Is Jesus only our local hero?

by | Feb 20, 2023

BJ – Jesus – is he our local hero only. Aliens don’t mention him by name. Did he appear uniquely to us do you think?

JB – no. It could have been Him again but imagine you are from a blue planet and you belong to the sort of ‘Save The World’ force (or unforce) and you go out to a particular planet, you live your life, because you are independent of time, you go ‘save them’ you punch a hole in space and time, you go over the top, that might be your lot. You might have returned to God (the source). But then someone else from your planet and the same space force goes ‘OK, we have got this other planet to do now’ and they go out and this is why it takes such things as a portal, all the stars have to be aligned so you get a line of unforce between them

BJ – So Jesus by any other name. There are a lot of civilizations that are totally committed to light and love as the key thing and so on. Did they just figure it out for themselves.

JB – they got reincarnated to here from a much higher level so they came in with that information package like savants do here. For instance, I know stuff about science, others know stuff about music. You bring it with you and it leads you to the right path, so he would have done the same thing.

BJ – It sounds like this planet is quite primitive.

JB – it is quite primitive but not totally primitive. It is not red. If it WERE Red it would be a bit like Game of Thrones all the time. The redness. It is getting there (irony)

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