A walk on the wild side


I spent the morning making additions to my Corona website. What is truly shocking is the amount of wrong information the public are given. For example, the advice to stay indoors. This is the worst way of prolonging the effect of the virus. The best way is to be outside in the sun and the fresh air. The UK government have spent a lot of money trying to persuade us that going outside is that. Surely they have our best interests at heart? Had the government allowed the virus to run its course, like we do with the normal winter flu, it would have been well over by now and there would be no need for this ridiculous lockdown.

Anyway, this afternoon after lunch we went for a walk in a local quarry. There are lots of granite quarries in the area. The quarry we went to was closed in the early 1960s and nature has taken over. It is vast, but has a lovely walk by a stream with woodland that has not been touched for years if ever. The only intervention by humankind is to make sure that trees are not dangerous and fall on people and injure them. This is a picture essay of the day, we enjoyed nature at its best.

Shows the force of water when the river was in flood
this is where the trees have taken over, this was bare rock 40 years ago. the quarry is huge, it took us 30 min to walk from one end to the other
I think that must be mud in the stream
A very large tyre (US tire) going back to mother nature
Fields of young garlic. We shall come back in two weeks time and have a garlic feast, very good for making pesto
nature makes death beautiful
the sun sparkling on the water in this rippling part of the stream
We were trying to figure out what they were trying to do with this tree trunk, maybe trying to make a work of art out of it
The stream flows amidst the garlic
just a lovely picture with the light

Despair kept at bay



It is sometimes difficult to hold the human psychology together. We have clear evidence that the government is ignoring everything but their special scientific advisers. They are ignoring the advice of the medical profession who says that the coronavirus has been exaggerated and that herd immunity has already been obtained. Worse than that, they are implying that over 70s may be forced to have a vaccination and until they have a vaccination (if they can ever find the virus which has not yet been identified) they will not be allowed out on the street.

So, the government has betrayed us, they are not functioning, the government is controlled by probably Bill Gates and others behind-the-scenes. I cannot tell you how disillusioning this feels

This is a most dangerous and dark period of the United Kingdom and I doubt very much whether anything will return to normal at least not for months and the destruction of the economy will take years to recover if we ever do. Even with a strong spiritual attitude it is difficult to avoid being frustrated, embarrassed, angry, feeling impotent, wanting things to change and seeing why they should, not being able to go out without feeling guilty, all these things do conspire together.

Mercifully, I do have friends with whom I can talk on the phone. I would find it most difficult to exist without the phone or without the Internet come to that which so far, touch wood, is maintaining itself.

I wanted to send off a Mailchimp Newsletter to my people, about 500 of them, giving the latest news mainly about You tube deleting loads of videos that appear on my site. There is an automatic warning system triggered by certain words or configurations and I was not allowed to send the newsletter. You have to apply to the vetting people at Mailchimp and I am waiting to hear because as I’m a free member, it is first come first served.

Fortunately, I myself have not been banned, it was the newsletter itself, so I may delete my news piece and start again. I suppose worse things can happen. David Icke had his entire video library stripped out of you tube and then out of Vimeo.

A new word of the day – Gerontophobia


I love words, in case you hadn’t gathered.  It irritates me when I hear a word that I do not understand and I write it down and check it as soon as possible.

Gerontophobia. Gerontophobia is the fear of age-related self-degeneration (similar to Gerascophobia), or a hatred or fear of the elderly due to memento mori. The term comes from the Greek γέρων – gerōn, “old man” and φόβος – phobos, “fear“.  questioned – in the UK are we becoming more gerontophobic?   I can’t say I’ve noticed but maybe Young people have stereotypes of older people who live in houses, larger than they need, and live of their pensions when in fact they should vacate their large properties and make them available to those more in need.

It’s related word is Gerascophobia  which is a clinical phobia generally classified under specific phobias, fears of a single specific panic trigger. Gerascophobia may be based on anxieties of being left alone, without resources and incapable of caring for oneself due to age-caused weakness.

Yesterday I was introduced to the word ‘liminal‘ by the director of the Scientific and Medical Network.

This relates to a transitional or initial stage of a process, (equivalent to nascent hydrogen in chemistry?).  It can also mean occupying a position on both sides of a boundary or threshold.

Liminality In anthropology is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete. I think some of the youngsters today are in a perpetual liminal state. We suffer deeply in the UK because of lack of ‘rites of passage’ and as a result youngsters have to prove themselves by such bizarre activities as stabbing someone in order to get approval of a group.

We had plenty of words today, four hours to be precise,  at the second and final day of my Zoom conference. I’m getting to like Zoom more each time I use it. Again, there were 80 of us and we were listening to Dr. Larry Dossey discussing the nature of consciousness and the infinite mind. After his talk, I had a moment of inspiration. I went to my library of books and pulled out three of his.

Dr Larry Dossey

To my absolute amazement I discovered a note that I wrote to  Larry in 1998 telling him that I had bought his book in Singapore and was reading it to my wife on Christmas Day in Penang. I so much enjoyed telling him and everyone. With Zoom, if you want to talk, click little hand by your name on the list and that’s like putting your hand up.  They can also see in which order the hands were put up. I must say they’ve thought of everything.

A thoroughly transforming day. Eternity,  and unlimited consciousness is a state of mind which I will try to dwell in more often. Being co-existential with the universe is really cool and is the ultimate security.

Zoom in a conference call – early experience


This morning I signed in for the Scientific and Medical Network virtual conference, held because the venue had cancelled the annual conference due in May.   The conference director was situated in France, one of the speakers was situated in Scotland, and there were people from all over the world attending, I think about 90 in all.

It should be a rule that using such technology should always be tested say half an hour before the event to make quite sure that glitches have been discovered, and that there is enough technical knowledge available to run it. The main speaker should not have to do this because you can’t concentrate on two types of things at once. People make comments on the message pad and you may have to deal with that you can’t do that is same time speaking. I would definitely recommend the Zoom client because it is free of charge at least for small usage and it actually works. You have probably read about hackers but for small groups who is going to bother?

I like the fact that you can pass messages to an individual while the speakers speaking and also you can write to everybody for example to support something that speaker is saying. You can see all the other participants if they put their video on. Some people seem to forget that they could be seen as one woman had her head in her hands, and someone else bought a meal which they proceeded to eat in front of the camera and someone else appeared in their dressing gown which I didn’t think was very appropriate but they got the message.

We had two talks, one in the morning lasting two hours and one in the afternoon which was run from 4 PM to 6 PM. The first one was about the coronavirus and the opportunity to use it as a wake-up call for our true nature and the second one was about electromagnetic fields during which we learned who the real villains of the peace were of course the industry but they chose not to experiment with the safety of particularly 5G, while knowing that it was dangerous.

In their minds, the death or injury of a few million people is a price worth paying for the potential profits. One of the attendees was an astronomer worried that the 50,000 satellites around the Earth would interfere with investigations of space because they would be far brighter with reflected light then very distant objects. He said that they the astronomers were trying to come to an agreement, a compromise, but I can’t quite see what sort of compromise could be made. A satellite is either there or it is not.

My experience of attending the Zoom meeting was that it needs one or two sessions to get used to the idea especially communicating with other people while something else is going on. You need to be thoroughly alert to get the most out of the meeting. I have two screens and I use one for participating in the meeting and the other one for doing research. For example when someone mentions a website I go and look at the site in question and put the information on the group message pad just to make sure everyone gets it.

I also like the fact you don’t have to actually travel. It’s nice when you get there but sometimes the journey out and the journey back can be tedious so some of the benefits you get from the meeting are lost. Transport to the meeting and back plus the accommodation can be more expensive than the registration fee so it’s nice to save the money. I’m not that desperate to meet people in person though it is nice to have a change of scenery.

Also, instead of having to wait before you do further research on the topic you can do it immediately. A note about two screens. If your PC has two suitable plugs for the screen then you can have two screens. The software is already there. Once you have had the experience of two screens you will never go back to one screen.

Anyway, that’s enough for the day, the time is 7:30 PM, the light is fading and the birds are singing their hearts out.

How to avoid frightening yourself to death


This is a special edition of my diary. I have grabbed the HTML text from Mailchimp, as a result of writing to my mailing list of my 5G exposed site. . As I am a novice to HTML I did not know which of the hundreds of lines of text to remove so please excuse the gaps and the strange pagination.


PS I hope you will find this useful, it is intended for everybody.

watch how easily we can control them with fear – based propaganda.
bottom – I don’t know. I didn’t think there were any free – thinkers left

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Good morning Vietnam. Is this the greatest ‘good morning’ call ever, enshrined so beautifully by Robin Williams.
I also like the rant in the film ‘Network’ with Peter Finch ‘You got to get mad’

Good morning everybody,

The best time of day is when I’m waking up, enjoying the rest that I obtained during the night and the odd dream or so …… and then the cloud descends. I realise that for many of my fellow human beings are in a mental prison of fear and that to them it is real. It is so real that if you opened the door of their prison cell they would be afraid to go out.

I am maintaining the 5G aspect of the site but there’s not much to report apart from the fact that clandestinely, installation of 5G hardware goes on and also that projects have temporarily been set back. Ian Crane (AV) is recovering from his cancer operations but is in a lot of pain and asks people not to call him on his mobile number. UKColumn for the latest updates given thrice weekly..

Here in England we have to put up with 24/7 ‘fear porn’ coverage by our British Broadcasting Corporation which a few decades ago was independent and objective. Now this once respected organisation is little more than a public relations company for the corporates and the globalists.

I am not buying into this stay at home nonsense (Ref: Sweden) which is the greatest contributor to depression and discouragement of healing that you could devise. Isn’t it funny that they ban going outdoors and communing with nature? I go to my allotment as often as possible and feel so good and grounded.

