How to reach people

by | Dec 14, 2022

BJ – If so called enlightened people cannot get the idea that this is an assault on the human soul after your careful talks, I become absolutely sad. Maybe I have been over-optimistic. What chance for the rest?

John – re ***** . She is a real fighter. It’s based on what I get through.

BJ – I do it based on people’s attitude. The fact that I cannot reach people – I think they have switched off.  **** and I have karma to the world etc.  I don’t think people receive something unless they are ready to hear it.

JB – absolutely true.

BJ – some are damaged. I thank God for my independence otherwise I would have got sucked in.

JB – Jesus was an exemplar of independence. You can’t compromise yourself by tying yourself to other people’s problems. You have to  be independent. Its not non caring, you have given the best thing  you can give and then you move on. You do not sit there and wait.  Is this person responding or not.

When Jesus was speaking some gave him a hard time;  some did not. Most did not have a clue about these principles – they still don’t.

Everyone is looking at magnetic fields in biology whilst ignoring the fact that biology uses them profoundly to run itself. That has been missing for a long time with this electromagnetic things. Everyone looks at the effect – 5G does this etc . and it affects the system by changing  the calcium channels I have written a big document for the judges in the Mansfield Court case. People don’t want to know.  This is the way life actually exhibits itself is to use these EM fields. They are not  by products of chemistry. They are the dynamic precursor to what happens in the chemistry instead of the way round that science has put it and therefore you have a fundamental reversal.

See everything in science as having been reversed in terms of its principles.  Evolution is one as well.  The concept of evolution – things getting better through complexity, which is just not true.  Arthur Firstenberg has done much of the research but he has not developed the joining of dots i.e.  DNA is a solenoid for instance which produces a magnetic field. The centrioles in the cell produce and electric field and all of this generates Robert Sheldrake’s morpho-genetic field. Lots of people have contributed to the theory. I am putting it together.

Re compasses. All that stuff is connected. Re Artificial Intelligence.

BJ we must stand with no fear and no symbiosis otherwise we have no chance.

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