A talk on silence and my reaction to it

Today A scientific and Medical Network monthly book talk took place with David Lorimer and Sarah Anderson author of the book ' The Lost Art of Silence - reconnecting to the power and beauty of quiet' This was just the inspiration I needed for today's diary theme. As you may have noticed, there have been no entries for the past three days, when I have been re-adjusting from being in London back...

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Is the Fourth Dimension a progressive or a retrogressive spiritual step?

Have I written the most unreadable blog ever? (today's specialist blog).  I realise that dimensionality is not everyone's cup of tea or coffee. I realized that most people are more concerned about what they're going to have for lunch, how they're going to pay the bills, and so such existential topics as dimensionality are in the far distance.  I decided to write that entry for me for once. I...

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Our first snow!!! – a good interview – the birth of a new arts centre

A cold start to the day We awoke this morning to an unnaturally white ceiling in our bedroom, a reflection of the snow upon the garden. I can't remember the last time it snowed in Midsomer Norton. It must have been about three years ago. An interview where everything is right I am just now listening to an interview with Pam Gregory who is one of the relatively few astrologers that I listen to...

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How do we write a book?

Do you write a book or does it write itself? I find that when the time is right, a book will write itself. I have written three books on energy and auras and I wrote from my heart and the whole thing was finished in a month. The book was not up to any scientific or academic purist standard but then it was telling a story of an individual and his discovery of a particular phenomenon. In a way,...

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Synchronicity Symposium Part 2 – reflections

  I have just had three hours of collective listening to three very good speakers and I have just left the afternoon session 60% of the way through because my head is bursting with ideas and the text for today's diary. Following on the statement made by Catherine of Genoa a few days ago I feel that I am a monist. Monism is a theory or doctrine that denies the existence of a distinction of...

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Reflections on 45 years of gardening

[tta_listen_btn] Memories of 45 years of gardening Today at 11:00 we trimmed a hedge for a local resident.  I always enjoy doing hedges if only to see the improvement of its appearance after my efforts.  For this we were paid £50.  I do not need the money but I need to be compensated from my effort. Why do I do gardening at all? I do it to keep fit. Power tools and their use are part of keeping...

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