I see people wearing masks – as if that will do anything. I find it difficult to avoid breaking out in laughter. The particles are 95 nm which will get through pretty much everything including the material itself but of course the area around.
Have they never heard of the “immune system” which continually fights off the effects of thousands of viruses as part of its daily job, but that’s another story.

Is there a recipe for maintaining your spirit? Without a spirit, we can’t fight anything including 5G.

At the risk of repeating the blindingly obvious:

# Keep in contact with your friends.  I suggest they will appreciate a telephone call more than a text message or e-mail. Hearing the sound of the human voice is so much more personal and empowering and it stimulates your friends to respond and jump out of their self-imposed isolation.

#  Keep yourself informed. If you believe for one second that our governments (strangely all of them are working together) care about us then you need to rethink.  This is part of the preplanned operation, thank you Bill Gates, to create the conditions in which everyone is frightened into accepting a compulsory vaccination which will probably contain an RFID chip. No chip – no travel, no shopping, no banking. NB  I have spent a lot of time compiling the most useful articles on my corona aspect page including by doctors and scientists. You will be released from fear, or some of it, when you see these people courageously standing up.

# maybe be very brave and actually speak to people and seek their views. Beware disturbing family members because you may need them

#   For this to happen, people require our compliance. Please note, I do not use the word ‘co-operation’ because that means working with. Silence is compliance. That’s what they (drug companies etc) are hoping for.

#  Switch off the news. 90% if not more it is either lies or based on lies. I have not listened or watched BBC news for a couple of weeks now and I feel far better for it. Reading the papers is bad enough, Our Guardian paper in the UK might as well be shills for the corporates.

#  Listen to good music, remember classical music? Why not get out some of those CDs and let the beautiful inspired sounds float around your apartment or your home.

#  Do you have a garden – or yard and you would say in USA. Why not have a walk round, introduce yourself to the plants or perhaps the other way round. Listen to the birds if there are any. You could even go for a walk unless you are from one of those countries where draconian rules have been installed, for example France.

#  Take advantage of any extra time you have by reading those books that you have been dying to get into but haven’t had the time

#  use the opportunity to clear out your apartment of unwanted items. Hoarding is a bigger problem than many might imagine because maybe an item is linked to a memory or situation that is in the past and should be let go of.

#  Some of you who believe in meditation might like to take up the practice again. It doesn’t have to be long and pretentious, it could be as someone suggested 3 x 10 min sessions per day… and something is better than nothing.


#  Make it a rule to encourage at least one person a day. Everyone needs cheering up and this is the biggest assault or psychological operation that I can recall certainly in my lifetime. Possibly the “weapons of mass destruction” would come a close second but no on second thoughts this is more widespread and insidious. ( lovely word that – it means “proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects” – Ed.)

#   finally, if there is a finally, remember that nature is the best healer and will be around long after we have destroyed ourselves as human beings with our idiot behaviour. I’m a great fan of ‘grounding’ which means you stand in bare feet outside and adjust your body resonances to those of the Earth.

If you become fearful then that shows that the people who want to control you have won.  Surely we have more dignity than allowing ourselves to be treated like sheep. It’s up to us really.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t mind receiving telephone calls or maybe even better use Skype. bsnellgrove is my username. I have functioned as a counsellor for many decades now so it is no bother or intrusion to me as I know how horrible it is to be on your own without anyone on the same wavelength.

Lots of love

Brian Snellgrove
Editor and diarist
17th April 2020 …. or is it 1984

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A garden job that never was – an old friend


I very seldom visit Telegram, mostly using Facebook, Youtube, twitter, but I did so today because a friend of mine had sent me something he wanted me to read. I do not normally use Telegram. I never actually got to it but something popped up on the screen, a lady from Finland whom I last met in 2008 when I was in Finland working doing readings and so on. She was calling me from a retreat in the mountains with her two children, escaping from just the same senseless lockdown as we are seeing.  She was very glad to make contact with me and we just carried on talking as if it we had last met 10 minutes ago. This is the best proof of a soul match as I know. I offered her a brief psychic reading just to check one of two things, and she accepted the offer. Amazingly, her husband is half English and French his parents come from Somerset where I happen to live.

Prior to that, this morning, we went along to the lady that we’ve been looking after for the past couple of years. It is rather a strange job, taking weeds off a bare plot going back every so often and taking another crop of weeds off-again. We turned up today to find that the garden was in a good state and that at the other end, there was evidence of cultivation. It turned out that her neighbour had offered to grow some vegetables. She herself, being a lady of about 90, had been encouraged to potter around and do some weeding herself. It seemed to us that the offer of a neighbour had encouraged to do her work in the garden and for the first time ever we left a job without having lifted up a spade. We could have done with the money but we were quite happy to leave because quite frankly the job is boring and the garden was going in the right direction itself so we could say job done.

It seems more and more obvious that the powers that be ongoing for compulsory vaccination and I got a bit depressed about this is acquittals junk in it, but after talking with my friend from Finland I felt better, hearing that everyone was in the same boat.

A period of relaxation doing a garden whilst horror goes on


It was a great shock to me that the government of the United Kingdom are participating in the plan to vaccinate us all and take away our freedom. There is a news program called UKcolumn which is the only unbiased real news program I know of any Three Times a Week at One O’clock on Monday Wednesday and Friday.  If you really want to be depressed then click here. all I can say is that it’s better you know now than later.

We managed to do a garden job today. It consists of a small council owned property. The job looks simple enough but it is quite difficult to get right. I have to climb quite a high and slippery bank to stream the grass at the top. Whilst doing the job I noticed that the garden next door had an untidy lawned area so I knocked on the front door and offered to do the job for the lady. She was grateful and offered me a cup of tea. She then asked me if on a future visit I would take some junk out of the garden shed to the recycling when it reopens and asked me how much it would be.

it was more a collection of dandelions than a lawn but at least it looks tidier now. Her only comfort is her cat and as she is not well she just stays watching television for most of the time.

I said offhandedly £20 and then she said to me “I don’t know where I’m going to find money like that”. I then realised that she was genuinely poor, that after paying her bills she had nothing left and that the £20 was probably what she had for food. We are coming to times when money won’t mean anything and I believe that many people will be startled by this but it was quite a shock, and a salutary lesson for me, how many people are living on the poverty line.

Anyway, it’s 9:35 PM and I’ve been sitting in front of this computer for far too long a time so now I’m going to switch it off and maybe do some reading.

A breath of fresh air during the fading lockdown


We decided to take a 10 mile trip to experience some fresh air in the deep country knowing that we might see a police officer on the way who might ask us what we are doing. However, the police you see on TV are on the main roads and motorways and there simply aren’t the officers available to patrol the country lanes. I believe that some are in self isolation so the chance of getting caught for anything is virtually zero.

I cannot tell you what a bliss it was to stroll along a quiet country lane, listen to the birds, and feeling the energies of mother nature coursing through my body. I enclose some photographs so please tune in and enjoy some of the feelings we experienced.

Can anyone identify what this was

There is something very strange about this corona lark. The very thing that could do us most good and make us strong, namely fresh air and sunlight, they are forbidding us from doing or making it very difficult. The virus has come and gone and the public are being fooled by lies and bad science. I’ve determined that as of today I will go for a walk every day. I really believe that the time is drawing near when the government will stop wrecking the country by freezing all economic activity and get people back to work.

Where did the day go


I get so frustrated sometimes looking at the clock, seeing that it is 5:30 in the evening and wondering whether time went so I’m going to use this bank holiday as a model for writing down exactly what I do. I’m basically a 24/7 person and do not like doing nothing. The closest I could doing nothing is when I have a bonfire or do gardening work where I can relax. Gardening is my great therapy.

So, this morning I answered routine correspondence, checked my page viewing statistics for my 5G / Corona site. I had 853 page reads and the time is 11:23 AM so as it speeds up as the day goes on it’s probably going to hit the 2000 mark. This is very low for a site that has been going on for so long but I trust that a higher proportion of people will stay with me and be meaningful viewers. For example, today, I’ve had 69 repeat visitors which is about 20% of the unique visitors so that’s not bad.

I’ve decided to spend some time learning how to use Zoom who have seen a tenfold increase since the lockdown. It seems to be the video communication mode of choice leaving Skype far behind. It seems that Skype don’t bother to develop themselves and have grown lazy and have been overaken. Serves them right.

I watched a couple of videos this morning, one was by Eckhart Tolle called “confidence and the source of true satisfaction” when he says you have to get away from the mind that works on an already existing habits where there is a limited permutation and combination as opposed to the preformatted mind, the universal mind, where the possibilities are unlimited.

I also watched a video of very expensive properties in Los Angeles. There was a 12 1/2 million dollar home that overlooked the entire downtown area of that city which had unrivaled views, six bedrooms, absolutely huge living rooms, kitchens that are as big as most people’s apartments, but I feel that this is designed for show rather than comfort. Even if you have a number of people living in a large family, you could easily get lost in the house and I think it would cause more problems than it creates except if you have that happy combination of an extrovert nature, and unlimited appetite for guests and unlimited resources.

I continue to search for someone to get me the assistance I need on Facebook. I use People Per Hour and in spite of saying that I want someone from the UK I keep on getting people from India or Pakistan. Frankly I think they reply to any advert, telling me how wonderful they are, but seldom read what is actually required so I almost have to have a standard format letter telling them to please read the brief.  I almost think it’s better to do the learning myself and look at the numerous videos that are available from the ever willing public who are happy to share what knowledge they have.

Today, the wind blows sharply from the east and the temperatures are at least 10° lower than yesterday. I have a particularly boring though well-paid weeding job that I’m going to do on Thursday and am developing a new method of dealing with it. The lady who wants the job requires the earth (or ‘dirt’ in USA speak) to be left as it is – in other words uncultivated.  I’m thinking of using a scarifier, normally used to remove moss from grass, and remove the small weeds make it look nice. I spent some time cleaning it up and making sure it worked plus putting out some tools to change the blade if I needed to.

