masks. I commented about that to the chap on the right of this picture but he did not say anything and merely nodded. On the other hand, a young girl with a child and a very funny – to me anyway – was wearing a Tshirt saying ‘Positivity please’.  I engaged with her about this and she said she wanted an antidote to the misery and negativity. Well done you.

The bronze  of Mozart was interesting. I had not noticed that birds were a part of the sculpture.

I was surprised by what was obviously a registrar office wedding. There were only a few in the party and the bridegroom looked very young but they seemed to be having a good time in their own way.Onto an indoor market for perhaps a cup of coffee but although the coffee bar was open, the coffee machine itself was broken. The lady offered me a beer instead but I thought it was a trifle early in the day for that.

I saw too many of these signs for my liking, examples enclosed.

The markets were going (fairly) strong as ever, with an enhanced choice of vegetables and fruit that we are not used to obtaining  in Midsomer Norton.

To Wetherspoons who had written a superbly worded  notice at the door covering everything. The extra plastic protection was not intrusive and I am sure I would have had a good drink experience had I chosen to stay.

On the way to the hospital I saw this very depressing sign. Although there is absolutely no evidence that we need to avoid each other permanently, the roads are already being designed for this.

This is a sign outside an estate agent.

To the R.U.H.    I had heard that people were not visiting the accident and emergency hospitals I went along to have a sneaky look and a photograph. there were a few people sitting around with every third seat marked as being unsuitable in. There were six people in there altogether. Maybe the others are frightened to come.

I saw a feature that I had not seen before outside the new cancer unit which is a free pressure pump for bicycle tyres. Well done someone using your imagination.

The central restaurant downstairs was deserted so I bought myself a Latte and surveyed the world as I was early for my appointment.

At the hospital entrance everyone had to wear a face mask and keep it on until they leave. I dutifully put one on and found that after a minute or so I could hardly breathe. How on earth people put up with this all day I do not know. I went along to my appointment and had to ring a bell to get in. I had to stand back while the nurse asked me questions about contact with COVID. I was then told I had to walk along a one-way system towards a section of the ward marked ‘injections’. Whilst in the waiting area I over-heard that there were six appointments for injections this afternoon but only three people bothered to turn up. Considering the high cost of the staff who give the injections this is a considerable loss to the National Health. Mind you, this is nothing to the loss in the country which must be billions today due to this deliberate manipulation of our minds on the grounds of “keeping us healthy” when the source disappeared about 12 weeks ago. Keep the fear going, boys, keep the fear going.

Tests confirmed that my eyes were not as good as last time which considering that four months had passed since an eye examination did not surprise me so the injection was timely. Back on the bus, when I noticed that at all bus stops there were no timetables just the theme of ‘keeping our buses safe’.

Arrived home with some relief, having obtained a bottle of white wine along the way. A perfect sunny evening. Overall, a good day but I could not cope with wearing a mask on a daily basis.



An active day – the insanity continues – more rain

I’m getting used to my new car now or maybe its getting used to me. It’s driving smoother and I’m getting the idea that merely touching the gas pedal is necessary in order for it to go forward. It does not require much encouragement since it is a turbo.

It is most difficult to get a  spare key for this almost 20 year old car. I talked to a chap in Bristol who thinks he might be able to do it but in between tinkering with the dashboard whilst I was on the phone he asked me to send a picture of the key for some strange reason and also the registration number of the car. I don’t have very high hopes and I think I shall end up by going to Volvo and paying a fortune for another key.

I’m enjoying the clouds and rain and it is very pleasant to walk on the grass that has been recently rained upon. It does help the earthing that I have referred to and that is good for the health.

It’s a good lesson of websites that you get your database running smoothly before inviting anyone to sign up since if you don’t get it right they may have to sign up again.  It’s a tricky question with subscription sites how many questions you want to ask people. If it’s just an ordinary mailshot, name and e-mail address is sufficient if you want participation, then more details are required. I’m going to run through this with my colleague Graham and were going to beta test it to death. People have a very short tolerance these days and if something doesn’t work the first time they will just leave it aside.

Today I was driving to the allotment and I saw a woman standing punched not moving. She was elderly, I would say about 85, and it looked as if she had just run out of steam.  If I was not in a stream of traffic I would have stopped and made sure everything was all right but I felt somehow that the desire to live was not as strong as it should have been or perhaps she had respiratory problems or some such thing.

I watched a very moving film about a nurse saying how in her New York. NY, Hospital,  interns and students were treating people as objects and not human beings and that they were making decisions to put people on ventilators because Medicare gave each case $31,000 as presumably as an incentive although they were far more likely to die than if they did not have the ventilators. She explained that the patients were in effect blowing up their lungs by pushing in oxygen under far too much pressure. At times she broke down in tears at the lack of humanity. She said the hospitals in Iraq  were better.

I met Helen, a Red Pill person, who is also a homoeopath and asked for a consultation. She is thoroughly on the wavelength and quite disillusioned with the names she gets called including of course conspiracy therapist and has decided like me that it’s better to leave some people alone.

Next Monday we are going to have to wear masks when we travel by public transport. One of the exceptions as people who have respiratory problems so if I’m challenged I shall tell the bus driver that is what the case is. I hope I don’t get dragged off to hospital and put in a COVID ward otherwise I will not come out that’s for sure. I might go to Bath for a special edition of this diary and record what goes on, the number of people who wear masks versus the ones who did not. I have never known a time when so many entries on my website have confirmed the futility of mask wearing.

It does cheer me up enormously to either talk to or be with people on the same wavelength. It  will make up for the number of friends that I will probably lose because my views are known to all and sundry. I listened to David Icke today who pointed out that every time people obey an order that does not have any sense they become more susceptible, more gullible, and they will end up doing anything there told without questioning. That, my friends, is really depressing. How many brain cells does it take to recognise this whole thing is a con designed to get control of us and give us wonderful vaccines to change our DNA.

In spite of all, I do feel that with the friends I have and my faith I can survive these times. When I say the same thing in six months time when the concert halls, football grounds, art galleries are still closed. What about the hotels? Will airlines be able to offer bargain flights any more because they must have lost billions through this nonsense. One can only wonder. As I say, there are two important things in life, a comfortable bed and a good conscience the rest is a bonus.