Where did the day go

I get so frustrated sometimes looking at the clock, seeing that it is 5:30 in the evening and wondering whether time went so I’m going to use this bank holiday as a model for writing down exactly what I do. I’m basically a 24/7 person and do not like doing nothing. The closest I could doing nothing is when I have a bonfire or do gardening work where I can relax. Gardening is my great therapy.

So, this morning I answered routine correspondence, checked my page viewing statistics for my 5G / Corona site. I had 853 page reads and the time is 11:23 AM so as it speeds up as the day goes on it’s probably going to hit the 2000 mark. This is very low for a site that has been going on for so long but I trust that a higher proportion of people will stay with me and be meaningful viewers. For example, today, I’ve had 69 repeat visitors which is about 20% of the unique visitors so that’s not bad.

I’ve decided to spend some time learning how to use Zoom who have seen a tenfold increase since the lockdown. It seems to be the video communication mode of choice leaving Skype far behind. It seems that Skype don’t bother to develop themselves and have grown lazy and have been overaken. Serves them right.

I watched a couple of videos this morning, one was by Eckhart Tolle called “confidence and the source of true satisfaction” when he says you have to get away from the mind that works on an already existing habits where there is a limited permutation and combination as opposed to the preformatted mind, the universal mind, where the possibilities are unlimited.

I also watched a video of very expensive properties in Los Angeles. There was a 12 1/2 million dollar home that overlooked the entire downtown area of that city which had unrivaled views, six bedrooms, absolutely huge living rooms, kitchens that are as big as most people’s apartments, but I feel that this is designed for show rather than comfort. Even if you have a number of people living in a large family, you could easily get lost in the house and I think it would cause more problems than it creates except if you have that happy combination of an extrovert nature, and unlimited appetite for guests and unlimited resources.

I continue to search for someone to get me the assistance I need on Facebook. I use People Per Hour and in spite of saying that I want someone from the UK I keep on getting people from India or Pakistan. Frankly I think they reply to any advert, telling me how wonderful they are, but seldom read what is actually required so I almost have to have a standard format letter telling them to please read the brief.  I almost think it’s better to do the learning myself and look at the numerous videos that are available from the ever willing public who are happy to share what knowledge they have.

Today, the wind blows sharply from the east and the temperatures are at least 10° lower than yesterday. I have a particularly boring though well-paid weeding job that I’m going to do on Thursday and am developing a new method of dealing with it. The lady who wants the job requires the earth (or ‘dirt’ in USA speak) to be left as it is – in other words uncultivated.  I’m thinking of using a scarifier, normally used to remove moss from grass, and remove the small weeds make it look nice. I spent some time cleaning it up and making sure it worked plus putting out some tools to change the blade if I needed to.

I have finally managed to sign up for Bitchute which is a file storage service as an alternative to Youtube. As I have said before, Youtube think nothing of taking off videos with which they disagree and my subjects are let us face it controversial. By ‘controversial’ I mean it will stir people up to think. So I now have a lot of storage capacity to put the videos which I think will be deleted from Youtube. I had previously tried to sign up but no matter how hard I tried it ignored my clicking on the red box at the end of the process. I now discover that this was due to sloppy software behind-the-scenes. I was in fact already a member, I signed up a number of years ago, and they should have been a flag to say that they already had a record of my name so I have to go on and on until I got the answer myself. If anyone else finds this problem just click on the e-mail you think you used and then click “forgotten password”.

I’m writing to a few local doctors telling them what I think about the nonsense of the coronavirus now it’s being used to help Bill Gates vaccinate everybody on the planet. He seems to think that this is his divine mission, but I’ve got news for him, a lot of people disagree. The problem with writing to doctors is that they are so overwhelmed with paperwork that I got to spend as much energy trying to attract their attention and giving them a reason to read something that to the actual content itself.

