Penny Power’s Ponderings – 20th June 2023

by | Jun 20, 2023

Thank you for joining me on my weekly Ponderings, always created from some thoughts that have been playing out in my mind during the past week.


This week I have thought a great deal about the application of ‘love in business’ and the fact it is so hard to build loving relationships in any aspect of our life if we hide behind the mask of our identity.


I am often having deep conversations about the stress business people have in their lives and the source of these chronic stress feelings. As you know, something that is chronic is something that persists for a long time and often repeats itself. I thought a great deal about this when I came through eight chronic years of stress myself, and my big awakening was the fact that I was relying on the identity I had built as a successful entrepreneur, rather than speaking my truth to myself and to others.


It can be really scary to face yourself in the mirror and grieve, accept and identify the ways we are denying ourselves our truth. The gap between our identity and our truth can be the most toxic experience we give ourselves. Basically, we are telling ourselves that we don’t love ourselves truly.


Social Media and the massive rise in online identities has caused so many people to believe their own bull**t and where does it really get them?. The fake it till you make it phrase makes me feel quite sick when I think of it.


I am aware that we have to create positive beliefs and brand about our work and business online, however, we all have to have a safe haven to be our true selves, to allow many people into our hearts that love us in business for the truth and the real us. The greatest phrase around this is that ‘your truth does not impact your credibility’. Our vulnerabilities and need to share a challenge in our life does not mean we are weak, we all know that it means we are strong. It means we have our ego in balance and that we are human.


Creating safe spaces in our life to be with people that love us for who we truly are is one of the most critical mental wellbeing strategies we can create, and I am on a quest to create these spaces, as you know. Twenty-five years of building community with Thomas shows me that each of us can have a great impact when we are inside a safe, loving community.


We all need to belong, we all need to love our true selves. We grow far more when we grow from a place of truth, our real needs, our real ambitions, our real drivers.


I hope this week’s ponderings help you to close your gap, to love yourself and. in doing so, you will love more deeply and enable others to love you.


Have a super week.


With my love

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