Enlight and Godlight

by | Sep 13, 2022

BJ the difference between enlight and godlight. I get the difference with information-based potential of enlight, but it is pretty subtle and I am not sure about the strategic benefit of differentiating between the two.  What do you mean?

JB – how do you define god light and unconditional love?

BJ – *untrammeled light containing information – Enlight contains all the information that godlight should do i.e. the executive part. *not deprived of freedom of action or expression, not restricted or hampered .

JB – it has no force. People should not use it synonymously.  God light is that which exists in a totally unrestricted frame not inside this dimension, not in three dimensions but one of two. Once you cross from the second dimension to the confusion of the third dimension then it becomes the consciousness that resides within the three dimensions which is directly connected to the god head; that is called en-light.

En light is manipulated through neutrinos and that then interfaces with the fourth paradigm based on the twisting of light, so you then take on a fourth characteristic which then makes it electromagnetic light – photons.  Photons are the basis for the creation of the entire physical universe on that side of it but it is manipulated in it intricate – where force cancels out  so at any la grangian point within the universe….(  Place between the earth and the moon. Where if you put a satellite, it will not move as gravity is equal. Force is cancelled out).

When any atoms meet there is a space between them, their edges if you like. They are not really solid little balls; there is a space between them in which force cancels out. That is called a god line, if you like.
BJ – is that the ultimate peace point?

JB That is how the god light comes from the en light into a place where it enters the photonic universe through these places of cancellation
BJ – so the most exquisite entry point?
JB – you were around in days where they were called strems.  Those are the ways that consciousness is able to influence matter. It influences it not by the application of force but by the application of something that is not force – unforce.  In other words like digging a hole in the ground. Something will fall in it but it (the hole) does not do anything so it is a peaceful process so the way peace becomes an active process is by allowing force to attempt to fill it and so if you generate the shape of a hole and fill it with concrete, it will take the shape of the hole. Although the hole did not do anything dynamically to the concrete.

BJ so we are built to be receptors of god light and we have messed it up basically.
JB We are receptors of that and we are still that. The problem is we obfuscate it with restrictions, so as you restrict the understanding of what that is then you don’t receive it anymore.

BJ that is the ultimate free will choice.

JB You always have the choice to increase the bandwidth of understanding and allow more of it through or whether you choose to decrease it.  What I have just said is outlined in various books but maybe cannot  be outlined in a few paragraphs

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