Penny Power’s Ponderings – 27 June 2023

by | Jun 27, 2023

Dear Brian

Last week I loved sharing the thoughts I have about the way we can be in danger of hiding our truth behind the identity we feel we have to display in business.

This week I thought I would expand on this from a speech I gave recently to a room of employed people. My talk is called ‘Love in Business’ and explores the way business is personal and we all have human personal and emotional needs.

I use an interaction tool called Mentimeter for instant anonymous feedback from the room. I really like Tony Robbins ‘Six human needs’ and the thinking behind them and I asked the room to vote on which need was not being fulfilled in their work.

The overriding needs they were thirsty to have satisfied were to feel significant to people at work and to be able to personally grow.

Significance is something that is at a dangerously low level for so many people now. To know that we matter to others. The breakdown in community, the lack of social time and the world of remote working makes it so hard to feel that we matter. Social media has delegated this task out, and the ‘like’ and the occasional comment gives people a moment of validation, but it is not enough.

Significance defined as ‘the quality of being worthy of attention’, and it is not surprising that people are crying out for it.

The second more critical need in the room, and I suspect in many of us, is the need to be able to feel we are growing as a person. Tony Robbins describes this as “an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding‘. We all like to feel proud of ourselves and routine tasks that are ticked off on a Trello or Slack board, is not as satisfying as expanding our minds through brainstorming and working with others to solve a challenge.

It is powerful to see the union of these two needs. When we engage in meaningful and purposeful work we will feel we are making a contribution to something and we are more likely to feel significant. So when we are fuelled with a challenge we feel more significant. We all want to be pushed to our limits.

Think about yourself here. How do you get a sense of significance and do you surround yourself with people that help you grow?

Have a super week.

With love

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