I get the impression that the lockdown situation UK is being more and more ignored. I had an e-mail from someone in West London who said that people were walking around as normal and the police were trying to threaten people with £60 fines but no one was taking them seriously. She also sent me a link to a long film about how the CIA controls Hollywood, the extent of paedophilia in the USA, mental programming through Hollywood and films, quite heady stuff but I enjoyed it more than I should. It is called Out of Shadows.

My goodness the temperature is going down to 1°C, at least it well at 5 AM tomorrow Tuesday so still a bit early to put out sensitive plants. Well, its 7:36 PM and I am going to switch off my computer temporarily now.  I will just have a little peek later on but that’s basically it for the day.

Not the happiest day of my life

It is with a heavy heart that I realise this whole corona thing is a fake largely orchestrated by Bill Gates, as I have said before, to realise his dream of having everyone controlled and vaccinated. We are seeing the coming of a police state populated by people who are so frightened by something that is unseen and could kill you. It is the ideal Psy-op. people who question this reality are ridiculed so I must expect to join that happy band of the accused.

Today we heard that Ian R Crane who ran the Alternative View conferences each year for the last 10 years is close to death with cancer and flesh eating necrosis.  He kept it to himself for these last months but finally had to go into hospital when it was discovered that the cancer was racing round his system. As I write, he is being operated on. The surgeon gave him only a slight chance of survival, well at least he was being honest. I wrote off to my 5G mailing list so hopefully there can be some more prayer power. If however his time has come, we can send him on his way with thanks.

Today was a lovely day, the temperature in the garden went up to28°C. The garden is looking lovely at the moment, I feel so bad when I read about people being turned back when they are driving to see their relatives or because of a complete con, the overall death figures are the same this year as they were last year but people don’t see it, maybe they don’t want to see it.

Anyway, that’s my lot for today. I have just watched a lovely service from Kings College Cambridge so at least there is some order in the world. With Boris Johnson our Prime Minister still recovering the remaining high ranking members of Parliament are arguing with each other so we may well get an extension of the lockdown – lock-up – locked in-  locked out whatever. I cannot believe it will go on beyond the end of this month of April. The country will take years to recover, and it will never be the same again. Goodness knows how long Spain and Italy will take to recover.

Dawn Chorus – Hot Cross buns

This morning I rose early, around 5:30 AM, to one of the most spectacular dawn choruses I’ve heard for some time. A multitude of birds, a wonderful orchestra which set me off for the day.  After making an excellent coffee which I sweeten with coconut oil not sugar, which I now find makes me sick followed by a quick glance at the paper and onto my computer. I have been given the name of a great site which reports on the actual news without bias. This reinforces my feeling that to watch the mainstream media, particularly the BBC, is carcinogenic to the soul.

Anyway, in the Christian calendar this is an important date, Good Friday, when we remember the death of Jesus on the cross. To commemorate this,  my wife made some excellent cross buns. They are so unlike the examples you buy in the bakery shop. There is so little to then that they bounce. These are the real thing, a cross between a cake and a loaf of bread and one half of them is enough to keep you going with a nice cuppa tea, provided there is a good dollop of jam on top.

Today, I spent most of the time searching of material for my Corona site which is consuming me at the moment, in the nicest possible way I should say. I was comforted to see that Christopher Hitchens was a well-known journalist found that even he was insulted and ridiculed for bringing up the question about whether it was wise for this country to go on a lockdown. He does not see any hope for the future because we do not have people of sufficient calibre in the government with the experience and knowledge to know what to do.


This was the text of a news letter I sent to the people who had expressed a positive interest in my excursion into the world of viruses.

