Interacting with others + the disadvantage of being nice.

by | Jun 24, 2023

JB – Why are we having these conversations and why do you write the diary?

BJ All I try to do is to get the odd person who does read it just to think in a different way and if we can do that, then that’s job done. We can’t think for them.  Just to remind you – the background of the whole thing is the inspiration from Samuel Pepys and his Diary that I write regularly and have done for the last seven years.

As for your (JB)  contribution it just so happens that you possess a ‘set of keys’ in your psyche that unlock certain things in me… and off I go. So that’s really the service from you. Hopefully I’m a bit of a catalyst for you otherwise what is the point really. I absolutely love the process of triggering. If I had a choice between food and talk I would choose talk and then I’d settle for a diet of water.

On the topic of the body I realized one thing really recently that I treat my body so badly it’s embarrassing, and all my system my  malaise are a symptom of this. I do not think there is anything systemically wrong with me.  Recently I’ve learned to actually love my body and the body likes it. So before I eat I say ‘do I really need this?’  and the body says yes or no. When it doesn’t I grumble enormously but I now take notice. I doubt if my body produces digestive juice after about 6pm

Our previous conversation led to a synchronicity. On the same evening as we talked I saw Louis Theron on TV asking people very direct questions and amazingly they didn’t take exception to it and I thought ‘that’s the way to go’ so I’ve stopped being nice and it’s it’s the biggest relief of my life (actually I exaggerate – it was one of the biggest reliefs) . I think I’ve been too nice though  some would disagree. Being nice is being compliant and can be seen as being weak.

Theme – be nice, be kind but be vigilant.

The etymology of the word ‘nice’ is not particularly distinguished.
Middle English (in the sense ‘stupid’): from Old French, from Latin nescius ‘ignorant’, from nescire ‘not know’. Other early senses included ‘coy, reserved’, giving rise to ‘fastidious, scrupulous’: this led both to the sense ‘fine, subtle’ (regarded by some as the ‘correct’ sense), and to the main current senses.

BJ – I met a Boris Johnson impersonator whilst I was at Chalice Well and I immediately thought ‘that’s Boris’ so we had a really good conversation about what what the term ‘woke’ means and so on. He was definitely not on the ‘nice’ side though he was affable – a bit like the Real Boris.

One of the things I really enjoy is going out without any sort of plan apart from making mayhem and just seeing what comes across my path. This is the only way to go. You can plan the structure but not the content.

Certain people bore me to death – honestly I could die because people, so called ‘friends’ ask me how I am without being interested in the response. If you are not interested then don’t ask. Anything formulaic is boring, for example ‘is there anything else I can do for you?’  Dont say it unless you mean it. There is a saying ‘ ask twice’. The first time for the automatic response ‘ I’m fine thank you’ and the second time for the real facts.

The number of real friends that I’ve got can be counted on the fingers of possibly  two hands but with them there’s an energy quantum exchange.  Partly due to your (JB) stimulus I’m going to start a website called the world of Brian Snellgrove in which I will display all aspects of my work.  I’m gonna blow my own trumpet exactly never mind what the orchestra is doing.

JB – that’s all we have got

BJ – I found a wonderful photographer who will not photograph a wedding unless he has met the bride and groom beforehand. As for my life I don’t care how long I last in fact if I went tomorrow I wouldn’t mind but I think I’ve still got some work to do this time around.

JB – you’ve got stuff to do and stuff to be interested in and you’re not vegetating like a lot of older people. It’s getting rare.

BJ I think we can function by being an example both by who we are not so much as  what we do.  Its also about being the sort of person that can be approachable.

BJ – I met this groundsman at Chalice Well who starts his day talking to the trees and asking them now they are. I mean that’s that’s amazing. Evidently the trees have to recover from the stress of visitors and they’re trying to correct themselves. So he’s got this talent of talking to nature which I think is brilliant.  So I’m going to redouble my determination to be a Samuel Pepys person writ large etc then the world could be filled with talking and as I said preferable to food in my case.

