Mobile phones – neutrinos and everything

by | Nov 1, 2022


BJ – these neutrinos are like a whole new world.
JB – I did tell you
BJ -I am addicted to it. It has exercised the minds of the greatest people including Einstein and you can’t see the dammed thing.
BJ I don’t understand how when they travel, they morph into something different, different flavors etc. It also asks the question ‘what is stability?’. It could be death, or a motion of creativity that you think is instability.
JB- that’s why you need a compass.
BJ – your compass idea is engraved on my forehead. I am actually telling people. They are actually benefitting. … I don’t get what neutrinos have to do with our lot.
JB *** phone. Its only being exposed to electromagnetic exposure and I can overcome it.  You can too.
BJ – my mobile phone is positively evil. I can only hold it for 15 seconds
JB – the phone is all right. Its an older phone. It has not got one of those heavy duty magnets in it.
BJ – I know that when the time comes they will broadcast a 5G signal and make you depressed. I am just waiting for that happy day.
JB you mean they are not doing it already?
BJ – they may be testing it … or they may be doing it. Funnily enough I went to a council meeting with 3 councilors. They had all been vaxxed and it was like talking to the dead.
JB – oh yea it will be.
BJ – and I gave them great news about what I had done and I was very proud of my productivity and I may as well have read the phone book.
JB -= people do not want to know. That was the purpose of the vaccine, to increase the tension on the DNA and to depress the psychology. The point is that no one has really clarified… you have studied psychology?
BJ – yes
JB – you get these genes – these different aspects of our psychology. No one ever describes how there is a connection. In fact, that connection turns out to be a field effect. The increased magnetic fields being generated by the DNA are what is causing more restriction in your mental ability.
BJ – my question is ‘what is not fields’ Everything is fields, isn’t it.
JB – Everything is fields except that which is not fields. And that which is not fields is that which we call consciousness and God.
BJ – are you saying that consciousness is not a field?
JB – correct. Well, it is in space time. That’s why it was separated into three functions:  God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  It was not just the Catholics. There were three phases of the expression of consciousness from a thing that is everything together, to that which is observing its opposite. The conclusion of that is the universe of which consciousness is the causative agent of the universe to be, and that’s really where individuality comes from because you start to get the separation of consciousness. That cannot happen in the other two stages.
BJ – in other words if you are bad buy and you study how the universe really works and they do the opposite so they will try and cancel out consciousness by electromagnetic fields.
JB – but EM fields cannot reach consciousness. You can only affect its state of expression, so in other words you can kill somebody and they still when dead have the same bandwidth as before you killed them.

