Bitcoin – a delicious headline- A seed swapping day

For a few years now I have heard about Bitcoin. This evening I listened to a 90-minute presentation by John Bush who is associated with his site Free Academy. The presentation was exciting in that he had complete control over his subject matter, gave the talk at the same time as looking at the comments and did some juggling with slide presentations. Currently my main discipline with figures is...

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Is bread poisonous? – captivating videos

Conversation with a dietician about bread Me - Even at my senior age my interest in learning does not diminish, in fact it increases. Friend - Me too, I am always very keen to learn more Me yes it never ends you see that's the wonderful thing. Friend -  when we die we don't stop learning. There is no end to it. Me - I'm really sad that I may have to give  up eating bread. Because you see the the...

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Are we worrying unnecessarily?

People sitting on their own Today's diary is occasioned by a remark someone in our church made to me when I was sitting by myself in an armchair in the church hall as a produced to the church meeting. The evening of yesterday was bad for me. I had been unwise enough to take a coffee with my cake at four pm in the afternoon. I should have learned better but there is something in the coffee that...

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When did you last contact your friends?

A few days ago I wrote a circular letter to about 60 people with whom I have had contact at various times. They consist of those who I regard as friends but also professional colleagues. Such is the time pressure on people today that I do not expect people to read let alone respond that occasionally I am surprised, and this morning was one such when someone has taken the trouble to write back at...

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Time at my computer + a Boring Film

I just felt like putting in this one. It has no relevance to the article. A fanfare in the face of chaos? I cannot remember living in such exciting times where the stakes are high and getting higher. At stake is the human being with all its glorious creativity and spirituality which is under threat from agents that think that artificial intelligence is enough to run the planet. Each day, there...

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