I have finally managed to sign up for Bitchute which is a file storage service as an alternative to Youtube. As I have said before, Youtube think nothing of taking off videos with which they disagree and my subjects are let us face it controversial. By ‘controversial’ I mean it will stir people up to think. So I now have a lot of storage capacity to put the videos which I think will be deleted from Youtube. I had previously tried to sign up but no matter how hard I tried it ignored my clicking on the red box at the end of the process. I now discover that this was due to sloppy software behind-the-scenes. I was in fact already a member, I signed up a number of years ago, and they should have been a flag to say that they already had a record of my name so I have to go on and on until I got the answer myself. If anyone else finds this problem just click on the e-mail you think you used and then click “forgotten password”.

I’m writing to a few local doctors telling them what I think about the nonsense of the coronavirus now it’s being used to help Bill Gates vaccinate everybody on the planet. He seems to think that this is his divine mission, but I’ve got news for him, a lot of people disagree. The problem with writing to doctors is that they are so overwhelmed with paperwork that I got to spend as much energy trying to attract their attention and giving them a reason to read something that to the actual content itself.

I get the impression that the lockdown situation UK is being more and more ignored. I had an e-mail from someone in West London who said that people were walking around as normal and the police were trying to threaten people with £60 fines but no one was taking them seriously. She also sent me a link to a long film about how the CIA controls Hollywood, the extent of paedophilia in the USA, mental programming through Hollywood and films, quite heady stuff but I enjoyed it more than I should. It is called Out of Shadows.

My goodness the temperature is going down to 1°C, at least it well at 5 AM tomorrow Tuesday so still a bit early to put out sensitive plants. Well, its 7:36 PM and I am going to switch off my computer temporarily now.  I will just have a little peek later on but that’s basically it for the day.

Not the happiest day of my life


It is with a heavy heart that I realise this whole corona thing is a fake largely orchestrated by Bill Gates, as I have said before, to realise his dream of having everyone controlled and vaccinated. We are seeing the coming of a police state populated by people who are so frightened by something that is unseen and could kill you. It is the ideal Psy-op. people who question this reality are ridiculed so I must expect to join that happy band of the accused.

Today we heard that Ian R Crane who ran the Alternative View conferences each year for the last 10 years is close to death with cancer and flesh eating necrosis.  He kept it to himself for these last months but finally had to go into hospital when it was discovered that the cancer was racing round his system. As I write, he is being operated on. The surgeon gave him only a slight chance of survival, well at least he was being honest. I wrote off to my 5G mailing list so hopefully there can be some more prayer power. If however his time has come, we can send him on his way with thanks.

Today was a lovely day, the temperature in the garden went up to28°C. The garden is looking lovely at the moment, I feel so bad when I read about people being turned back when they are driving to see their relatives or because of a complete con, the overall death figures are the same this year as they were last year but people don’t see it, maybe they don’t want to see it.

Anyway, that’s my lot for today. I have just watched a lovely service from Kings College Cambridge so at least there is some order in the world. With Boris Johnson our Prime Minister still recovering the remaining high ranking members of Parliament are arguing with each other so we may well get an extension of the lockdown – lock-up – locked in-  locked out whatever. I cannot believe it will go on beyond the end of this month of April. The country will take years to recover, and it will never be the same again. Goodness knows how long Spain and Italy will take to recover.

Dawn Chorus – Hot Cross buns


This morning I rose early, around 5:30 AM, to one of the most spectacular dawn choruses I’ve heard for some time. A multitude of birds, a wonderful orchestra which set me off for the day.  After making an excellent coffee which I sweeten with coconut oil not sugar, which I now find makes me sick followed by a quick glance at the paper and onto my computer. I have been given the name of a great site which reports on the actual news without bias. This reinforces my feeling that to watch the mainstream media, particularly the BBC, is carcinogenic to the soul.

Anyway, in the Christian calendar this is an important date, Good Friday, when we remember the death of Jesus on the cross. To commemorate this,  my wife made some excellent cross buns. They are so unlike the examples you buy in the bakery shop. There is so little to then that they bounce. These are the real thing, a cross between a cake and a loaf of bread and one half of them is enough to keep you going with a nice cuppa tea, provided there is a good dollop of jam on top.

Today, I spent most of the time searching of material for my Corona site which is consuming me at the moment, in the nicest possible way I should say. I was comforted to see that Christopher Hitchens was a well-known journalist found that even he was insulted and ridiculed for bringing up the question about whether it was wise for this country to go on a lockdown. He does not see any hope for the future because we do not have people of sufficient calibre in the government with the experience and knowledge to know what to do.


This was the text of a news letter I sent to the people who had expressed a positive interest in my excursion into the world of viruses.

Dear friends,
I am mailing you because you communicated with me in a positive way, all 56 of you, about my previous communications. If you do not wish to be included in future mailings just let me know.
I awoke early today Good Friday at 5:30 AM.  I listened to the most glorious dawn chorus I have heard for some time. There were pigeons (much as I dislike them), seagulls, cuckoos and so many other types of bird making a wonderful symphony orchestra and this started the day off in the right way.
I sometimes wonder where I get the energy from to keep going in these dystopian days but I have learned that if I focus on the needs and the value of other people, energy is automatically supplied and I never run out of it. This morning already (9.30am) I have entered 10 new links to today’s latest news of the virus plus comments about it. I’m in the privileged position of getting a good overview of what is going on – and just as important what is not going being said – so here we go:
There are two parallel tracks of information in this world. The first one is run by those 1%  behind the scenes who think they control the planet, or a least have right to control the planet and the second track consists of the information that the mainstream media feels we can be told. The second track also consists of those fighting for the cause of truth such as ourselves. It is the desire of the controllers that the two tracks do not meet. David Icke has had recent experience of what people do to his material and attack him when the boundaries are challenged.
Unless you understand the back story to this whole corona business, you won’t understand anything at all. The whole thing is based on making the population as fearful as possible so they almost beg to be released from their torment by wonderful vaccinations and later on by micro-chipping, a cashless cconomy, not to mention central control and the abolition of borders.
>politically correct people close your eyes now< I also find it helps to have a faith and my particular version is Christianity which I find the ultimate ‘software manual’ for human behavior and a comfort in times of stress. I find myself looking forward to each day wondering what I can do for the greater good. You cannot fake this sort of thing. If you try and take refuge in the left brain, that has nothing to offer you except “300 ways that I have been hurt and misunderstood” plus imaginary threats and scenarios in the future. The left brain has no visionary status unlike the neocortex that loves having visions for breakfast, lunch and tea. Calcified pineal glands are not your friend but that’s another story. >danger zone over<
Back to topic: It is amazing how all the world’s governments agreed on for example a distance of 2 m between people. what happens if there is even a breath of wind. The material could get carried 10 m. This is in a world where countries seldom agree about anything but magically, 2m is the gold standard. Of course it has nothing to do with having a dress rehearsal meeting a few weeks before the virus broke out (201) overseen by the beneficent Bill Gates with no vested interests
Is there any logical or scientific experimentation behind the 2 m rule, and why was it called social distancing not physical distancing. Is this an indication that these pesky human beings are being too human for their own good? I mean, we can’t have people having feelings for each other, expressing emotion, because in the forthcoming world of artificial intelligence these features will have no place.
You don’t have to listen to UKcolumn with their thrice weekly broadcasts to know that statistics can be fiddled and that is the main problem, the main problem that we are aware of anyway. I feel that countries exert some pressure on other countries. Very biased scientists such as Niall Ferguson of Imperial College (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation) make the most wild prophecies of deaths based on faulty computer models and then revise them down and down when the absurdity becomes more and more obvious.
Apart from this chicanery there is a certain political aspect to the figures in that authorities have been told to ascribe a death to a virus even if only it’s component parts are present. “Oh well let’s put it down to Corona” is the approach that many people are taking.  I refer you a video on my website, Dr Andrew Kaufman, M.D., who systematically dismantles the whole identity thing and even questions whether we are looking at a genuine virus or whether it is just an inference that in the presence of certain markers the virus exists. Clue : exosomes.
I am fascinated how David Icke’s down-to-earth talk with LondonReal had such a huge effect which is a great compliment to him and his courage (so what’s new). It has been copied and shared about 4 million times. Youtube is quickly losing its reputation; other platforms are being sought as a plan B if and when You tube follows ‘their community guidelines’ and removes material offensive to the NEW WORLD ORDER and of course to the BBC with their wonderfully balanced 20 4/7 fear mongering.
Funny, we never hear  on the BBC from the doctors who think we are exaggerating the whole situation nor do we hear from nutritionists about the value of vitamin C and other substances. The pharmaceutical industry need people whose immune systems are compromised in order to profit and that’s why they are banning natural medicine simply to maximise profits.
Yes, I know you know that already, but it does well to say it again.
The lock down is probably the worst model for preventing a work-through of the virus which many say is akin to the common cold and as we were reminded by the UK government itself late on in March, the alarm has been reduced to a normal level. It is a comment on the corruption of the press that this was not mentioned but then again if you want to sell newspapers then fear sells. boom boom. Their advertising revenue is down 80% so who cn blame them.
I do not think the lock down will last beyond the end of this month, and that’s just my opinion, because when firms have paid out the monthly salary cheques there will be very little left in the kitty so the pressure on the government will increase.  Also, bankruptcies will increase enormously and we will be left without any high street activity if we are not careful.
As for people being afraid, I find the fear is much less among people under 30 including belief in the need for a lock down but when you get to the over 60s they are in the mindset of believing everything they hear including the doctor including the BBC and these are the most difficult for me to talk to. I function as a gardener to learn my daily bread (free therapy for me working in nature) and most of the older people are too traumatised even to talk about it never mind mentioning the immune system, fake figures etc.
Outside Tescos, Midsomer Norton at 11am yesterday queuing obediently. amazing what a yellow hi viz jacket does.  Thursday 9th April
You could almost see them switch off so I have found that the best approach with them is to play the game, ‘be afraid’, assure them that they won’t die and even this is difficult and just get on with the job. Some people queueing outside supermarkets, it is said that we invented the queue so we mustn’t complain if we have to being one. The staff are interpreting what they are told from head office so ranting at them even politely is a waste of time. They probably hate what they have to do as much as we hate it
So, it’s a waiting game. I go out and about as I please and if anyone asks me I tell them it’s a recreational walk, my exercise for the day, on the way to do shopping, but the funny thing is there are no police around here and they are probably too worried about themselves to be too aggressive in case they have to touch the people they have to arrest.
Talk about smoke and mirrors, but at the end of the day, the more you know the less afraid you are. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I’m not afraid at all and in fact as I said above I look forward to each and every day, especially as I can see the clear blue sky out of my office window. Please visit my corona section. You will read material there that you will not find elsewhere due to Google’s algorithms which are becoming more corrupt by the week.
So one more time, knowledge brings freedom (from fear) or as someone said ‘perfect love casts out fear.
Those who do not have the knowledge will eventually be happily lining up for the compulsory vaccination jab which will be happening for example in Denmark and probably America and later in the UK and also when the time comes happily receiving a microchip because they are told that ‘it is for their own good’.
What could be more transparent than that.
Lots of love … and hugs (later)