Dear friends,
I am mailing you because you communicated with me in a positive way, all 56 of you, about my previous communications. If you do not wish to be included in future mailings just let me know.
I awoke early today Good Friday at 5:30 AM.  I listened to the most glorious dawn chorus I have heard for some time. There were pigeons (much as I dislike them), seagulls, cuckoos and so many other types of bird making a wonderful symphony orchestra and this started the day off in the right way.
I sometimes wonder where I get the energy from to keep going in these dystopian days but I have learned that if I focus on the needs and the value of other people, energy is automatically supplied and I never run out of it. This morning already (9.30am) I have entered 10 new links to today’s latest news of the virus plus comments about it. I’m in the privileged position of getting a good overview of what is going on – and just as important what is not going being said – so here we go:
There are two parallel tracks of information in this world. The first one is run by those 1%  behind the scenes who think they control the planet, or a least have right to control the planet and the second track consists of the information that the mainstream media feels we can be told. The second track also consists of those fighting for the cause of truth such as ourselves. It is the desire of the controllers that the two tracks do not meet. David Icke has had recent experience of what people do to his material and attack him when the boundaries are challenged.
Unless you understand the back story to this whole corona business, you won’t understand anything at all. The whole thing is based on making the population as fearful as possible so they almost beg to be released from their torment by wonderful vaccinations and later on by micro-chipping, a cashless cconomy, not to mention central control and the abolition of borders.
>politically correct people close your eyes now< I also find it helps to have a faith and my particular version is Christianity which I find the ultimate ‘software manual’ for human behavior and a comfort in times of stress. I find myself looking forward to each day wondering what I can do for the greater good. You cannot fake this sort of thing. If you try and take refuge in the left brain, that has nothing to offer you except “300 ways that I have been hurt and misunderstood” plus imaginary threats and scenarios in the future. The left brain has no visionary status unlike the neocortex that loves having visions for breakfast, lunch and tea. Calcified pineal glands are not your friend but that’s another story. >danger zone over<
Back to topic: It is amazing how all the world’s governments agreed on for example a distance of 2 m between people. what happens if there is even a breath of wind. The material could get carried 10 m. This is in a world where countries seldom agree about anything but magically, 2m is the gold standard. Of course it has nothing to do with having a dress rehearsal meeting a few weeks before the virus broke out (201) overseen by the beneficent Bill Gates with no vested interests
Is there any logical or scientific experimentation behind the 2 m rule, and why was it called social distancing not physical distancing. Is this an indication that these pesky human beings are being too human for their own good? I mean, we can’t have people having feelings for each other, expressing emotion, because in the forthcoming world of artificial intelligence these features will have no place.
You don’t have to listen to UKcolumn with their thrice weekly broadcasts to know that statistics can be fiddled and that is the main problem, the main problem that we are aware of anyway. I feel that countries exert some pressure on other countries. Very biased scientists such as Niall Ferguson of Imperial College (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation) make the most wild prophecies of deaths based on faulty computer models and then revise them down and down when the absurdity becomes more and more obvious.
Apart from this chicanery there is a certain political aspect to the figures in that authorities have been told to ascribe a death to a virus even if only it’s component parts are present. “Oh well let’s put it down to Corona” is the approach that many people are taking.  I refer you a video on my website, Dr Andrew Kaufman, M.D., who systematically dismantles the whole identity thing and even questions whether we are looking at a genuine virus or whether it is just an inference that in the presence of certain markers the virus exists. Clue : exosomes.
I am fascinated how David Icke’s down-to-earth talk with LondonReal had such a huge effect which is a great compliment to him and his courage (so what’s new). It has been copied and shared about 4 million times. Youtube is quickly losing its reputation; other platforms are being sought as a plan B if and when You tube follows ‘their community guidelines’ and removes material offensive to the NEW WORLD ORDER and of course to the BBC with their wonderfully balanced 20 4/7 fear mongering.
Funny, we never hear  on the BBC from the doctors who think we are exaggerating the whole situation nor do we hear from nutritionists about the value of vitamin C and other substances. The pharmaceutical industry need people whose immune systems are compromised in order to profit and that’s why they are banning natural medicine simply to maximise profits.
Yes, I know you know that already, but it does well to say it again.
The lock down is probably the worst model for preventing a work-through of the virus which many say is akin to the common cold and as we were reminded by the UK government itself late on in March, the alarm has been reduced to a normal level. It is a comment on the corruption of the press that this was not mentioned but then again if you want to sell newspapers then fear sells. boom boom. Their advertising revenue is down 80% so who cn blame them.
I do not think the lock down will last beyond the end of this month, and that’s just my opinion, because when firms have paid out the monthly salary cheques there will be very little left in the kitty so the pressure on the government will increase.  Also, bankruptcies will increase enormously and we will be left without any high street activity if we are not careful.
As for people being afraid, I find the fear is much less among people under 30 including belief in the need for a lock down but when you get to the over 60s they are in the mindset of believing everything they hear including the doctor including the BBC and these are the most difficult for me to talk to. I function as a gardener to learn my daily bread (free therapy for me working in nature) and most of the older people are too traumatised even to talk about it never mind mentioning the immune system, fake figures etc.
Outside Tescos, Midsomer Norton at 11am yesterday queuing obediently. amazing what a yellow hi viz jacket does.  Thursday 9th April
You could almost see them switch off so I have found that the best approach with them is to play the game, ‘be afraid’, assure them that they won’t die and even this is difficult and just get on with the job. Some people queueing outside supermarkets, it is said that we invented the queue so we mustn’t complain if we have to being one. The staff are interpreting what they are told from head office so ranting at them even politely is a waste of time. They probably hate what they have to do as much as we hate it
So, it’s a waiting game. I go out and about as I please and if anyone asks me I tell them it’s a recreational walk, my exercise for the day, on the way to do shopping, but the funny thing is there are no police around here and they are probably too worried about themselves to be too aggressive in case they have to touch the people they have to arrest.
Talk about smoke and mirrors, but at the end of the day, the more you know the less afraid you are. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I’m not afraid at all and in fact as I said above I look forward to each and every day, especially as I can see the clear blue sky out of my office window. Please visit my corona section. You will read material there that you will not find elsewhere due to Google’s algorithms which are becoming more corrupt by the week.
So one more time, knowledge brings freedom (from fear) or as someone said ‘perfect love casts out fear.
Those who do not have the knowledge will eventually be happily lining up for the compulsory vaccination jab which will be happening for example in Denmark and probably America and later in the UK and also when the time comes happily receiving a microchip because they are told that ‘it is for their own good’.
What could be more transparent than that.
Lots of love … and hugs (later)



