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Day trip to Wells Somerset

To Wells with our visiting friend. You never know what you're going to find so great is the rate of change these days. The cathedral is charging 14 pounds to enter and this is valid for one year but as I pointed out...

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Private Medicine – the cost

Today, Francoise had a minor dermatological treatment, as the NHS are no longer proselytizing such interventions.  Dr Pimple Popper and the bad skin clinic on TV will show you some examples of conditions that are...

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A celebration of new life – Beltane

I forgot to put this image in, intended for yesterday's diary. Everywhere as far as the eye can see is covered with garlic. We love garlic, I eat it raw with nasturtiums. This photo graph was taken in the churchyard of...

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Am I the right subject for memory regression?

I went for a session with the practitioner in Glastonbury today to see if there's anything in my past lives that would inhibit my success in this life. I believe in pre-existing contracts not only when you come to this...

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I defeat an attempt to scam me on the phone

It's worth going into this in some detail because you never know, you could be next. I was called around 1.15 this afternoon from a strange sounding English person who appeared to know that I was with the Co-op Bank...

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Why go to church?

This morning I rose early as is my wont and after a couple of coffees decided to tune in to Trans World Radio which is an international American-based evangelical station with an outreach station in the United Kingdom....

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