The sheep get more sheepish


Outside Tesco’s this morning. The queue to get in bends in and out on itself. I reckon it’s good to take about 50  min to get in the store. The bigger the store, the longer the queue. I’m getting to like corner shops these days.

I decided to do a dowsing to see what proportion of people by age group felt that a lockdown was necessary and I got the following;

age group 18 to 30 – 7%
age group 31 to 60 – 22%
over 60 – 70%

If the weekend remains sunny I would guess there will be quite a rebellion from people who just had enough and go outside anyway. They have closed Brockwell Park in south London. Very unwise. The one place that people can relax outside. I know that recent death figures have been fiddled to make them seem worse than they are and this combined with false positives in testing, and false attributing to Corona when it could be something else, the whole thing is developing into a farce. In my whole life I can’t recall anything that has been so designed to destroy a country.

If you want the latest, do visit my website which is a good resource for information. https://www.5gexposed.com/the-corona-virus/

A beautiful evening,full of sun and warmth. Francoise has cleaned the windows, reorganise the garden and take on some of the cobwebs out of the conservatory. I went for a drive around to collect some eggs.

A positive attitude to cancer


It is not often that I reproduce someone else’s material (with permission)  but I’m so moved by this letter from a long-standing colleague of mine, David Dees, but I do so  in the interest of helping us all myself included to get a better attitude when we are struck down with some disease. Who knows, it could happen to anyone. NB I’m not endorsing radiation or any particular treatment, I’m just observing the spirit of my friend as he responds as best he can to unexpected circumstances and developments.


Yep, still alive, that is the update.

Springtime exploding in southern Oregon today, beautiful blue skies, the colors of blooming fruit trees, feeling optimistic, invigorated, and focused in the battle of my life after being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer in my liver, lungs, spleen, and inside the spine vertebrae.

Now, a month after release from hospital tests, MRIs, cat scans, and exams by cancer oncologists, I have had to make a nerve rattling mind numbing decision about doing the unthinkable, taking radiation treatment. The pain from the spine lesions is paralyzing my leg. Just a minor problem, now i can’t really walk without severe pain and a crutch.

While my alternative choices of treatment are working nicely, with evidence being the lesions are shrinking the last weeks, this week the underarm lump that was dwindling made a big come back and increased in size, as did an under skin nodule doubled in size and inflammation. Could just be a healing reaction.

But my main concern now is the spine.

Radiation doctor is saying to target them with low doses of radioactive blasts ten times in ten days and see how much the frisky tumor buggers enjoy that bath of poison?

Cut to the chase.

Today went in for the second treatment. As i can barely can drag around my painfully stiff numb right leg, i got a medical ride to the hospital and was met at the entrance with a wheelchair and a super sweet staff of nurses and specialists to usher me up to the room James Bond weaponry would have nodded approval at.

This contraption, the radiation machine does all the work, you lay on a slab while it revolves around shooting invisible particle beams of electra pro sub photon radiation particles, or whatever. I was wheeled in, carefully arranged on the slab and in minutes i was all alone in the room with this machine revolving around me flashing, twisting through the programs, delivering invisible radiation daggers, as red laser lights seemed to stare at me from different angles, reminds me of Hal in 2001 space odyssey movie, Then I flashed the thought of the book cover of Ty Bollinger’s huge best seller – Cancer – Think outside the Box. , which I designed the cover art showing the radiation machine baking the victimized patient with graphic yellow green beams of radioactivity.

And here i am in the same scary depiction.

The first day i had no side effects, but as the therapy builds, today i had a pretty hard fatigue and some nausea. But, i am so hoping this relief of pressure on the spine will give me my mobility back, take this ‘one step at a time’.

Here is the regimen

1. Deep breathing – Wim Hof Method – 200 deep breaths
2. Cold showers – Gradual hot to cold
3. Rife Frequency – GB4000 generator + amp
4. Essiac tea
5. Cannabis oil
6. Ozone treated water
7. Hydrogen peroxide
8. Iodine
9. Turkey Tail mushroom extract
10. Allicin-C
11. Carnivora
12. B-17
13. Vitamin C
14. Fenbendazole (dog dewormer)
15. Micro Algae
16. Curcumin Tumeric
17. Baking Soda and Lemon
18. Paw Paw
19. Colostrum
20. Diatomaceous Earth
21. Black seed oil
22. Apricot seeds

I have just heard that Ian Crane who runs the Alternative View conferences annually in the UK is suffering from severe cancer. This is all the worse because his daughter, who lives in Greece, will be unable to be by his side unless by some magic she has found a flight.

14th day of lockdown – maintaining the fear


I have to say that for me the soft lockdown doesn’t really make much difference, I go out and about in the car and on foot.  I don’t have to make sure that I’m out of the way of people because as soon as people in the street see someone coming towards then they move aside.  Talk about controlled by fear.  My days are busy with my own research, sitting in the garden in the sun, eating, watching TV, and enjoying the luxury of a warm bed. Ah the simple pleasures of life. I LOVE having an empty diary.

I see pictures in the papers  of people enjoying themselves sunbathing in parks and police vainly trying to persuade them to go home or isolate.  If this lockdown goes on much longer I can see people rebelling in large numbers especially the young.  I do agree that it doesn’t make sense to visit older people  in residential homes, because they are more susceptible to opportunistic viruses or whatever it is so they have to be alone.

I do have every concern for people who are running out of money or more likely going into overdraft, especially if they have partners and children to support but I am more concerned for the country in general.  How long will it take to recover.  I reckon one week of downtime will result in one month of recovery time so if we are down for six weeks I reckon it will take six months.  But it will be worse with a garden centres who may not recover for the whole year due to the seasonal nature of their stock..

We are being told not to use cash because it could carry germs.  This is a prelude to a cashless society which will enable control over our affairs in other words if we are not compliant, or if we have criminal records, our credit cards will be of no use.  This is called a totalitarian society.

Today is my fifth day without listen or watching ‘News’. From the BBC we can obtain an unending stream of fear porn and it makes me physically sick to listen to the nonsense, people behaving like sheep, ridiculous statistics and forecasts.  I don’t feel I have missed anything because I can get what I need from the newspaper.

Useless fact of the day – I read that butterflies are the only creature not susceptible to electromagnetic waves.  Not quite sure if that will ever be useful to me but it’s quite nice to know.  David Icke is telling us that hospitals have the instruction to write the cause of any disease which is un identifiable and which leads to death as the coronavirus.  This is because the real numbers of people who are dying are not sufficient to keep the public in a state of fear.  Older patients are also being encouraged, irrespective of the reason they are in hospital, to sign a DNR do not resuscitate note.  What wonderful times we live in or to use that euphemism what ‘interesting times’ we are living in.  The main thing is to live in faith.

I have come across more than once a rather grim website which tells of plans to cull the population of the world by 2025.  This Corona business is just a foretaste of what the people who run the world can do. I dont want to make anyone unhappy at this time so if you feel strong do have a look at it. Deagel.com .  Check your own country to see the prophecy for it. What have our wonderful masters got in mind for us?

The wording of the Georgia Guidestones, above is as follows:
(read between the lines, folks)

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

Back to nature – agreeing to differ


What a lovely morning it is so later on off to do some mowing for a lady in Peasedown. I had two conversations today on business matters which were productive.  I say that because many conversations at the appearance of communication without actually communicating.  With both of them, I hope grounds of mutual respect as a starting point the conversation was with someone who is the Christian leader of our men’s group in Frome. We discussed whether it was appropriate for me to do an unasked-for mail out to the men’s groups on the topic of the corona virus.

I had originally done so because I felt there was so little discussion among men someone had to start the ball rolling.  People tend to go within themselves and this is not healthy especially during times of artificially created fear and havoc like we are living through at the moment.  We discussed the pros and cons and were able to draw conclusions without raising our voices and by thinking with the neocortex rather than the reptilian brain.

The other conversation was with my service provider who advised me that my bandwidth was way way above the amount that I’ve been paying for and we needed to do something.  He and  I go back about 15 years so we know each other very well and we were able to establish the principles namely that the host should not have to pay for my expenses or subsidise them so we agreed to meet shortly and discuss a way forward.

For the first time this year, we were able to hang out washing.  I know that’s not the most exciting bit of news in the universe at the moment but hanging out, combined with the lovely sunny sky and warming winds, announce the arrival of spring like nothing else.  We are creatures of nature and do respond in the way that hibernating animals respond when the sun warms up. I took part of today off though I never take a day off really.  Once I’m awake, I am at work.

