Penny Power’s Ponderings – August 22 2023

by | Aug 22, 2023

Hello, thank you again for allowing me to enter your world for a few minutes, I love writing these ponderings and I also really appreciate the feedback I get. Not everyone is deleting my email or reporting spam, so that is a win.

This week I have been back at work fully, at my desk and in touch with many clients. Our 2,300-mile tour of Scotland complete and I am excited to be back. My ponderings this past week have been about how much life can change on a pin; unexpected changes that can knock you sideways, some can be good, some bad, some small and some life-changing.

Our son, Ross, read a book called ‘Life Is In The Transitions’ by Bruce Feiler and, while I have not read it myself, I have become aware of the comfort that this book gives many. He talks of Life Quakes and that life is not linear. We all have unexpected news and changes that can be unwelcomed and some of them are painful. Thomas and I have been through a few, I am sure you have as well.

Years ago I read ‘Embracing Uncertainty’ (with the sub heading ‘achieving peace of mind as we face the unknown’) by Susan Jeffers. The message within her pages that I enjoyed was the fact that it would actually be horrible if we did know our future.

I have been pondering this recently through the lens of motherhood, business ownership, as a Business Community owner and as a Business Mentor, because the stories I hear daily from people are of tenacity, resilience, pivots and the need for them to embrace the unknown and find faith in their future despite their plans being disturbed.

I was discussing this with my daughter, Hannah, when another plan of mine shifted and she said, “You know, Mum, God laughs when you tell him your plan”. So, I also laughed. We have to laugh don’t we?

There are so many variables in life now that can dislodge us. The fast pace of life, the saturation of markets, the economy, and the desire for us all to find some kind of security that many of our parents never struggled with. Perhaps like me, you don’t (or didn’t) have role models of resilience and tenacity during your upbringing, and so you have felt lonely and scared when change is upon you.

Thankfully, Thomas and I have had many ‘life quakes’ and we always know that the next step will be an adventure and will take us forward, never backwards. I don’t fear change now, but I also don’t hold onto Plan A. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has written a brilliant book for anyone that needs to dig deep to find their resilience. ‘Option B’, was written through the pain of the sudden death of her husband, and within her pages she interviews many people who have overcome challenges. Her message is about the danger of keeping to Option A, a plan that is no longer possible, and the benefits of finding your Option B.

The joy Thomas and I have of speaking to literally thousands of people about their life and business stories has shown us that life is definitely not linear. So, if by any chance while you read my ponderings, you are feeling a heavy load, know that I send my love and also my trust in knowing that your sun will shine again. Embrace the uncertainty, except the transition and perhaps enjoy your Option B. Our Option B, has turned out far better than our Option A was. Life is like that, and that is why God laughs.

With love


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