Am I a churchgoer? Not really. 

I have had 80 years worth of being a member of so many congregations that I have lost count. I thought it'd a good time to reflect on all my experiences good bad and indifferent and see it this resonates with anyone else's experience. I owe a lot to my parents who introduced me to the Christian Faith mainly because my father was a vicar serving in the Church of England which is the established...

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Yet another inept zoom session – when will people learn?

Before I start to whinge, here is a leaflet that I saw in Frome Cheese and Grain this evening. Unsung minorities which are not so small as we would like to imagine are nevertheless important so well done whoever it was for this local initiative.   A brief word today. There is a social and cultural group called Christians in Media. I receive a lot of material including an invitation to come...

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Taking relationships to the next level – my views

I want to reproduce something from my birthday speech which talks about getting relationships to the next level. I spoke to my friends who are on the wavelength so to speak but I think the message applies to everyone so please enjoy it and if you find anything of benefit do let me know. The value of testimonies I want to speak about the lessons I have learned about testimonies. Us humans have...

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The most brainless parking charge sign in Bath? (P+R)

Today I went for my eye appointment in Bath and decided to go via park and ride from Odd Down. Please read this sign and tell me if you could make sense of it more than I can perhaps I'm having a brain 'off day'. I note the charges but I thought the whole point of park and ride was to save people parking in the city centre and paying high fees for so doing. I thought this was a public service. ...

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My 80th birthday party – key “to do’s”

14 people were invited and 14 people showed up. There is always the moment before when you've done everything you can and say to yourself, what happens if?.....    I'm glad to say that people did show up, they bought presents, everyone except one person made the attempt to dress up for the part and the occasion. As I'm de facto administrator as well as being a birthday boy everything ultimately...

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It was my birthday yesterday

I was motivated to find out (or remind myself) of the characteristics of my star sign, Gemini.  I can relate well to what was said in so reproduce it here.  See the full article by visiting here As May nears its final weeks, Gemini season rolls in. Lucky people born between May 21–June 20 can call themselves Geminis. It’s the sign after Taurus and before Cancer in the Zodiac...

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