Off to do my mowing job. I went to a part of town where there are mostly council houses so I knew I would probably not be able to charge more than a nominal amount of money.  I said 40 pounds.  She hesitated about this and said that the gardener who retired last year charged 20 pounds so I settled for 25 pounds.  I regard garden work at this level as social work.  She was very pleased to see me though I had to get used to the usual comment  “I mustn’t get too near to you!” I tend to forget this advice for reasons given before (please see previous editions) but by now people who soak up the relentless BBC News are completely programmed and fearful and I don’t know how this will go into reverse even when the so-called lockdown is repealed.

A virtual church service


For me, Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without some type of religious worship and I won’t let the fear mongers beat me. The Church of England has been enterprising enough to produce a church online website where we can join them for weekly virtual services, screened each Sunday with streaming at other times.

It’s easy enough to operate, a few clicks and you are there. I visited All Souls Langham Place to find a children’s service, apparently, going on but I ended up at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Doulting which is near Shepton Mallet. The preacher sat at his desk and exhorted us to have faith and a positive attitude.  A lady sang hymns accompanied in various locations  by someone playing the violin and also a pianist.  It was comforting.

Clive de Carle who sells high-quality vitamins has been told that from tomorrow, the UK government will not allow him to promote or sell items of this nature.  It’s amazing how they are bringing legislation in quietly while everyone is at home.  Anyone who thinks all this is just coincidence really needs to start thinking.

Strange, they allow us to keep off-licences opening yet close garden centres, the very thing people need to do for health is to be in contact with nature.  Garden centres are normally bigger than establishments for selling food so if you still believe that you need to stay 2 m apart from somebody, that would be even less of a problem.  I think all logic has gone out of the window, in fact I know it has.

Jim Corbett of the Corbett Report thinks that this is the beginning of a world reset where as from now nothing will be as it was before.  I spoke to a friend in Germany who says that they are not in lock down, people are allowed to go out so long as they maintain distance between them so people play sport and so on.  This has been going now for about two weeks. My friend is in a senior position at work and is trying to maintain the morale and the optimism of her staff.

She does not feel worried about the future and feels that they will go back to work in due course and that there will be a job to go to. I could not say this of Spain or Italy.   The Germans are a disciplined lot and will do what they’re told much better than the anarchy and laid-back attitude of many of us Brits. My friends said that in Germany the police were not in evidence as they did not need to be.  I believe that in Northern Ireland if you disobey the rules and go out without a good excuse you will get fined huge numbers of euros.


A lovely bright sunny day


You may or may not do that I do remote psychic readings on the telephone and by e-mail.  I spoke with a lady who had been abused by her husband who left.  Her two sons adverts the habit and one of them beat her up physically.  One of them is in a mental institution and the other one lives with her.  She told me a story which I found quite shocking.  When the son was taken into care the social services took all his money.  However, the son complained to them that his mother had stolen money from him. They believed him and did not believe his mother and in addition they wrote four letters to neighbours warning that my client was a thief.  It seems that social services can get away with anything. And yet, she didn’t hold any hatred in her heart and felt that angels were guiding her.  Now that is what I call character.

Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, is acting on rubbish statistics given by Imperial College.  They said that the computer model projected that the number of deaths in the UK would be 50,000, then revised down to 20,000, then revised down to 10,000, and then revised down to 570.  Neil Ferguson the lead researcher at Imperial is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with no interests in vaccines or eugenics. In spite of this, he tells us not go outside in the sun so I’m going outside in the sun this time to plant potatoes. We planted three rows.

I spoke to a couple of the allotmenteers to ask them what time period on a Saturday they would prefer to have a potluck barbecue or gathering.  I noticed that one or two of them were afflicted by a real fear, they jumped viscerally when I approach them even though I was outside the magic six-foot rule.  It is quite useless speaking to these people because of the fear has got there first, you have no chance of impressing them with any fact namely that the virus peak has already passed anything indicated they would have got it anyway and the figures this year are the same as the figures last year so there is scarcely a blip, the press have exaggerated, you can say what you like but it doesn’t go in.

What is going in to me is the sunshine and I think tomorrow we might well take off somewhere and go for a walk.  I’m being flooded with reference to coronavirus which I add to my website as much as I can but the flow is sometimes too much to allow entry on every occasion.  We had a lovely lunch consisting of salad, home-made pizza, rice, pork, Strawberry trifle and yogurt. This was followed by our watching a documentary on life in Seoul and Bangkok. The latter is a supremely sophisticated city which puts London into the shade.  The only way I can go there is on the way to see my son who works in Thailand.  We could stop off for two or three days and check it out.

We went to buy some eggs at our farm.  The road is blocked in part so it’s difficult to get there and once again the place has been barricaded.

it was the 50th wedding anniversary of the lady who runs this place so they’re going to do a video conference for everyone to say hello rather than the garden party they were hoping for.

Home to potter around the garden, Françoise to attend to her matters in the potting shed and me to add further articles to my page on Corona.  A lovely sunny evening and hopefully another one tomorrow.


Virtual services – needs must – server overload


My website has benefited in popularity by the fact that people have got more time at home in their isolation and that the subject matter, 5G and the coronavirus, is a matter of interest. My figures are nothing compared with the big sites which have hundreds of thousands of visits per day but I like to think that people who visit my site do so with a purpose. We are told to ‘cast our bread upon the waters’ and in a way be detached from the result but it is pleasing to see this rise. At 10 o’clock this morning I have more page views than the whole day, two weeks ago.

Last night, I did not sleep so happened to tune into BBC Radio Three.  I heard an exquisite rendering of the four ballades of Chopin by Marianna Shirinyan. This was such balm compared with the 24/7 alarmism about the you know what.

Francoise told me that on the Ile de Re in France people are not allowed to walk on the beach – the very activity that would bring health. This has gone crazy. There are no police where I am so I just go about my business.

I have a new problem in that YouTube are removing all the videos they consider ‘fake news’ i.e. those who tell the truth. This adds to my cost because I have to save a video on another platform which costs. No such thing as a free lunch. Also, I am using substantially more bandwidth.  In March I was using 80 GB and goodness knows what it will be this months with rocketing viewing rates.  I can’t really afford to see the costs escalate so I must find some way of getting people to actually donate.  With the state of mind that people are in at the moment that is like getting blood out of a stone so I might get them to buy me a coffee.

To Radstock to the bike shop to have Françoise bike repaired.  I did say to her that she should call but she said that she had called on Wednesday and they said they would be open.  Things change fast.  The shop was closed.  However, we went to a local supermarket called Proper Job and did some comfort buying.

To the allotment to find five or six people working away.  Someone told me that someone in a red car had come into the allotments, wandered around taking snapshots, and disappeared.  A little later on I discovered who it was.  A very irate man rang up saying that we were having bonfires, the third in his experience, his wife’s washing was out, we were going against the local council six o’clock rule, and you can be fined for up to 5000 pounds and he was getting fed up with the whole thing. Funny, I got that from his tone.

Clearly, he was upset but there is a golden rule here.  Before you fire bullets make sure you are firing at the right person and do give the benefit of the doubt.  His tone of voice on the answering machine message gave me no incentive to call him back so I will leave it for a bit.  In fact, the smoke comes from an adjacent garden over which we have no control.  The atmosphere on the allotment was lovely, the sun was shining, and I have a lot of good chats with people.  Tomorrow, we need to plant some potatoes.

I hope Boris Johnson doesn’t wait until people get immunity certificates before allowing people out of their houses otherwise will be sitting here all year.  They don’t have a testing capacity anyway.

My very good friend Andrew sent me a newly published book  called “a burst of conscious light”.  It includes discussion of Near Death Experiences, the Shroud of Turin, and the limitless potential of humanity. No one can accuse him of not taking on a broad remit.

Today, we installed an earthing sheet on our bed which is supposed to be good for sleep and for health.  The king-size was about 150 pounds but if it does the job I shan’t complain.  What price health?

I heard from my son Mark that he’s going to have to suffer a pay cut because of the number of children not wanting education or rather their parents not being able to be there in Thailand.  This Corona thing is affecting everyone.

The birds are singing their hearts out as I type. The sun is setting as the sun normally does in the evenings. Sometimes I state the blindingly obvious but never mind I will get over it I suppose.

Faster and faster


To Tesco’s to find an orderly line of people, about 40m in length, waiting to be admitted.  I wanted to cut a key for my new car of that particular outlet is closed. To Lidl.  No queues.  Another skeptical person wondering why we have to stand 2 m apart when a puff of wind will blow whatever we have someone else.

Françoise went out to visit a neighbour, a lady of 82 years of age.  She had recently been to the dentist who gave us some antibiotics.  Since the dentist has closed she cannot get relief so she rang 111, our NHS advice service, to be told that if you wanted attention she would have to go to Gloucester which is about an hour by car.  The fact that she is 82, and has no car, is not deemed relevant.

I’m watching a really shocking video, though I should not be shocked by now, with David Icke talking about the connection between the so-called Covid 19 and 5G.  It’s hardly worth putting up the link because by the time I do people have been taken down by those lovely people who think they know better than us what the truth is.

I don’t know if there is any future for the human being.

Talk of closing the Internet


These days are a challenge to all of us and the only way you can keep going in my view as a daily diet are the basics of  positive mental activity, a balance between work and play, and a sense of humour and not forgetting decent food.  I received the advice below today from Astrodienst which is a German astrological website. You can get a free daily horoscope and on enquiring I found this strangely apposite.

This influence indicates a day of busy mental activity and many communications with others. You will be busier than usual with letter writing, paper work and group conferences, which should run smoothly, although under certain circumstances there could be problems. Be especially careful not to speak or otherwise communicate from purely egotistic motives. Make your point and let it go at that, because chances are your statement will have enough energy to be effective without making a controversy of it. If you do turn it into a controversy, you will encounter opposition from people who are similarly inclined, and communication will grind to a halt. Do not try to defend any ideas that are clearly shown to be invalid.