BJ – so an unconscious person is more conscious than a conscious person.
JB – what we think of as consciousness is what the brain transmits, what the brain is linked up to be, but it’s a combination of other effects, so the consciousness, the bit that is fully aware when you die, is less aware because it is also receiving inputs from the senses.
BJ – so that’s why in NDE’s …. It’s part of my mental health is to watch such videos. What is the connection between neutrinos and what our lot are supposed to have learned over the years?
JB – Neutrinos are consciousness. So imagine, it is only in this universe that you can have a thing called a hierarchy. Imagine a hierarchy between two interfaces, for example between a floor and a ceiling. Imagine that beyond the ceiling is all that light you see in an NDE. All that togetherness and everything else. The ceiling itself is an interface because you cannot see past it until you are it.
BJ – When you are in love, and when you have a mystical experience, you get beyond it temporarily.
JB -Now, you can have the same but in the opposite direction. If you increase force beyond the limit of your floor which is the bottom end of the universe you hit a thing called the 4th dimension interface which is extreme force. This is where information in its principle lies. Everything is broken into fragments.
BJ – so the only point of information should be to escape from the need for it.
JB – the opposite of information is knowing. Information is what happened in the universe as a broken thing. It is already split into two, because it is either a zero or a 1 so therefore it cannot be completion itself so information is a derivative of thought. Thought can derive meaning, but information is sterile. It can only have value to those who can understand the thought itself, so it is a derivative of thought. Information cannot be processed by anything physical. We make it look like it does so we are all looking at screens and doing this sort of stuff and we think that this is the processing of information, but the computer has no idea of what information is. It is disapplying. It is only the consciousness that is looking at it that can understand it.
BJ – having said that, my computer went down last night and misbehaved. I decided to relax and send it love and it worked.
JB – I have seen it done
BJ – I bury myself in information but it does not necessary do me any good and then I go and do some gardening and I feel great.
JB – bear in mind that thought assembles information in such a way that you can reduce information and increase understanding with the compass pointing to the ceiling, then you are going Home.  That’s what the prophets have all said. I am saying in in this way because it is the modern age. We can understand more of the fundamental principles of which it is made.
BJ – exactly the same principles as is said in the psalms of the Old Testament. I reckon if you read the psalms and nothing else you would be all right.
JB – all of these things get reiterated and reiterated through history…
JB – the concept of a neutrino. Basically, the simplest structure you can have. The ceiling is the interface between a 3D structure which is a mobius toroid like a donut with a hole in it. The mobius is the universe. This why you can only see within the universe. You cannot see beyond it. This interface which we can describe in more detail if you want is 2-dimensional in its basic nature and so there is a structure of the universe in which one is interposed in the other so they are not in separate places. You don’t have to go to a place in space to see the second dimension. It is an implicit function of the structure of the universe itself. It is written down in Nigel’s books but basically if you look at an atom as a soap bubble with others and touching, it is flat in the middle. That is where the interface lies. Bear in mind that any interface has three faces to it. It has one side, the other side and the middle. Everything in the second dimension is together. There is no concept of separation. There is the beginnings of separation as you reach that interface from the second dimension. It is reflected by the simplest structure you can have in terms of enclosure in two dimensions. You cant have it in 2D but it is this side of the interface in a triangle.
BJ – this where I have my need for diagrams and when we sit down together, I envisage a lot of diagrams.
JB – so imagine that the ceiling is now a set of triangles because it represents a separation from the second dimension. This is the life that you speak of, in different relations.  There is no ability to separate one thing from another. There is all oneness. On this side there is all separation and therefore the interface is a suggestion of separation and this is why Jesus is reported to have said ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net’.
Now a triangle has three points, three sides, a fully enclosed triangle. A triangle, to a mind, can be represented by two lines because you always mentally fill in the third line. We can say that the two lines is a potential for the triangle.
BJ – so is that what we would call the ‘vision’? To see things as they really are?
JB – Yes, this is the beginnings of where you get the collapse of your quantum field into reality. It equates with that in a different line. …
In a different way to the analogy I am using, the quantum theory observation of Neils Bohr’s – the double slit – is part of what I am saying now. It is an off-shoot.

You move a triangle – you still have three points even when you have got two lines and so you are going to get different stages… when the triangle starts to leave that interface, it starts to become a mobius effect, it ????? a structure within a mobius strip that maps a three-phase effect of reality.

BJ – so is a Mobius strip under stress.
JB – yes there are points of stress. If you get a piece of paper and you tear a strip and then you reverse one and touch them together so it makes the mobius, if you put that flat on the desk then you will see that there are point where it is flatter in some places and bumpier in others. Those flat bits where the tension is relaxed is what you call a neutrino and so you are going to get stages between lightness and heaviness in every structure that has ever been created. So there will always be balance points of force. There has to be.

Since the Kingdom of Heaven or the universe’s interface is the Godverse or the light space, that interface is there between all atoms you could instead of saying InTrudeau’s move in other words the effect of the amount of force within those structures, instead of saying that these things move across the universe you could say like a wave in the sea. The sea itself is not moving. It is the propagation of force through the water

The water itself does not actually move except for up and down so you get tension waves.
BJ I understand that everyone is a microcosm of the universe so these waves and this tension needs to be dispersed in order that we go through the eye of a needle.
JB – yes, you basically have to get rid of the tension.
JB- so the neutrinos coming from the interface where the other side of which is only consciousness it is ..the neutrinos have to be therefore the expression of consciousness within a three dimensional universe. That is the fundamental structure of the way that consciousness comes through and therefore they are the lightest things in the universe. They hardly interact with matter because they are still in the space between atoms in the places that force cannot get to.
BJ – is it relevant that light travels more efficiently through ice….slowest is ordinary water, second is distilled water and the third by a long measure is ice.

