Loneliness or enjoying your own company?

by | Sep 6, 2022

BJ – We have a certain loneliness due to our intrinsic state, secondly due to our awareness, and trying to resurrect the dead – who is going to want to seek the light when they are stuck in fear and the two just don’t go together
JB – Jesus had a bit of a problem with the Sanhedrin didn’t he. Ours is the same type of problem.
BJ – and frankly it is so what has changed?
JB – entropy has increased
BJ – Its my only comfort but a cork floats irrespective of the depth of the water. Ira the nature of the cork
JB someone has pulled the plug out. That is really the difficulty with the whole thing. The project is so survive so you can help others. You can inform people if they don’t know but if people have made up their minds – these Whitty’s and Valences are robots. They are going straight to the core.  And worse. Right to the interface.
BJ – as time goes on, all we have is each other…. I have decided to get the neighbours together because its going to be a difficult winter and I am going to just invite them and to sit round the fire. I cannot change the world. If distinguished scientists are ignored what chance do I have?

JB the same as anyone else. The thing is that nobody can understand the science anyway; that’s why they just believe these figure=heads. If you do understand it the real nasty people are those like Paul Scullis, people who are immunologists and they know dammed well it is bollocks

BJ – they have got the keep their pay checks coming

JB – a lot of them are full on and they believe it. I don’t think they realise it is a con but they are just going along with it. Some people do. I think some people are just so stupid  and they don’t have a clue.
BJ everyone is super intelligent but software conflicts can reduce you to a zombie in 5 seconds.

JB – Its restriction that does that.

BJ – they can read the words but they can’t hear the music.

JB – the camera sees all the pictures but does not understand what they mean. They are inanimate – these creatures. The problem is that the humanity in them is turned to violence and they are the most dangerous F*****s of all

BJ let’s stop the companies making obscene profits

JB it’s all a game

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