It looks like this month is going to be quite rocky with many challenges.  I cannot believe this lockdown will go on for much longer because the  country is collapsing day by day. I’m thinking of the nurseries who had to time their blooming to the spring and now it’s all going to go to waste which must cost them thousands of pounds.  Financial compensation doesn’t really do it for this industry.

I read in Health Impact News about an article with the question “did Bill Gates and World Economic Forum predict coronavirus outbreak?  Will there be an Internet blackout to control information”.  They are even proposing to shut down the Internet for a few days. Will this madness never end.  To even think in these terms is quite disturbing to me I can’t quite see what they’re going to achieve but then I am not them.  This is the (in)famous conference about a five hour simulation that was conducted in October of 2019: event 201.  If you want to read about it the link is here.

I went out in the garden today to do and underestimated treatment which is called Earthing.  I may have mentioned this before but I can’t tell you how simple and effective it is in grounding us, resolving our physical and mental problems and basically letting the planet be our healer.  If you want to look at the book it’s called Earthing by Clinton Ober.  So simple, so effective.

I called a friend to commiserate with him and ask his advice on something.  He is 82 years of age so not the youngest spring chicken in the world but he had to terminate the conversation because he felt sick.

I derive great comfort from watching videos on Youtube. There is a brilliant one that I am watching at the moment concerning an Indian doctor talking about the importance of the immune system and how most Western doctors underestimate the importance of it.  It’s Doctor Shiva live if you want to watch it. Such courage.  I think a westernised Doctor from the Indian part of the world has both the allopathic and the natural medicine systems in their mind which I think is a great advantage for patients. 680 trillion viruses in our body takes some imagining.

A day of recovery- more corona stuff


The question is, are viruses living? They are ‘obligate intracellular pathogens’ so will die without a host.  They may sit on the back of microbes but as I understand it they themselves cannot enter through the air.  I want to look at this much more carefully before I make a further public stand.  It does seem that the coronavirus figures compiled in various countries have been differently based.  For example, in Italy, there is a difference between dying with the virus present and dying from the virus.  The two had not been distinguished in the statistics.

I went round the allotments today to check everything.  There were about three people there.  I must say taking everything into consideration, the weather and the travel restrictions, the allotments are quite good order.

The madness surrounding panic buying seems to have subsided.  There are in any event very few people around. Lidl had no queue to speak of so I just walked in. Sainsbury’s were the same with perhaps one or two people.  The doctors surgery was in siege with lots of red and white tape all over the place.  You are only allowed in to the surgery if you had an appointment, otherwise you have to post everything through a little letterbox.  Otherwise, you had to  phone. I’m not sure about the new Volvo.  It doesn’t seem to like going round corners very much and I hear a scraping sound.  It may be some simple mechanical rubbing or it could be something more serious.  There is no garage that I can go to so I am going to drive around with the old Volvo and take care so to speak.

I sent out a male chimp letter to all those signed up for my 5G website.  Today, for the first time, I have 2 1/2 thousand page reads and this after nearly 2 years of operation.  The messages slowly but surely is getting across helped by the fact that I have three coronavirus pages with the very latest news.  News is changing by the minute and it is clear that the majority of people are describing this event as a fake and that most cases of coronavirus are in fact a variant on the common flu.

I just uploaded a video of a former Vodafone boss blowing the whistle on 5G and Corona virus.  This rabbit hole is deep.

Very local news


I woke early and listened to snippets of business news mostly following the agenda of panic and fear.  Fear and insecurity is one of the best ways of controlling the population.  A discussion of how long business will take to recover and a suggestion that lockdowns would continue for six months but not in the aggressive form that it is at the moment.  Dozed in bed until 9 AM.

The temporary paperboy had a crumpled list and scrutinised it to see where my morning delivery should be.  Cup of coffee in hand, I rescued him from his misery and greet him in a cheery fashion.

I sent a letter out last evening to about 50 people in my men’s group and have had some sensible replies which I look forward to reading.  These times will be when mutual encouragement becomes very important and I hope the habit will continue after the hue and cry has died down.

To our local bakery to buy some sourdough bread. I mentioned to the server that another bakery had closed.  Evidently the woman who has taken it over recently has three young children.  They are difficult enough to deal with at the best of times.  Her husband is a lorry driver so she had to close the shop not for hygienic reasons but for family reasons we can say.

I telephoned Alan my tree surgeon to ask him if he was working normally.  Apparently, he is working normally and said that he thought there was a lot of hype by the government. We had a good-nurtured laugh and a joke.

There was a tap tap tap  from an unknown source so I investigated and found that someone was doing roof repairs, a little bit eerie it was amongst the silence.

We are off to finish the gardening job and hopefully I can put a little bit of money in the bank that will help pay the council tax which is due tomorrow or the next day. In the mornings, Francoise  will not do anything without two cups of tea so I wait until she has finished, washed her hair -the usual routine and then off we go.


Whilst I was doing the gardening job I wandered around to see what was going on.  The chap next door opened up and came out of the door for some reason.  I said to him that I admired the work of the hedge cutter who lived adjacent and I was trying to speak to him.  Although I was outside his property he suddenly jumped and said “don’t get too near me”.  I realise that this man was traumatised from the news.  These are people who will do anything they are told.

I saw lying in a garden a “Titan” petrol hedge trimmer. One of the beauties of the Internet is you can find pretty much anything you want and I was looking for someone who had used the trimmer, which seemed to me to be pretty well-designed.  I don’t much care for electric trimmers.  They don’t seem to be as powerful as petrol models.  I found the right Youtube video which answered all my questions. I was attracted by the £99 price. When the season gets into gear, I will consider it.

Anyway, the lady was very pleased with our work, she paid accordingly and off we went to the post office to pay in the proceeds. The lady behind the counter is Chinese.  She is always smiling.  Today, I could not tell if she was smiling because she had a mask on no doubt under instructions. I teased her saying that I could not see her smile and she had promised that she was indeed smiling.


I went to The Green Shop which is bravely staying open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 10 AM to 4 PM.  There is a rule that only three people can be in the shop at the same time.  Three people were in there, a mother and her two children lingering around, completely unaware that they were stopping other people from coming in.  A man was standing in the small queue and he said something that I’ve never heard said before.  “These people had the intelligence of a Bournemouth pig”.  This must be a very local saying because I have never heard of it.

What came across was his attitude, just giving up against the world. This is another ‘lamb for the slaughter’ when they ask us – for our own good of course – to have vaccinations and even to have microchips.  The end days have arrived.  This is not theoretical, it is practical, it is here now and being run out at lightning speed before enough of the population wake up. If people wake up we can do a push-back so take heart.

To Tescos. Petrol at £1.05 per litre!! A quick twenty Quid’s worth and then into the Supermarket about 6pm.  Very few people. Certain empty shelves but good order, no panicking. The worst of the madness is over?

Watching a great video by David Icke … Fiddling The Figures – The Magic Trick – David Icke ‘Virus’ Update. He gives facts from scientists.  Shocking. In Italy, 99% of those that have died from alleged covid-19 have had 1,2,3 or more other health conditions which has compromised the immune system.

Anyway I have been on the case all day, populating my website, so time to sit in front of the fire and chill.

The Pace Increases


This morning about 9.30 went off to do part two out of three of a cleaning job.  It involved cleaning paving stones which I find as I mentioned before very satisfying and therapeutic.  As the weather hopefully gets better I hope to get involved in more physical activity to keep my body in trim.

Today, this afternoon after lunch, I went through all the responses to my controversial letter about not worrying too much about the coronavirus.  I do try to respond to letters because otherwise people may think they’ve gone into thin air.  Even if it’s only a short response, I’m happy to do so.  I received three letters from people with whom I had done psychic readings, some over 20 years ago, and one person has reported to me in detail how my recommendations and prophecies came true.  It is always gratifying as so many people leave my consulting room happily enough but do not trouble to come back and report.  Good or bad I’d rather hear from them than nothing.

It appears that there is a correlation between 5G and the so-called coronavirus.  One of the things that is poison to the human body are electromagnetic waves and interestingly enough Wuhan switched on 5G a couple of months before the trouble started; Italy is very heavily involved in 5G, New York and London particularly New York.  So there is a correlation between the two and people drop dead because the body just can’t take the radiation.  They normally include people who had pre-existing conditions, normally older people, but younger people in fact everybody has a duty to keep themselves fit and healthy.

I have been watching videos most the time.  there is a very long three-hour video that I must watch tomorrow called the rise and fall of the Cabal .  I have to be continually studying because as I’ve said before ‘the more you understand the less you fear’.

There is no question of the world situation is becoming more critical.  The powers that be are trying to close down small businesses which they do by starving them of customers and insisting everybody stays at home, churches are closed etc.  I find that I’m energised by such horrors and want to think more clearly and keep my head above the water so to speak and so far touch wood I’m succeeding.

The therapy of cleaning


amusing design on an adjacent wheelie bin

I don’t know whether there is some sort of psychological reason for this, but I have always been interested in cleaning things.  I like to make a difference.  This lady had been living in a bungalow for about 30 years and have never had her patio cleaned.  It takes up to 5 minutes to clean each stone.  First of all you clear off the grime, then you see where the mould has started to grow and you apply the jet wash to that. No two stones are the same.


I had a long chat about the coronavirus with a Ph.D. It is interesting that the method of transmission is uncertain and it may be that the viruses originate in the body and are bought on all bought out or activated by stress or change in electromagnetic field strength.  There is legislation of mandatory vaccination in Denmark although they don’t even have a proven vaccine.  There are also talking about it in the United Kingdom but the same applies so I don’t think it will come about for a couple of years and by the time the hue and cry will have died down. I think that it is very important to talk things out and not bottle up worries into yourself because the mind works effectively when thoughts are shared.

