Sanity and Insanity – where do we go when we die?

by | Jul 3, 2023

BJ – My compilations of thoughts have reached about 12 so far and when I revisit them it’s a little bit like having a greenhouse and tending plants. Nothing is static including my own learning and I tend to tweak ideas here and there. The whole thing is very therapeutic. We know that words and ideas have energy so making clean and unambiguous thoughts which is a part of our energy field seems to me to be good for the health.

JB – We might well discuss the definition of sanity. I mean how do you determine it well it’s a bit like Rene Descatres ” I think therefore I am. It is not a tautological statement (needless repetition of an idea, statement, or word) because the criteria on which you define it are very difficult.

BJ – If if you use it as a measure of how you interact with other people in other words if my reference group relates to me well then I can’t be insane. That’s one criter but you could all be seriously off what are the absolute criteria?

JB – 30 million people in this country have taken a vaccine. Is that same?

BJ – There are same actions and sane thoughts. I haven’t looked up the etymology of sanity very fully (pause whilst I do it). most of the most of the definitions of mechanistic and bloody wasted time yeah

“The state of having a healthy mind and not being mentally ill: He’d been behaving so strangely that they began to doubt / question his sanity. to keep / preserve / retain your sanity the fact of showing good judgment and understanding: The closer we got to the deadline for action, the more I questioned the sanity of the decision we had taken.”

JB – words not used appropriately can be very fluffy in their in their definition. Turning to the word n about the word ‘ice’ we were not allowed to use the word nice in my grammar school. They said ‘Nice is not a nice word’. I was taught that so when I write I very rarely use that word.

BJ I think it’s the most meaningless word it’s like people call me locally my lovely or my darling. Oh my darling I neither I’m not a darling type definitely and as for my lovely well that’s a matter of opinion but they call everybody and it just devalues the whole thing. They could try my using my name which is Brian.

Yesterday’s diary was lovely. I went rambled through an area near south of Frome, of 2,000 acres. It is beautifully maintained and it was it was just such a pleasure to walk in and talk informally and meet people on the way. You talk to the dog and wonder if the dog attack and if it doesn’t smell me am I not interesting enough? It just gives me such a refreshment of soul so I could say a dose of sanity.

I think there’s normality and sanity. I think sanity is basic functionality. Maybe we learn via the antonym. What are insane people like? actually and you have to look at people who are insane. If you’re in a prison cell on your own you go insane because you can’t relate to anyone or even set eyes on anyone. People can go mad because they miss feedback from others. We are hard wired as pack animals so to speak.

There is the basic minima that we need access to in order to avoid insanity. Is there such a thing as collective insanity as with the vaccinations.

JB – and the climate change nonsense …. and almost everything. The problem is if I go around preaching that all of these things are a con it’s quite likely a great number of people are going to think I’m insane.

BJ – And I believe the early disciples people thought they were in saying because they were speaking in tongues

JB – I bring those little points up because some of these words can get very fluffy if inappropriately used and a lot of people especially sociologists use these fluffy words like they are hard words as if they have their solid meaning.

BJ – I’m not sure what I’m going to call this essay maybe I will title it ‘normally’ but that I know is only a component.

People who choose to live on their own have developed characteristics that they require to remain same thing to do to go into it  because otherwise they couldn’t be functional so I think functionality is a part of sanity.

JB – there is going to be a normality to the metaverse when it comes. The same argument can be can be made for coming into reality in the first place from insubstantial dimensions.

It like you said normality is almost like a group effort. If you’re with a bunch of people and they’re all behaving in a similar sort of ways and it becomes a normality. It doesn’t mean it’s necessary right or logical. Its a repeat of the Hitler thing, the Germans and  now the vaccines and the climate change and all of those things. They are using these same principles to effectively get a whole group of people to think in a ‘new normal’ way and they are doing very well. They have really studied the mechanisms by which you can persuade people of the veracity of your argument.

Definition of words including the word ‘normal’.

Normal – the definition depends on which discipline you are using the term with. For example in psychology:

Normality is a behavior that can be normal for an individual (intrapersonal normality) when it is consistent with the most common behavior for that person. Normal is also used to describe individual behavior that conforms to the most common behavior in society (known as conformity).

