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Monks, aliens and cherished memories

Satan discussion - continued. this time between Brian (Ed) and friend John Brian: To maintain coherence as a human being, I have become convinced of the need to maintain certain pointers in our mind for example the consistency of a moral compass. Does an act lead to unity or divisiveness and looking at the cause rather than the symptoms and abstracting the principles from them. The coalescence...

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How meetings can be productive, + being a good client

Reflections on meetings that I have attended I have lost count of the number of meetings I have been to, large or small, harmonious or fractious, successful or confusing, aimless or full of purpose. As you may know I always wait until the day before deciding on my topic. This afternoon I had a meeting with my new web designer in, where else, Wetherspoon's. You would expect this pub to be fairly...

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How do we write a book?

Do you write a book or does it write itself? I find that when the time is right, a book will write itself. I have written three books on energy and auras and I wrote from my heart and the whole thing was finished in a month. The book was not up to any scientific or academic purist standard but then it was telling a story of an individual and his discovery of a particular phenomenon. In a way,...

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The wonderful English language- chapter 53 – …inter… + our moral compass

Are we using one word or phrase when another would be more appropriate? The history of inter, a transitive verb is a prefix occurring in loan words from Latin, where it meant “between,” “among,” “in the midst of,” “mutually,” “reciprocally,” “together,” “during” There is a homophone. The history of inter as a verb is also in another category.   "to bury in the earth or a grave," c. 1300,...

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Nature and humanity – what are the secrets of growth?

Nature has been around for far longer than when human kind first stepped on the earth and it will be here far longer than us if we degrade ourselves or destroy ourselves in some war or another. You would have thought that's through observing the laws of nature we would learn lessons that could somehow influence our behavior. Anyone working on the land, allotments or gardens will relate to what...

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Barrett’s esophagus + making decisions

Barrett's esophagus - what is it? I will go short of saying that I would not wish this on my worst enemy. For those of you who do not know, there is a little flap in the esophagus that stops acid coming up into the throat. When this flap is shall we say lazy or only partly effective, the acids of the stomach which are strong as they have to be make themselves known through an unpleasant bloating...

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