The sheep get more sheepish

Outside Tesco’s this morning. The queue to get in bends in and out on itself. I reckon it’s good to take about 50  min to get in the store. The bigger the store, the longer the queue. I’m getting to like corner shops these days.

I decided to do a dowsing to see what proportion of people by age group felt that a lockdown was necessary and I got the following;

age group 18 to 30 – 7%
age group 31 to 60 – 22%
over 60 – 70%

If the weekend remains sunny I would guess there will be quite a rebellion from people who just had enough and go outside anyway. They have closed Brockwell Park in south London. Very unwise. The one place that people can relax outside. I know that recent death figures have been fiddled to make them seem worse than they are and this combined with false positives in testing, and false attributing to Corona when it could be something else, the whole thing is developing into a farce. In my whole life I can’t recall anything that has been so designed to destroy a country.

If you want the latest, do visit my website which is a good resource for information. https://www.5gexposed.com/the-corona-virus/

A beautiful evening,full of sun and warmth. Francoise has cleaned the windows, reorganise the garden and take on some of the cobwebs out of the conservatory. I went for a drive around to collect some eggs.

A positive attitude to cancer

It is not often that I reproduce someone else’s material (with permission)  but I’m so moved by this letter from a long-standing colleague of mine, David Dees, but I do so  in the interest of helping us all myself included to get a better attitude when we are struck down with some disease. Who knows, it could happen to anyone. NB I’m not endorsing radiation or any particular treatment, I’m just observing the spirit of my friend as he responds as best he can to unexpected circumstances and developments.