JB – the speed of light in a theoretical vacuum is the slowest some thing can become without becoming matter itself. If it becomes slower than that, it becomes an electron, and gets captured by the magnetic potential of the atoms.
BJ – so its not only about being nice to people. You have got to understand it as well otherwise you will fall into a trap before you know it.
JB You can understand it from this perspective as well as the sociological perspective. Whichever way floats your boat. I like to understand it in this (my) way. You can operate yourself with a compass. The compass is a thing. It is an emotional drive. The way the compass is pointing, the ceiling, is what you believe in. There are very many ways of doing that, but in terms of the nitty gritty of structure, that is what this is all about. Neutrinos are the lightest things you can have in the universe. There are three of them and that is why they continually rotate in terms of the way you are observing them. It depends on the phase of how you are looking at that net.
BJ – Neutrinos – they either have mass or they don’t and some people say they don’t. And so when you go..;.

JB You have to bear in mind that the floor, you know your other interface. Is going to have its equivalent of a neutrino in terms wrapped in information. And so the anti neutrinos. It’s going to be polarised relative to the neutrino effect. And this is where you get and this is where you start to get the concept of the star of David.

Well, yeah, because it’s going to be polarized away from, you know, because we’re talking about the compass and polarization of thought and you’re going to get it in the you’re going to get it’s opposite. Everything has its opposite, everything is tautological.

BJ So once you get stuck in the Mobius Strip you are caught.

JB – basically no, you know, because you can find a way out of it. If you can say if your bandwidth of information like we have as human beings. But if we move down to an eight, you’re going to drop below the level at which an understanding is possible so you need to know where to point that compass to.

BJ – where you lose the motivation, I mean, the people in the counselling…

JB – and there’s all of the factors, psychological factors that are required to be able to see the ceiling. Yeah. So there you can’t I can’t see that they’re rats. That’s when you’re rats within it. And then you know, there are committed to go through  the whole scheme.

BJ So the experiences we had including looking into something has given us a breath of eternity, which is not an escape route, but a clue. Now it’s an impetus, not a clue. It’s an impetus, isn’t it?

JB  Well, it’s an escape route, too, because it’s a glimpse of the ceiling from the point of view of the ceiling. Which is a very, very rare thing to have. And it’s what the prophets acquired. It’s this ability to see things from that perspective rather than from the isolated human perspective.

BJ  I sent you an article this morning about the separateness of a new religion, the religion of separatism, which you probably haven’t had time to read, but is very good.

JB – I haven’t because I’ve been out and I was going to go to night and just to say hello, quickly, this is about back. Oh, right. Also ***** has tested positive for COVID, so really upset.

BJ – And I mean, do they still how can they believe any of these tests?

JB – I don’t know. I don’t ask anymore. No, I think I have explained it all. I do know a lot of the science of it. I know it sounds arrogant to say that. I mean, I spent 42 years studying T-cell biology.

BJ –  I despair, it’s a sort of elitism, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on. You know, I can’t get through to it.

JB – I’m sort of glad they did, because I’ve got a slight chest infection. I really don’t want to go and get a cold on top of that. I call it a cold. They call it COVID.

JB – Can I finish one point, though? Like I said, it was a hierarchy. So of course I saw neutrinos based on your soul colours. If you light as the neutrino moves away from the interface where there is no vibration. Towards vibration, you start to get an increase, a little rippling. And that rippling is really the addition of the magnetic potentials generated by the universe on, you know, to do with the mobius structure. So that accommodates more and more and more force. Then eventually it will accommodate that within a structure. And it changes really from a neutrino and will then start to become more like a photon. Wow. So light is generated. So from Enlight, which is what Nigel called it, you know, which is known non forced neutrino light, which is which is the expression of two dimensional light, you know, because the whole thing is coming  from an origin, you end up with electromagnetic light like a magnetic light. If you look at what Richard Feynman said and proved, he talked about quantum electrodynamics theory. What it meant was that photons can be absorbed by electrons, and electrons can emit  photons.

And in fact, that’s that’s the next interface, which is the wave particle juncture. So there’s another interface there.  I hope there’s making sense, but not as it were. So with the neutrino you have a continuum from the ceiling to the edge of the atom. When you get towards the edge of the atom in terms of a gradation of increasing force, when you get to the end, the edge of the atom, you start to make matter as you increase the force on the same thing which originated as consciousness.