Having said that, I think that most people are too scared to think out of the box at the moment, as I mentioned yesterday.

My eyes are tired. The rest of me is fine.

And now to eat and to watch TV

What do we believe in


I rose early this morning to deal with correspondence and to focus on those emails that I promised to attend to. I can say that my study work is never boring. On the world trends side, it is not only the Club of Rome but many other organisations throughout the world including Planned Parenthood that are eugenicists.  The Club of Rome think that the biggest danger to mankind is, guess what, mankind.

I was listening to a program last night about the 80% of pay that self-employed people will receive, those who have been in business for three years that is.  The problem is they won’t get the money until at least June when I hope this nonsense will be over.  It appears that many flu-like diseases are being ascribed to the coronavirus so the statistics are suspicious to say the least. Oh and what about supply teachers. How are they going to eat.

A lady wrote to me – or rather I was part of a circular – asking people to pay attention to an important matter. Her words were

I continue to forward these links for one reason only. To hope that by reading them we will awaken to the evil that is being perpetrated upon us. I can’t make you wake up. I can but long that you do.  That the majority of you will not read the article, or dismiss it if you do, if just one person does, I say Allelulia.  The evil goes back a long time.  If we are ‘happy’ to be controlled then we need do nothing. Just continue to isolate ourselves and submit to vaccinations and the fear virus.  I long and pray for a world of health, harmony and beauty.  What would Jesus have done?
With my love always.  And to our beautiful young and precious children and young people

I wrote back saying

People who are frightened are unlikely to awaken.
People who are without a faith are likely to be frightened
Most people are without faith

She replied

Very true, and yet there is always the possibility to awaken to faith.
I wish you very well Brian.  How do the slumbering wake?
And 90% will be happy to be ‘looked’ after from cradle to grave.

So, the question is what do we believe in?  Where do we get our belief system from.  The Internet is definitely a mixed blessing. There are a few people who care about truth.  There are normally academics or retired people who don’t have to make a point but are just interested in truth for troops sake.  The majority of people do not take the time to look at both sides of a question.  They seek out their preferred information, even though its source is questionable, and take refuge in it.  This is still the case when people get a breakthrough, it could be of a spiritual nature, and believe that they have discovered “THE TRUTH”.  They think that the truth should be obvious to everybody else and if their friends don’t follow the truth there is something wrong with them.

We need to be in a state of mind that what is true today may not be true tomorrow or may be shown to be false by some further truth that comes along.  I’m not talking about absolute truth for example the power of love or the value of companionship I’m talking about a political stance.  Social media is again a mixed blessing.  People come along with all sorts of chips on their shoulders and present their own version of reality as if it were fact.  I am more inclined to believe something if it can be historically proved to be true or if I get the same thing from a number of sources that I trust.

Everyone needs to bear in mind one fundamental problem with seeing things as they are.  This is somewhat simplistic but there are two worlds.  If you see the planet as a Corporation that will help.  The powers that be behind-the-scenes, and they are there, are attempting to control the world and will so in due course unless we stop them.  If you want to do a search on New World Order, Agenda 21, agenda 30 you will answer the question.  The second information stream is what the public is deemed to need to know.  I often describe it as the crumbs from the table.  The MSM or mainstream media is complicit in this.  The people who run this world have if I can put it delicately a different set of qualities to the normal human being.  I think we’ll leave it at that for the moment.

To Sainsbury’s for provisions.  What do I find?  A long queue of people standing at 2 m intervals.  The policy seems to be one in one out. It will take me at least half an hour to get in so being impatient, off to Westfield and the local butchers where the queue is shorter, three people, but I get what I want and double up just in case.  I understand the queue for Lidl was reaching down to the high Street. That means a line 50 m long. I visited again later in the day and the queue was still there. I visited the Co-op and there were no queues.

Let us just think about this rule that people have to stand 2 m apart.  It’s the daftest thing I’ve ever heard.  What if there is a wind?  You could stand 6 m away from someone and if you were downwind of their sneeze you would get contaminated.  I find the whole thing ill thought-out.

Today the local newspaper, the Journal, has paused publication. The staff are in self isolation and the people who deliver the magazine are indisposed so the editor had to circulate it herself. Advertisers are hesitating fearing lack of response (quite rightly so)    Too much against….. they will be back.

We received a telephone call today, my first gardening job of the year.  It’s a very nice lady called Mrs Found.  I will refrain from making jokes. She is a lady of the old school, obviously a widow, but with a lovely garden and my job will be to clean the paving. I have never found two paving stones that are the same.  Every stone, artificial or otherwise, ages in a different way and is affected by overhanging trees.  I should be doing that tomorrow Saturday and that will be the way of paying my council tax which is due on 1 April

My travel company, Broadway Travel, bowed to the inevitable and gave us a credit note on a weeks holiday that we had booked in mid April to the Canary Islands.  I really do hope the travel and the airline industry recover from this assault on their economics.

Francoise and I had a Skype chat with my son mark, his wife Nidhi and her parents who are visiting them in Krabi, Thailand. There is a lock-down there also, so only takeaway food is available.  He is doing his teaching via the Internet and seems to be doing well enough. The parents said it would be nice if we could all meet in Thailand at some point.
Corona hand washing hand washing sing happy birthday more corona.
I turn to TV for relief.

Lock-down day three – a dead goldfish

early morning sunlight split into colours by a crystal projected on to my settee.

Another lovely day, mocking the terrible things that are happening on planet Earth.  Extinction Rebellion do not lie down and die but are trying to draw parallels between what is going on now and climate change. By what mental contortions they do this I don’t know. I am so tired of them. It is commonly agreed that human activities cause about 3% of the existing carbon dioxide in the world.  The rest is a dance between the huge reservoir of carbon dioxide in the sea, natural phenomena like volcanoes, and the activity of the sun.  So 3% of 0.006% CO2  in the atmosphere is a very small sphere of influence and even if we tried, it is doubtful whether we could make a difference of more than 0 .1°C to the temperature of the planet.  Anyway, heating the planet is far more beneficial than cooling.

Just back from my local garage.  They’re going to close tomorrow.  Some of the staff had been sent home for their own safety.  The main reason for closing the garage is that the people who supply the parts are also closing.  This is in spite of the fact that the Corona virus has been downgraded by our government as I mentioned before to be nothing more significant than aspects of the normal influenza that kills thousands of people every season.

Today, we saw evidence that our mentioned goldfish, one of seven, has perished due to the mysterious attack that I mentioned before. It sits floating in the water, gradually deteriorating.  I know that such things may not seem important to the average person but we do care for our goldfish as we care for every living thing in our garden including birds, the hedgehog, the ants, the worms, even the bacteria that keep this garden functioning as a living entity.  We do not however have the same attitude towards a local cat that used to come and poop on our lawn and our beds at regular intervals.  However, since we bought an ultra sonic motion detector which blasts them with irritating high-frequency fields we have had no more trouble.

Today is a day for study.  I have watched several important videos about the coronavirus and about the control systems that are being bought in at a rapid pace.  the videos I am watching are on my relevant page on my website and anyone who is tired of watching the mainstream media and the incessant hysteria should watch these videos to get a balanced view.  The more depths of understanding you have, the less fearful you are.

I watched Eckhart Tolle reading, unusually, from the Bible reminding us of the parable of the man who built his house on sand versus the man who built his house upon rock.

As things get more frantic outside –  but this is nothing in the country compared with London or Madrid or parts of America or Spain where police are going round checking your reasons for being out – I’m becoming more focused within, and building up what I’m optimistically calling my ‘inner life’.  This results in my “meeting” qualified and inspired people with whom I can identify and tune into.

Lots more to get my head around.  There seem to be up to 80% false positives in ‘testing’ for the corona virus. Fear is about some imagined event in the future. I must focus on ‘the now’.

I have just been called by Susanne from my local church. She was offering to sing to me with Kevin the organist playing the piano to cheer me up and keep me positive. This would have been done on the phone on Sunday.  What a brilliant idea but not quite for me. I wished them all the best. Wonderful thing – the divine spirit in the human being. There is hope for us all.

Lock-down day two

The scene at 630 this morning with the BBC presenters sitting at the regulation 2 m apart, with the morning sun streaming in the window

The day started early with me at about 4 AM.  I listened to the BBC briefly and found that the World Service, local radio stations, and radio five live had been amalgamated presumably due to staff problems and the presenter was searching around for subject matters. She was speaking very slowly showing that she was trying to make it up as she went along.  She had my sympathy

I decided to watch TV and an excellent programme about the making of West Side Story back in the 60s. Due to the controversial nature of the subject matter, it was nearly not produced.  A director walked out six weeks before rehearsals were going to start but in the end, the right people came together and on the first night at a Broadway theatre there were 17 curtain calls.

I received a negative letter to my information document about the coronavirus.  The chap started by saying “I regret having to send this letter to another human being” so far I have received 67 responses to my information letter, 16 were positive and seven were either negative or abusive.  It is amazing how people interpret, if they bothered to read, the same material in so many different ways.  People will take out of it material that is determined by their previous beliefs and will be blind to material that they don’t want to see.

I tried to call my insurance company to register the car that I hope to buy later on today but all I got was recorded music and endless invitations to visit the website itself.  I think they are overwhelmed with panicky people.  From what I can gather the main concern of the government is that people do not cross contaminate.  We shall be driving a distance of 16 miles, then driving back with two cars which I will not be able to ensure that we get home.  I’m not unduly worried about having an accident or coming to the attention of the police (there are no police around anywhere at the moment) because I will simply say that I tried to insure it but could not.  I believe we are going to get an announcement today about what people must do if they are blocked into their homes and their MOT runs out.  I do not envy the government here.