Yep, still alive, that is the update.

Springtime exploding in southern Oregon today, beautiful blue skies, the colors of blooming fruit trees, feeling optimistic, invigorated, and focused in the battle of my life after being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer in my liver, lungs, spleen, and inside the spine vertebrae.

Now, a month after release from hospital tests, MRIs, cat scans, and exams by cancer oncologists, I have had to make a nerve rattling mind numbing decision about doing the unthinkable, taking radiation treatment. The pain from the spine lesions is paralyzing my leg. Just a minor problem, now i can’t really walk without severe pain and a crutch.

While my alternative choices of treatment are working nicely, with evidence being the lesions are shrinking the last weeks, this week the underarm lump that was dwindling made a big come back and increased in size, as did an under skin nodule doubled in size and inflammation. Could just be a healing reaction.

But my main concern now is the spine.

Radiation doctor is saying to target them with low doses of radioactive blasts ten times in ten days and see how much the frisky tumor buggers enjoy that bath of poison?

Cut to the chase.

Today went in for the second treatment. As i can barely can drag around my painfully stiff numb right leg, i got a medical ride to the hospital and was met at the entrance with a wheelchair and a super sweet staff of nurses and specialists to usher me up to the room James Bond weaponry would have nodded approval at.

This contraption, the radiation machine does all the work, you lay on a slab while it revolves around shooting invisible particle beams of electra pro sub photon radiation particles, or whatever. I was wheeled in, carefully arranged on the slab and in minutes i was all alone in the room with this machine revolving around me flashing, twisting through the programs, delivering invisible radiation daggers, as red laser lights seemed to stare at me from different angles, reminds me of Hal in 2001 space odyssey movie, Then I flashed the thought of the book cover of Ty Bollinger’s huge best seller – Cancer – Think outside the Box. , which I designed the cover art showing the radiation machine baking the victimized patient with graphic yellow green beams of radioactivity.

And here i am in the same scary depiction.

The first day i had no side effects, but as the therapy builds, today i had a pretty hard fatigue and some nausea. But, i am so hoping this relief of pressure on the spine will give me my mobility back, take this ‘one step at a time’.

Here is the regimen

1. Deep breathing – Wim Hof Method – 200 deep breaths
2. Cold showers – Gradual hot to cold
3. Rife Frequency – GB4000 generator + amp
4. Essiac tea
5. Cannabis oil
6. Ozone treated water
7. Hydrogen peroxide
8. Iodine
9. Turkey Tail mushroom extract
10. Allicin-C
11. Carnivora
12. B-17
13. Vitamin C
14. Fenbendazole (dog dewormer)
15. Micro Algae
16. Curcumin Tumeric
17. Baking Soda and Lemon
18. Paw Paw
19. Colostrum
20. Diatomaceous Earth
21. Black seed oil
22. Apricot seeds

I have just heard that Ian Crane who runs the Alternative View conferences annually in the UK is suffering from severe cancer. This is all the worse because his daughter, who lives in Greece, will be unable to be by his side unless by some magic she has found a flight.

14th day of lockdown – maintaining the fear

I have to say that for me the soft lockdown doesn’t really make much difference, I go out and about in the car and on foot.  I don’t have to make sure that I’m out of the way of people because as soon as people in the street see someone coming towards then they move aside.  Talk about controlled by fear.  My days are busy with my own research, sitting in the garden in the sun, eating, watching TV, and enjoying the luxury of a warm bed. Ah the simple pleasures of life. I LOVE having an empty diary.

I see pictures in the papers  of people enjoying themselves sunbathing in parks and police vainly trying to persuade them to go home or isolate.  If this lockdown goes on much longer I can see people rebelling in large numbers especially the young.  I do agree that it doesn’t make sense to visit older people  in residential homes, because they are more susceptible to opportunistic viruses or whatever it is so they have to be alone.