Whereas a norm:

Norms are a fundamental concept in the social sciences. They are most commonly defined as rules or expectations that are socially enforced. Norms may be prescriptive (encouraging positive behavior; for example, “be honest”) or proscriptive (discouraging negative behavior; for example, “do not cheat”)

Normalisation has many meanings in science and statistics. If we are talking about behaviour then

Normalization refers to social processes through which ideas and actions come to be seen as ‘normal’ and become taken-for-granted or ‘natural’ in everyday life. There are different behavioral attitudes that humans accept as normal, such as grief for a loved one, avoiding danger, and not participating in cannibalism.

The ‘New Normal’ is political in nature

A year after COVID-19 pandemic has emerged, we have suddenly been forced to adapt to the ‘new normal’: work-from-home setting, parents home-schooling their children in a new blended learning setting, lockdown and quarantine, and the mandatory wearing of face mask and face shields in public.

BJ – I was going to go to a lecture where somebody was going to talk about zero carbon and I felt like saying ‘look, the wind blows from the Atlantic’ If you kill cows here that’s not going to affect anything. Carbon is only 0.04% of the atmosphere yet it is vital for plant growth, trees etc. We actually need more.  Why do they not have one single scientist giving a countervailing view?

JB – most scientists have been cancelled;  they’ve been blocked because they all know it is rubbish.

BJ – so we can have collective abnormality really and collective insanity and as the nudge unit and their paper written in 2010. They want to change people without their realizing it they’re doing it. I seem to have two life roles, writing and speaking, and so far not much has manifested but it could be that just one personal action somewhere could tip the balance as with  Rosa Parkes and her refusal to give up her seat on the bus.

You just never know when TPTB  the powers that be will give the opportunity to do this and obviously you have to be a worthy vessel. I’m very observant of my own behavior to make sure there are good standards at all times. Of course I regularly fail but at least I have this as some sort of measure.

BJ How many sane ones are left including Christians? Are you ready to die?

JB – yes.

BJ -I’m looking forward

JB – not really I mean I’ve got stuff I think would still beneficial and useful to do and I’m in pretty good health so therefore I have an expectation that I can complete certain tasks.

… reminiscence of a pub where we used to drink which has now closed……

BJ – I am afraid the closures are going to come thick and fast not only because of the destructive agenda for society  but  because when they get us to retrospectively fit our own houses because it doesn’t support their lunatic agenda. What’s going to stop them? I don’t know.

JB – I mean France are doing the right things but burning everything. I wouldn’t blame people here in the UK for reacting against this madness and stupidity

BJ – I mean we don’t know what the tipping point is and all the psychics and mystics are saying ‘oh they’ve lost already and the forces of good will come. Maybe there will be the return of Enki.

JB – we’re going to have to be patient for that

BJ – The only factor that matters is our collective consciousness. And there is nothing else and people who say Jesus come and save us …

JB – and they don’t understand the point and the logic of it.

BJ What about the second coming of Jesus which was expected in the first century. And they say don’t worry it will be soon and they are not ‘getting it’ after 20th centuries that it’s not going to happen in the way we think.

JB – correct in what you say

I dont think there is going to be someone walking through the streets going I am Christ. I think there will be an effect that is propagated through the planet based on what whoever is left. If those people are commensurate and congruent with the the feelings of being able to go to what we typically call Heaven, then they will actually go. That’s what’s going to happen effectively constitutes a mechanism for people that have that sort of mind set when they die otherwise they will effect a comeback or they will rest in the edges of atoms to be ghosts.

BJ – So heaven is going to happen is just a continuation of the present life with the vectors of thrust you already have but you just to cast off this particular body.

JB – Yes its your intention, you actually use your will to be in that place where all Souls are essentially one thing, which means that this is why you have to practice bringing things together in this life time.

