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by | Jan 3, 2023

This is from a book by my teacher Fr Andrew Glazewski entitled ‘Harmony of the Universe’. from whom I learned how to dowse, or rather was encouraged to use my innate abilities. I felt very alone and ‘different’ so Andrew’s immediate and instinctive encouragement was worth its weight in gold.

” you emit a field, and the field is is is present is is in your surrounding space. The pattern that is unique to your personality covers the world in one eighth of a second. You are in a station transmitting your unique pattern and if you want me to tune in to you I have to tune into your pattern. I don’t need to go to you to find out this and that, The pattern covers the Earth so you everywhere. My field is also everywhere. There is no distance between your pattern; it is here and now. What is important to know is that your thinking is in your field and not in your head which is only a transformer. You’re thinking and your self are in the field. The body is only a transformer for your everyday life. Your consciousness.

Fr Andrew and others taught me most of what I know. I seem to have inherited the ability to quantify the levels of activity in someone’s mind. For example we have a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. I can just by thinking of the topic, obtain numbers e.g.

Physical 70%
Mental 80%
Emotional 4%
Spiritual 10%

This would indicate that the subject is physical fit, mentally active but troubled by emotional problems which has affected their faith. This would give me an objective starting point to give advice and support.
I can also do this for the friends of the topic via them. In other words, I can tune into anyone you know using you as a channel and divine things about them. If they wish to remain private they can shut me off.

At the time of diagnosing, a tuning and healing effect also occurs. I have no idea how this works but it does. I combine what I find with my coaching and life experience to prompt you with suggestions – you could say I am a catalyst – and your own energy field will give you the guidance that you need.

I cannot count the number of times I have heard ‘If I had only trusted my intuition!’  We all need confidence building so this method of mine could well assist.

I have written a book ‘The Magic in Your hands‘ which describes my work from another view.

I am joined by my wife Francoise who is a natural healer and who practices EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as tapping).

Relevant history of my life

I have always had a fascination with non-conformity, we say ‘thinking outside the box’.

In the 1980s I became interested in photographing the energy field which I did through Kirlian photography. I have lectures and gave readings in 17 countries.

I became aware I was psychic at the age of around 25 when I attended a conference on healing and found that I became so charged up that I could cause daffodils to move side to side just by holding my hand up. I know it sounds spooky – and in fact it was – I think it was the way of the universe through drawing attention to the invisible world that’s around us all

My Christian Faith keeps me going and gives me the energy that I need to not only survive but thrive in these difficult times.

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