I do have every concern for people who are running out of money or more likely going into overdraft, especially if they have partners and children to support but I am more concerned for the country in general.  How long will it take to recover.  I reckon one week of downtime will result in one month of recovery time so if we are down for six weeks I reckon it will take six months.  But it will be worse with a garden centres who may not recover for the whole year due to the seasonal nature of their stock..

We are being told not to use cash because it could carry germs.  This is a prelude to a cashless society which will enable control over our affairs in other words if we are not compliant, or if we have criminal records, our credit cards will be of no use.  This is called a totalitarian society.

Today is my fifth day without listen or watching ‘News’. From the BBC we can obtain an unending stream of fear porn and it makes me physically sick to listen to the nonsense, people behaving like sheep, ridiculous statistics and forecasts.  I don’t feel I have missed anything because I can get what I need from the newspaper.

Useless fact of the day – I read that butterflies are the only creature not susceptible to electromagnetic waves.  Not quite sure if that will ever be useful to me but it’s quite nice to know.  David Icke is telling us that hospitals have the instruction to write the cause of any disease which is un identifiable and which leads to death as the coronavirus.  This is because the real numbers of people who are dying are not sufficient to keep the public in a state of fear.  Older patients are also being encouraged, irrespective of the reason they are in hospital, to sign a DNR do not resuscitate note.  What wonderful times we live in or to use that euphemism what ‘interesting times’ we are living in.  The main thing is to live in faith.

I have come across more than once a rather grim website which tells of plans to cull the population of the world by 2025.  This Corona business is just a foretaste of what the people who run the world can do. I dont want to make anyone unhappy at this time so if you feel strong do have a look at it. Deagel.com .  Check your own country to see the prophecy for it. What have our wonderful masters got in mind for us?

The wording of the Georgia Guidestones, above is as follows:
(read between the lines, folks)

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

Back to nature – agreeing to differ

What a lovely morning it is so later on off to do some mowing for a lady in Peasedown. I had two conversations today on business matters which were productive.  I say that because many conversations at the appearance of communication without actually communicating.  With both of them, I hope grounds of mutual respect as a starting point the conversation was with someone who is the Christian leader of our men’s group in Frome. We discussed whether it was appropriate for me to do an unasked-for mail out to the men’s groups on the topic of the corona virus.

I had originally done so because I felt there was so little discussion among men someone had to start the ball rolling.  People tend to go within themselves and this is not healthy especially during times of artificially created fear and havoc like we are living through at the moment.  We discussed the pros and cons and were able to draw conclusions without raising our voices and by thinking with the neocortex rather than the reptilian brain.

The other conversation was with my service provider who advised me that my bandwidth was way way above the amount that I’ve been paying for and we needed to do something.  He and  I go back about 15 years so we know each other very well and we were able to establish the principles namely that the host should not have to pay for my expenses or subsidise them so we agreed to meet shortly and discuss a way forward.

For the first time this year, we were able to hang out washing.  I know that’s not the most exciting bit of news in the universe at the moment but hanging out, combined with the lovely sunny sky and warming winds, announce the arrival of spring like nothing else.  We are creatures of nature and do respond in the way that hibernating animals respond when the sun warms up. I took part of today off though I never take a day off really.  Once I’m awake, I am at work.

Off to do my mowing job. I went to a part of town where there are mostly council houses so I knew I would probably not be able to charge more than a nominal amount of money.  I said 40 pounds.  She hesitated about this and said that the gardener who retired last year charged 20 pounds so I settled for 25 pounds.  I regard garden work at this level as social work.  She was very pleased to see me though I had to get used to the usual comment  “I mustn’t get too near to you!” I tend to forget this advice for reasons given before (please see previous editions) but by now people who soak up the relentless BBC News are completely programmed and fearful and I don’t know how this will go into reverse even when the so-called lockdown is repealed.

