How I can work with you


I work with my wife Francoise either in person or remotely to help and coach you into a mindset that will serve you and not hinder you. This means removing barriers that you may not have been aware of having. I am a qualified coach (The Coaching Academy). We use ‘remote’ methods such as remote viewing and dowsing.

Feeling supported

In our society with everyone being so busy and on many occasions becoming frightened the support networks that should be available and indeed support people are getting rarer


We do this work because we want you to flourish and reach your full potential. We do not want you to waste time worrying unnecessarily about things that you cannot change.

Covid and other challenges


Many people have not been able to deal with the enforced change in  lifestyle required by what has happened over the past three years. We completely understand this because we have made a study of the effect of these changes and may be able to help you reduce your level of anxiety



We have a sliding scale depending on people’s ability to pay. The normal rate is £80 per working hour but if you are unemployed or facing challenges we can make an arrangement.

What to do now

Even if you are just curious and do not wish to commit your very welcome to call me for a chat. If however you feel that a volcano is about to burst and you need help immediately then we can offer service at short notice. If you feel shy about telephoning then use the contact form or the E-mail on the ‘reach out’ page.

One more thing

Do not be ashamed or embarrassed about asking for help. We need the correct ‘diet’ of thoughts in order to make progress. Cars need servicing. Our bodies need servicing. Relationships need a review. It is a wise person who seeks advice at the right time.

The more you leave it the more difficult it is to extricate yourself. The number of times I have heard people say ” I wish I had known about you before”

Love from myself and Francoise