Volvo V70

And off we go – our first break for…. far too long

I try to plan as far ahead as possible but in spite of that I always forget one thing, in this case it was a portable Digital clock which would have been nice to refer to during a waiting period at night. Much more environmentally friendly than having my mobile phone switched on next to my ear. Our journey will involve a visit to Much Wenlock in Shropshire for three nights, a rendezvous with a...

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A failed expedition to get a spare key for my Volvo

  I recently bought an old Volvo V70 for  £1250, spent about £400 on a couple of new tyres and a complete oil change and there was only one trouble with the car and that was that it had only one set of keys. Anyone who has had dealings with Volvo know how security conscious they are. I rang up a Volvo outlet to be told that the cost of getting a new key would be £250 which includes the key...

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