A virtual church service

For me, Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without some type of religious worship and I won’t let the fear mongers beat me. The Church of England has been enterprising enough to produce a church online website where we can join them for weekly virtual services, screened each Sunday with streaming at other times.

It’s easy enough to operate, a few clicks and you are there. I visited All Souls Langham Place to find a children’s service, apparently, going on but I ended up at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Doulting which is near Shepton Mallet. The preacher sat at his desk and exhorted us to have faith and a positive attitude.  A lady sang hymns accompanied in various locations  by someone playing the violin and also a pianist.  It was comforting.

Clive de Carle who sells high-quality vitamins has been told that from tomorrow, the UK government will not allow him to promote or sell items of this nature.  It’s amazing how they are bringing legislation in quietly while everyone is at home.  Anyone who thinks all this is just coincidence really needs to start thinking.

Strange, they allow us to keep off-licences opening yet close garden centres, the very thing people need to do for health is to be in contact with nature.  Garden centres are normally bigger than establishments for selling food so if you still believe that you need to stay 2 m apart from somebody, that would be even less of a problem.  I think all logic has gone out of the window, in fact I know it has.

Jim Corbett of the Corbett Report thinks that this is the beginning of a world reset where as from now nothing will be as it was before.  I spoke to a friend in Germany who says that they are not in lock down, people are allowed to go out so long as they maintain distance between them so people play sport and so on.  This has been going now for about two weeks. My friend is in a senior position at work and is trying to maintain the morale and the optimism of her staff.

She does not feel worried about the future and feels that they will go back to work in due course and that there will be a job to go to. I could not say this of Spain or Italy.   The Germans are a disciplined lot and will do what they’re told much better than the anarchy and laid-back attitude of many of us Brits. My friends said that in Germany the police were not in evidence as they did not need to be.  I believe that in Northern Ireland if you disobey the rules and go out without a good excuse you will get fined huge numbers of euros.


A lovely bright sunny day

You may or may not do that I do remote psychic readings on the telephone and by e-mail.  I spoke with a lady who had been abused by her husband who left.  Her two sons adverts the habit and one of them beat her up physically.  One of them is in a mental institution and the other one lives with her.  She told me a story which I found quite shocking.  When the son was taken into care the social services took all his money.  However, the son complained to them that his mother had stolen money from him. They believed him and did not believe his mother and in addition they wrote four letters to neighbours warning that my client was a thief.  It seems that social services can get away with anything. And yet, she didn’t hold any hatred in her heart and felt that angels were guiding her.  Now that is what I call character.

Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, is acting on rubbish statistics given by Imperial College.  They said that the computer model projected that the number of deaths in the UK would be 50,000, then revised down to 20,000, then revised down to 10,000, and then revised down to 570.  Neil Ferguson the lead researcher at Imperial is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with no interests in vaccines or eugenics. In spite of this, he tells us not go outside in the sun so I’m going outside in the sun this time to plant potatoes. We planted three rows.

I spoke to a couple of the allotmenteers to ask them what time period on a Saturday they would prefer to have a potluck barbecue or gathering.  I noticed that one or two of them were afflicted by a real fear, they jumped viscerally when I approach them even though I was outside the magic six-foot rule.  It is quite useless speaking to these people because of the fear has got there first, you have no chance of impressing them with any fact namely that the virus peak has already passed anything indicated they would have got it anyway and the figures this year are the same as the figures last year so there is scarcely a blip, the press have exaggerated, you can say what you like but it doesn’t go in.

What is going in to me is the sunshine and I think tomorrow we might well take off somewhere and go for a walk.  I’m being flooded with reference to coronavirus which I add to my website as much as I can but the flow is sometimes too much to allow entry on every occasion.  We had a lovely lunch consisting of salad, home-made pizza, rice, pork, Strawberry trifle and yogurt. This was followed by our watching a documentary on life in Seoul and Bangkok. The latter is a supremely sophisticated city which puts London into the shade.  The only way I can go there is on the way to see my son who works in Thailand.  We could stop off for two or three days and check it out.

