Full Testimony

by | Jan 2, 2023

Good morning Brian,

I give you full consent to use this information for your marketing and business purposes.  Please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to amend.
The trauma discovery and healing that took place in one session with Brian, I know has saved me thousands of pounds and hours in therapy.
During a session with Brian, he was able to go through my time line and pinpoint the age that energy became stuck and what needed to be done to clear it up.   During this process I just needed to physically relax….that was a bonus as I was particularly tired.
I felt my heart expanding during my session….I could feel the magic happening with immediate effect.  A traumatic memory that had never surfaced for me was been transmuted as it was being discovered.
What that has meant to me over the past couple of days is that I have the Awareness of how my energy has been stuck in the past.  I have the ability to process it from a expanded heart space of love and I now  have the energy to take actions from my higher good and not have to carry the energetic burden that has prevented me from living my true potential.
Brian has come into my heart just at the right time, the service that I wasn’t searching for came into my life when it was needed.  This is a much longer story, but I will reserve that for another time and place.
Brian and Francoise will appear for you for a reason and that will always be for your higher good.  If you have just happened across their services, dig a little deeper as the time is now….Have a short consultation and it will all come clear.  I highly recommend connecting with Brian whatever stage of your life you are at, it will only add value.
Thank you, wishing you both success in your business and will definitely be back soon.
Thank you again for inviting myself and Yvonne into your home, I am truly grateful…..not just words, they are from the heart.
Speak with you soon

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