BJ – So is that why meditation is important or can be?

JB – Yeah, can be. Depends on clarification of thought in a mind is removing the dualities. It’s making something and focuses like a laser beam.  And that’s why things like the concept of meditation are relevant. But if you do meditation, where you lose your will and insight, you know, you just sort of try and remove yourself from the argument. I mean, really, you are just asking for somebody else to come and control you. Well, that’s right.  I mean, you’ve got to do the process in a meaningful way, if you like.

BJ – that’s Just Stop oil. People are totally controlled. They’re like zombies.

JB – Do you remember a few weeks ago? Yes. No, We were all up this tower, so we’re on a bridge somewhere. And people came along because it was before pharma. And I think What kind of a long start? Fire and rocket them. Bloody brilliant

BJ – Give me a thought. Give me a picture for the day like the last one was Compass, which is engraved on my fore head.

Bj – We have been through the neutrino.  Everything that these that we call death. Everything we call death is between the atoms in the ceiling, between the photon and then the neutrino, if you want to look at it in physics terms as applies to all of the consciousness. So once you get past the photon and we take that take away the magnetic potential of the photon, you end up with more neutrino light, if you like.

BJ -And that’s where we want to be.

JB That’s where you want to be, because you can’t be touched by electromagnetism at that point, which means if you die and you have less of the electromagnetic component to your field effect your consciousness because it sort of attaches. If you have a bit less of that, then you are untouchable by any physical force and things like greys and DARPA and the American government and the UK government or whatever, they can’t get at you. There’s nothing in force that can reach into that space.

BJ – But I’d say as a bonus, we we might become invisible to them.

JB Yeah, completely.

BJ – You know, and that’s why I think some of my websites have not worked the way I thought they should do, because I’m protected. I think the good guys are trying to keep me invisible, you know?

JB – the take home message is look at the space between the atoms and using the terms that we’ve begun to define. And you’ll see how a gradation of effect happens between unforce, that which is not force and force itself, which is represented at the edge of atoms by photons, by light. And that’s why light has a speed, because it starts to encounter force and force slows it down. The neutrino light itself is instant. And therefore, your consciousness can be anywhere in the universe instantly because there’s only zero point.

BJ – Well, that’s how my that’s how my remote view stuff works because I just did a reading on Finland.

JB – if you understand it that way. That’s. That’s it. That’s how it works.

BJ – I’m in the stage and I’m so busy. And 6:00 comes and I think, What have I done? You know? But I know and stuff, you know, But basically, I’m the cork on the water that will not sink because I’m cork. It doesn’t matter how deep the water is. Right. And these sods that are running the show. Well, you know, whatever his name is, that the prime minister is working forthe  New World Order, obviously. And once the left lets the people (immigrants)  in, you know, so they flood the country, blah, blah, blah.

JB – I think he should take his own advice and go back where he came from. Yeah, that’s true.

JB – I hope you got something out of that, because it was not meant to be confusing and it is really a parallel of what can be understood in very many different ways. Yes, it’s all the same thing, but just describe from different perspectives

BJ –  I might surprise you by repeating back to what you’ve told me, and then you’ll know I understand it. That’s fair.

JB From that perspective, yes. So again, there’s also the perspective of understanding what belief is, what faith and trust and love and caring and all of those, if understood appropriately, will mirror this.

BJ – If I did not understand something, I would say it to your face.

JB -Then I’d try a different tack to put a point across.

BJ – Yeah. If you wake up at three in the morning imagining Hell, that’s me thinking about that.

JB – I mean, we’re talking about a vast subject area here now.

JB – **** and I talk a lot about all of this type of stuff, so. But again, I was going to go and see him this weekend, and the chest hasn’t been good, and I want to rest for a bit. So it’s getting better now because I told the doctor to give me some antibiotics and he did.

BJ – You mustn’t die on me.

JB- I won’t. I’m going to give it a go. No. I’m not to die.

JB – He was a good man.

BJ – I mean, Leslie Phillips, who was part of the Carry-on films, died at 98 years of age, which I think is fantastic.

JB – Yeah, And I know it was sad. It’s always sad, but he’s happy in another way.


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