We went to buy some eggs at our farm.  The road is blocked in part so it’s difficult to get there and once again the place has been barricaded.

it was the 50th wedding anniversary of the lady who runs this place so they’re going to do a video conference for everyone to say hello rather than the garden party they were hoping for.

Home to potter around the garden, Françoise to attend to her matters in the potting shed and me to add further articles to my page on Corona.  A lovely sunny evening and hopefully another one tomorrow.


Virtual services – needs must – server overload

My website has benefited in popularity by the fact that people have got more time at home in their isolation and that the subject matter, 5G and the coronavirus, is a matter of interest. My figures are nothing compared with the big sites which have hundreds of thousands of visits per day but I like to think that people who visit my site do so with a purpose. We are told to ‘cast our bread upon the waters’ and in a way be detached from the result but it is pleasing to see this rise. At 10 o’clock this morning I have more page views than the whole day, two weeks ago.

Last night, I did not sleep so happened to tune into BBC Radio Three.  I heard an exquisite rendering of the four ballades of Chopin by Marianna Shirinyan. This was such balm compared with the 24/7 alarmism about the you know what.

Francoise told me that on the Ile de Re in France people are not allowed to walk on the beach – the very activity that would bring health. This has gone crazy. There are no police where I am so I just go about my business.

I have a new problem in that YouTube are removing all the videos they consider ‘fake news’ i.e. those who tell the truth. This adds to my cost because I have to save a video on another platform which costs. No such thing as a free lunch. Also, I am using substantially more bandwidth.  In March I was using 80 GB and goodness knows what it will be this months with rocketing viewing rates.  I can’t really afford to see the costs escalate so I must find some way of getting people to actually donate.  With the state of mind that people are in at the moment that is like getting blood out of a stone so I might get them to buy me a coffee.

To Radstock to the bike shop to have Françoise bike repaired.  I did say to her that she should call but she said that she had called on Wednesday and they said they would be open.  Things change fast.  The shop was closed.  However, we went to a local supermarket called Proper Job and did some comfort buying.

To the allotment to find five or six people working away.  Someone told me that someone in a red car had come into the allotments, wandered around taking snapshots, and disappeared.  A little later on I discovered who it was.  A very irate man rang up saying that we were having bonfires, the third in his experience, his wife’s washing was out, we were going against the local council six o’clock rule, and you can be fined for up to 5000 pounds and he was getting fed up with the whole thing. Funny, I got that from his tone.

Clearly, he was upset but there is a golden rule here.  Before you fire bullets make sure you are firing at the right person and do give the benefit of the doubt.  His tone of voice on the answering machine message gave me no incentive to call him back so I will leave it for a bit.  In fact, the smoke comes from an adjacent garden over which we have no control.  The atmosphere on the allotment was lovely, the sun was shining, and I have a lot of good chats with people.  Tomorrow, we need to plant some potatoes.

I hope Boris Johnson doesn’t wait until people get immunity certificates before allowing people out of their houses otherwise will be sitting here all year.  They don’t have a testing capacity anyway.

My very good friend Andrew sent me a newly published book  called “a burst of conscious light”.  It includes discussion of Near Death Experiences, the Shroud of Turin, and the limitless potential of humanity. No one can accuse him of not taking on a broad remit.

Today, we installed an earthing sheet on our bed which is supposed to be good for sleep and for health.  The king-size was about 150 pounds but if it does the job I shan’t complain.  What price health?

I heard from my son Mark that he’s going to have to suffer a pay cut because of the number of children not wanting education or rather their parents not being able to be there in Thailand.  This Corona thing is affecting everyone.

The birds are singing their hearts out as I type. The sun is setting as the sun normally does in the evenings. Sometimes I state the blindingly obvious but never mind I will get over it I suppose.