JB  Your words start connections and if you’re studying things like the I Ching and stuff it’s full of these tautologies

BJ I’m quite seriously into the difference between Yahweh and Yeshua.  Yahweh of the Old Testament who was a basically an evil alien we can say, and people don’t ‘get it’ especially when I think of my evangelical friends. They are perplexed and puzzled. I do try not to  marginalise myself. The reason I stay with evangelical people is that they do believe in something and they are doing their best and  trying to be loving to all.  I don’t hold with them waving arms around and saying ‘please Jesus help me’. It makes me nauseous but it is their way.

Somebody who can be nice to me has got to get some sort of medal bearing in mind the things I say.

BJ I like spending time on my own. It is really good. If you believe in quantum entanglement then what’s the problem.  You don’t have to physically meet people to encounter them.  If I had to spend all my time with others I would go nuts and I can’t take.  It’s like as I was saying last time a pneumatic drill with most people and when I’m here at home I’m using my own parameters.  I’m obviously feeding of the internet for as long as we’re going to allow to be kept working. When I am  on my own I’m more integrated than I am when I am with people who are not on the wavelength. I feel more alone there than when I’m on my own. I like my environment here, two screens, Hi Fi sound etc.  Outside I do bread and butter type talk which I do for and with the local people. I am quite happy to do this. Actually it’s light relief but regarding out-of-the-box quality stuff I need it to keep myself sharp. The default consciousness mode is that of a zombie.

Food – I suspect there are trace elements in food because if I have certain types of bread I become bloated.

JB – I cannot have bread. In reviews years ago we found that there were reports that brown bread contains a lot of molybdenum so everyone who thinks they do doing the things with food in fact are doing the opposite

BJ well I want bread with graphene and then I could be eventually controlled,  I want to be a complete automaton.   I am deeply suspicious of so called normal people. I would rather someone is straight and unaffected.  I did a gardening job yesterday which failed because I didn’t have the right tools. The customer came along and said ‘I told you about the wrong tools, you should have listened to me. None of this ‘hello Brian how are you’ He just went straight on with it and I thought ‘he’s alright’  A problem with human nature is that people spend too much time predicating themselves on when they guess other people will think of them.

BJ – back to Yahweh vs Yeshua. Jesus is saying ‘look what you heard before was wrong this is what I really trying to say’ Just wonderful stuff. It stops (should stop) people  from groveling and saying  ‘Please God can I have this’ which is a waste of time and a complete misunderstanding.  Jesus said ‘greater things you can do than I’ because we already have it  and it’s just a question of using it. That’s the blessing that we’ve all got because we’re human beings –  well most of us are anyway. How are your growing point?

JB –  I mean referring to that one about Jesus himself. What annoys me is that people worship him and and consider him to be holy which is really revering something you perceive that you haven’t got when in fact Jesus spent his life telling people that they were like him and would do better than him but it’s more effective to consider holiness and things like this than to revere somebody in that way in a worshipful way.

BJ – I think is one of the biggest mistakes that human beings make is falling for the Catholic belief system  because he Jesus wasn’t and …..if you pay me you can confess to me and I will absolve you…. but that’s a good racket

JB – absolutely.  That’s also the Jewish way looking at it.

BJ – so if you consider the early church and what Jesus said, then take away Catholicism and politics and add the excised apocryphal books, Thomas etc.  you’re on to a winner.

JB – I think absolutely I think that’s true too. There are many like us that had different experiences in life and then they they went around talking  as you’re doing and I am doing . I actually put in a sensible view of Life forwards to other people. There is none of this magic in it,  it’s just a way things are it’s just the telling that you appreciate how it is.

BJ – We owe it to ourselves to be non-conformist.  Its an absolute duty and otherwise what are we doing. I heard of someone who had temporarily passed over and gave a testimony of near death experience. They said that the only thing that is noted in the spiritual world is the difference we make to other people. They are not concerned with material things.

I love having people to stay at our house. If  there are no interference patterns they fit in seamlessly and do not disturb.

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