UK car owners are being given a six-month extension of their MOT but the rule only starts next Monday and my MOT runs out this Friday

Once again, the sun is shining which is a real blessing. Daft thing to say really, it is always shining but today it is not obscured by clouds.  I spoke to a Christian friend of mine called John; he shared that he had been in America with his son who runs the freight aspect of a large airline and said that in the three days they had been together the number of flights was reduced by 75%.  As Christians, they were able to laugh, share, and pray together.  What an enormous difference it makes to have a faith.

After waiting a long time, we were finally given the go-ahead to go and see the new car to buy, a Volvo V 70.  I love my existing Volvo V70 which I’ve had for nearly 4 years now but it is now too expensive repairs wise to pass the MOT which runs out this Friday and I would have to pay probably as much as the price of the car.  The chap who sold me the car was a jovial enough fellow who has just been laid off temporarily from his job installing swimming pools.  He has little idea how to communicate with other people so kept us waiting a long time before he was in, but I decided that it was a waste of time to comment on this since it would be water off a duck’s back .  Anyway my concerns about driving without insurance were baseless but I wouldn’t do it for more than one journey.  We just got in the old and the new car and drove through an empty landscape and arrived home.  It is a turbo and it certainly does have a kick. Alas it will be a bit more expensive on petrol but you just had to keep your foot off the gas pedal.

More material about the inevitability of the coming of the New World order culminating in the year 2030 when all should be complete.  We would experience a new type of human being, obedient, subservient, emotionless, compliant, with most of the influence of Christianity for example being stripped away.  Anyway, overall I feel good today so there is a spirit of eternity within me otherwise I dread to think how I would be feeling.

Lock-down Day One

Our goldfish sun bathing in their favorite spot in our pond

After last evening’s bombshell by the Prime Minister we are informed that we must stay at home and only go out for exceptional reasons.  It is a question how the British public will respond to this.  First of all, we don’t have nearly enough police to enforce everything.  Tomorrow, I’m going to pick up a replacement Volvo car (2001 vintage)  from Trowbridge, which is 15 miles away from where I live, and since there is no risk of contaminating anyone else I don’t think there will be a problem.

Michael Gove. a UK MP, said that it was all right to go to allotments since the work there would be regarded as exercise.  I’m very much looking forward to this so-called lockdown because no one will expect anything of me.  I don’t have any immediate financial worries (touch wood) so I can enjoy the sun, have loads of time for reading, tidy up the house, and spend time on the telephone with those who might need help all those who just want a laugh.

I’m updating my coronavirus website and giving examples of how the current situation has been planned for years by the various governments including the Rothschilds, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the usual suspects.

A friend has done me the great favour of introducing me to a charismatic personality, alas no longer with us, who is qualified in so many directions but where’s he’s knowledge likely.  I’m in the process of watching a video from him which you can find on you Tube. He is called Murray Rothbard the Texan delight in being perverse and his much loved by his audiences as you will see if you listen to any tape.  I’ve included a link just in case you want to have a look. This man really knows how to communicate because a) he is comfortable with himself b) he does not have a point to prove c) he loves his audience.

Françoise went shopping for the next door neighbour and left the package on the doorstep, the old lady concerned reached for gloves before picking up the vegetables.  I have just put an advertisement in the local paper for gardening.  It remains to be seen whether anyone will respond. I have a feeling with this burst of good weather nature will spring forth and people’s need for having the garden done will be greater than worries about the coronavirus in spite of the incessant fear mongering of the government about something that will die down itself if given half a chance.

I receive on a regular basis a publication called “The Week”.  There is a column that always appears called “it must be true – I read it in the tabloids”  there is a lovely story which I reproduce.

A woman in Vancouver thought she was doing her bit to halt the spread of the virus by carefully washing her hands with a lump of unscented soap she kept by the sink.  After a couple of days, however, she wondered, “why isn’t this foaming?”.  The answer, she finally tweaked, was that the lump was “literally a block of cheese”.  “I came to realise” she told readers on Reddit, “it was a dried – out square of Sharp’s Cheddar cheese.  I suspect I left it out when I was intoxicated and just forgot.”.

A strange thing happened today with the goldfish.  We went out into the garden to find a fish gasping for air about 60 cm away from the pool. There was a lot of blood on the ground adjacent. We rescued it just in time and threw it back. We do not know if it will survive.  This is a mystery.  It does not have the strength to go for a walk on the grass and why should it.  The pond is protected by netting so how could a predatory bird have pecked through the netting, taken the fish, and then decided he didn’t want to eat it and just left it.  Perhaps the fish was too large to be swallowed.  Since we have no remote video system we will never know.

I visited Tesco’s to get the balance of cash for buying my car, petrol and a wander round to see what and what is not available.  There were few people in the store and with the exception of the toilet paper and white flour everything appeared to be in order.  For some reason, the meat and fish counters have been closed.  I bought a few items and approached the till not noticing the yellow tape on the floor behind which I had to stand.  When I went to buy petrol there were road block structures in front of the mini-store where you pay on the idea is that you could not coming unless invited.  When I have bought my petrol I saw someone with a spray wiping down parts that I might have touched.

We watched a very good series on BBC four about Robert Capa, one of the greatest Second World War photographers who was entirely fearless.  He rushed his negatives back to the picture post offices in London but a darkroom assistant ruined most of them, about 100/111.  This is one of the most famous pictures at the moment of death we pay the price.Folk are suffering all over the world from the effects of a wobbly planet.  If you want to come back from Sydney Australia the cost is not less than £1100

What can we do but wait?


I completed my gargantuan mail-out yesterday and received many kind notes from people who were renewing their acquaintance with me after more than 10 years in many cases.  The worst thing about this Corona thing is not knowing what is going to happen and when it is going to finish.  My latest pendulum readings show that everything will clear by 1 June.  The growth in infections and the mortality is not so great in the United Kingdom compared with for example Italy or Spain.  The idea of the Government paying 1000 pounds a month to anyone who is self-employed will quickly empty the government coffers.

Although the sun is shining, I feel completely flat and unsure what to do so I stare at the TV from time to time but apart from this it has been an unproductive day.  The local council have produced a pamphlet called IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ, which includes helpful posters for the vulnerable people among us.  Françoise completed her tour of our street; one woman gave her an order for shopping which she happily accepted and will do tomorrow.  I heard on the news that a staff assistant in a supermarket was spat at because she refused to allow a customer to buy over the agreed limit for a particular item.  What is the matter with these people?

The frogs spawn in our pond has come to life and there are lots of little tiny beings the size of a pinhead wriggling around and blowing little bubbles, no doubt beneficially influenced by the sun that shines brightly on the clear water.

I shall compile a list of comments which have been made either for or against my letter which was mainly designed to help people avoid panic, and to do certain things that would raise their spirits.  I think it is good for everyone to see what other people say.  I know that this happens anyway on Facebook and Twitter but I would like to draw it together in a more artistic fashion.

So, all but essential travel is banned according to Boris our Prime Minister.  On Wednesday we are due to pick up our new car and we have to drive a distance of 15 miles.  I think will probably risk it because if I don’t go, my existing car will be without an MOT from this Saturday and we cannot use it.  If there is a fine to pay, so be it.  Life must go on.  I cannot imagine the havoc that is going to be caused by this grand perception management that is called a ‘crisis’.

a bombshell from me and what I got back


I was chatting away on the allotments to a couple of people and it suddenly came into my head as I should write to all my contacts on my fastmail.com account to give comments about how I saw the corona business moving.   I dug out all the latest facts I could find, mostly from government sources, and presented them to show that the actual chance of dying from this virus was very small indeed.

I have never mailed my entire database before but I thought I would take the risk of upsetting some people.  I managed to do this on a few occasions and I as I write and receiving replies.  The biggest reply was from the postmasters who could not deliver my mail and since I’ve had my system going for 15 years that it’s hardly surprising.  I have a total mailing list of 3850.  I estimate that the redundancy is probably about 12% so this was very useful to me.  I went through and deleted as appropriate.  Fastmail allows me to send up to 1000 addressees at any one time.  It was very simple so to do.

I got a lot of contact from people I hadn’t heard from for a long time with delightful messages of support.  I also got messages of abuse and called all sorts of names such as idiot, dangerous person, and worse.  I also got a neutral number of people who asked to be removed from the list, I think about 10, and I did it immediately and wrote back politely informing them of the fact.

If you have opinions about anything which could be divisive, you will get abuse in equal measure if you are lucky. It does not take much of a trigger to fire people off if they are already troubled about something and with the coronaviruses about the best example you can find..  If you want a quiet life, keep your head down at all times but it won’t be very exciting and certainly will not develop the character. My intention is that when all the replies have been received, I will circulate them to those people who replied to me so they can see where they stand in the rainbow of use from positive to negative. I imagine I will send this out about Wednesday.

I always keep my 5G site active but only put in items that give a new perspective on the whole topic.  I am listening to Ian Crane at the moment who is talking about AI, artificial intelligence, and how sinister it was.  A man was thinking of being engaged to be married and he noticed after a short time that he was getting adverts on his phone for engagement rings.  He could not figure this out until he chatted with Ian.  With his telephone on he walked along various High Streets and stopped outside the jewellers on more than one occasion in fact many occasions.  His phone, that is tracked by GPS, notice this and produced the advertisements accordingly.  We are being naive about how much we can be tracked.

I’m afraid that the combination of the legislative measures of the coronavirus, the bullying of the climate change brigade, the coming of 5G, vaccinations which may become compulsory, increased repression by the government, will cause a quantum change in how the world is run and it won’t be for the benefit of the “man on the Clapham omnibus” if you see the world as Corporation with no boundaries then you will understand how and why things unfold and how things happen at different parts of the world apparently in synchronicity.

For my own part, I’m quite happy to stand up and be counted.  I don’t want to be a moral wimp.  My belief is that when you leave this mortal coil you determine the vectors of your future existence by your push, your desire, what really fires you up, and you get a future world which for all I know may be intertwined with this world but act at an intra-molecular level.  We will not know this until we finally close our eyes.

And now, to the next batch of responses to my letter.