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by | Dec 31, 2022

Ongoing intuitive support – ‘No appointment’ contracts available to suit


You could call the service ‘professional hand holding’

Apart from my ‘Samuel Pepys’ persona I function as a psychic, remote viewer, International Remote View Association (USA), Coaching (Coaching Academy UK) dowser and healer. Although in semi-retirement I will take on cases where a fresh point of view is required and where help has not been easy to obtain.

All my services are completely confidential and discreet.   I use remote viewing to ‘see’ people in your life without having to approach them in the normal manner. NB We all have this ability but I have developed it more than most. You could even ‘catch’ some abilities from the sessions!


The ‘psychic readings’ field is a world-wide one. Searching on Google will return 2.2 billion results. Where to start?  I am a niche market which may suit you so lets make a start.

How do you relate to the following?

# If you need to deal with the co*vid situation when your family or friends disagree about “whether to take the vax” or your employer requires you to be va**inated.
# If you are in a relationship which is not making progress we offer analysis, hints and tips as to how to improve it
# If someone in your life has passed, and you would like to make contact and find out how they are
# If you would like an energy “MOT” (English for having your car tested for road-worthiness)
#  If you are employing someone and your gut tells you that all is not well.

If you can relate to one of the above then I can help. How often do people wonder if  they are the only one.  This can cause needless feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Brian Snellgrove

My service is unusual in that I stay with you during your time of growth and transition. Main contact is via E-mail. You do not have to make an appointment. When you have a question you communicate with me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


This is an advanced and forensic service for those on the spiritual path. It is only available to those who had had a one-off  session to establish a working relationship and see if there is the necessary  chemistry which will ensure we get on well. The charge for this hour session is £80. We can use a combination of Zoom, telephone and E-mail. We do not need to meet. Its done by quantum entanglement


If we agree to work together you can write to me when you feel the need about any aspect of your condition. Before that…

# I will ask you to deposit a cash float in your account with us. This will be debited whenever you use the system. Use it regularly or when you feel a need. I recommend the latter.
# The minimum deposit is £240 at the rate of £80 per hour.
# A time record will be kept each time advice is given.  Charging is in 15 minute units.
# For business readings the terms and conditions are different.
# If you have solved your matters and the paid-for time has not been used up, you are entitled to a refund by the same manner in which you deposited the funds (Paypal or bank transfer). One year limit to this offer.


The first approach is best via email.  Just tell me about your situation and we will take it from there. You may prefer to telephone. Skype is possible but this should be arranged beforehand. You do not enter into an obligation through making the call. If you wish to phone then feel free. I am normally at my desk and non one else will answer the phone.

Telephone +44 1761 415473
E-mail  bsnellgrove @ fastmail . fm


This site is for entertainment only. We do not take responsibility or liability for any advice. Information is given in good faith, relying on the honesty of the client. The client retains responsibility for their actions arising from advice or intuitive impressions given. This service should not take the place of professional advice given by a qualified practitioner or expert in the field.

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