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Donald Trump Assassination attempt special

It is not every day that a leading figure is the subject of an assassination attempt.  I remember Olaf Palme. JFK, Martin Luther Kind, Bobby Kennedy, Here is a blow by blow account of how the 'alternative' media have caught the story. Oh and I forgot, some of the main stream media though i would rather trust the disinterested parties (not the uninterested parties). First, a full length viedo...

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One url, 1000 positive images

FACEBOOK MEMBERS ONLY  As I am occupied on many things today, this will have to do as my soul (sole) contribution. Warning - it is addictive but a wonderful balance to gloom and doom / dystopian material.   sit back and enjoy Click on the image and you will see buttons forward and  backward.

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A weekend in one entry

I've just returned from a weak end during which I went to a party thrown for my son whose fifth wedding anniversary it is and he bought his Indian wife with him. It is very pleasant, and that pleasant feel does not diminish, when you know you've got the whole day to make a three-hour journey and you can do what you like and loosen up the purse strings a bit so we went to the lavender farm at a...

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A two in one Sunday

 Two contrasting elements to my day. To a farm run by two of the leaders of what used to be called the Vineyard for a combined meeting which included the usual repetitive singing and praising but also a testimony of what had been achieved over the past 12 years. The list was long and impressive. I had a chance to talk to one or two individuals about their work and life. I found that to break...

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Fly on the wall – Notices in our local St Chad’s surgery

I had I had cause to visit my local GP and whilst waiting for him I decided to have a look around the waiting area to see who was saying what, which potential problems were being identified and how they were trying to involve the audience, the cohort in a call to action. My comment - it's difficult to read the type white on colour especially 'where it's okay not to be okay' I'm not sure this was...

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What happens when you file a suit for sexual molestation (USA)

This is mainly for my readers from the USA but also a warning for ladies everywhere I thought this would be interesting to everyone, especially females, since all females are by their nature vulnerable to  predatory actions from the male section of society. It is very sad that the following interview  by Dr Naomi Wolf has to be made. I think there are lots of lessons from this medium length...

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