Trauma of throwing things away + ‘nobody is your enemy’

Yes I find the trauma of clearing anything away let alone throwing anything away still significant as you may need them at some point. The fact that they have been around for years is not relevant. Oh my goodness how much stuff we accumulate and how little of it do we really need. Francoise wanted to go out and buy some more conditioner liquid for use in the washing machine cycle and I...

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The eight types of love, revisited.

On the 5th of March 2018, six years ago, I wrote an article about various types of love. You can find it here 6 years have passed and I think it is time for me to revisit the topic and append my views. This was stimulated by my coming across an article entitled '8 Greek words that will make your heart soar'. What...

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Getting life in proportion and setting priorities

Today is one of those days when I step back to contemplate our future. What we can realistically expect? What state of mind should we hold? How do we keep our morale up? I am copying you in on what I watched today. Not light viewing but in my view necessary. The following contains all the data I needed to reaffirm my decision as to how and why to move forward. First off, bearing in mind the...

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How to run meetings… plus developing this site

Developing this website And now some therapy for me and my website, this is the one you are now reading. I'm trying to make this website a model of good practice and accessibility. I have decided to have monthly meetings with my day-to-day service provider. This is beneficial for many reasons or so I have found. As I go along I notice small items that do not work as well as I would like to see....

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Monks, aliens and cherished memories

Satan discussion - continued. this time between Brian (Ed) and friend John Brian: To maintain coherence as a human being, I have become convinced of the need to maintain certain pointers in our mind for example the consistency of a moral compass. Does an act lead to unity or divisiveness and looking at the cause rather than the symptoms and abstracting the principles from them. The coalescence...

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Time at my computer + a Boring Film

I just felt like putting in this one. It has no relevance to the article. A fanfare in the face of chaos? I cannot remember living in such exciting times where the stakes are high and getting higher. At stake is the human being with all its glorious creativity and spirituality which is under threat from agents that think that artificial intelligence is enough to run the planet. Each day, there...

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