Some would say being nice to people but but nice isn’t the correct word. You’ve got to be appropriately nice. Niceness is not always perceived as being kindness. You need wisdom. Caring is not Necessarily observably nice or kind. We are essentially talking about tough love You’re talking about tough love. Sometimes if somebody’s got a problem or whatever and you observe it from the outside it’s better to tell them than to just ignore it. Is this being nice and you don’t get thanks it. The point is that you recognize that togetherness will bring things together. Addition is a more more powerful simulation of what where it is you want to go.

The key is in terms of the way in which you think because all you are left with is thought at the end, or do you want to put your thought into separateness and to hold materialism as your sort of main tenant of life. There is no punishment or anything like that, you go where you fit.

BJ The law of cause and effect. Too simple to be true. I think you can get stuck in an image of yourself that bus not change.

I was watching Julia Hartley Brewer on UK news or and she has people on and the only reason she has them on is to be a trigger for her announcing her own points of view. You can’t be the interviewer and the interviewee at the same time. There are very few people who are good interviewers, Michael Salla (UFO’s etc) listens to people. I could number on the fingers of one hand the good interviewers. The rest their ego gets in the way. Do you have a favorite?

JB – the guys on Epoch Times are good. I don’t have a specific favorite.

JB – I get worried when people like me.

BJ – If people are not made uncomfortable by us then we are seriously derelict. It’s a bit like someone who’s driving along the road the wrong way. You say ‘excuse me you’re driving the wrong way’. They’re not going to thank you. Well they will thank you eventually but they’ve got to turn around and they don’t want to turn around.

How can this chapter be described? What we are talking about is what is abnormal. are we as a consensus of the prevailing group

BJ – are we saying that normally is relativistic and sanity is absolute as a quality.

JB – sanity by a definition is illogical. logic seems to transcend everything and therefore if something is illogical it can be considered to be un sane from a big perspective. Insanity in terms of society is really anything that doesn’t conform to the norms and rules of that Society. You would be considered insane if you start disagreeing with the prevailing thoughts and memes etc.

Consider the saying that “in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. And that’s not true because in the land of the blind they will kill the one-eyed, They will say ‘dont do this or dont do that so that will be the difference, so the situation would be insane again. Difference is really the salient thing here.

BJ – From my aphorism book “Can we put our heads above the parapet just a little bit? Will people notice?” Now there is a obviously a problem with this. You either stick your head up or you don’t and if you do you’ll be seen and attacked. I really feel sorry for people who are working, you know, employees in particular because they have to assent to all sorts of nonsense especially teachers by the way.

JB – There were rules about what I could teach. I couldn’t tell people about the stuff I am aware of but I could imply  and find subtle ways around the limitations. My students came to me later as they continue to talk to me. They said those things that we discussed were really important in their lives now. There was apparently not material directly to do with what I was supposed to be teaching them.

BJ – do you think France (the riots) is the turning point in all this?

JB – It may be. The thing is you cant tell. It depends on how powerfully they suppress it and how much fight there is in the people left If they could trigger it …… it’s already beginning in Switzerland as well.

BJ – and Sweden. They have kicked everything out. It just depends on who’s going to break from the press point of view they’re all bribed to Hell. The BBC will never do it because they received 62 million pounds from Bill Gates. GB news …  I don’t know where they’re funding comes from. I think it’s Middle East somewhere but you know you’ve got to look at the funding and then you know how much truth you’re going to get.

I get no funding so the 100% truth from me. I don’t think you can under understand anything about any subject unless you look at our origins in space unless you take an exopolitical point of view because we’re so local we’re like saying you know Clapham Junction is the only station on the on the British Rail system.

JB – Its like standing on Clapham Junction station there are no such thing as trains.

BJ – Oh, one more thing.  Do you think the Holy Spirit is like Batman in other words people  ask indeed beg that the Holy Spirit come upon us as if the Holy Spirit is sitting in a box somewhere waiting to be called and it comes. Is this a Catholic thing?

JB – The Holy Spirit is your own soul. It’s nothing else.  Calling upon it is just recognizing that part of you which is in the other universe. We could say ‘focusing on it’. It is not ‘outside’.

BJ – our own soul is the intermediary between us moral people and the spiritual realm. The functionality of that gateway is described in the article here.   What are the seven roles of the Holy Spirit.









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