The Second Coming of Jesus – where is he?

by | May 10, 2023

This is from a conversation with Elena Danaan and Dr Michael Salla about ‘the return’ of Jesus.

Dr Michael – The religious community have been brainwashed by the idea of negative extra-terrestrials and some of it is coming out. At the heart of the Judaeo-Christian or Abrahamic faiths is this supreme deity called Yahweh or Jehovah and there is a lot of debate about who this being is. Is this an all-powerful God that stands above all other Gods or ET’s or is it just one ET imposter pretending to be an all-powerful God fooling the religious community into believing that he is this all-powerful being. Yet all he is, is just one among many different extra-terrestrials that he could be enlil or Marduk.


Elena Danaan – The god of the ancient testament, Yahweh, was a bloodthirsty evil entity. He was called a Master of War and there are many texts by bible scholars that have researched this topic and they are very good at saying the same thing – corroborating ancient texts. Yahweh was an Anunnaki god and from my information he was Enlil.  This means the master of war and we know that he was reptilian. He had no empathy and he totally fits the god of the ancient testament. His aim was to keep humanity enslaved and arguing with each other. He was constantly  asking everybody to bash each other, to slaughter each other. There was an episode where Yahweh asked for 32 virgin girls for himself … This was not a God of love.

The notion of God is something that humans themselves put on extra-terrestrials who are almighty and wanted to be worshiped.  There is also the notion of god that is archetypal or an * egregore for the environment that the humans did not understand but in the case of Yahweh it was a real person, a real extra terrestrial and he was really evil and playing out  and his opponent was Enki who tried to help humanity and tried to save the damages and Yeshua was an envoy from Enki had engineered with his scientists and this activated the bloodline with Adam or adapa and this ‘Royal’ bloodline of activated humans activated humans. That means that we have all in ourselves these abilities. Yeshua was saying ‘everything I can do, you can do also’.

* Egregore is an occult concept representing a non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people. Historically, the concept referred to angelic beings, or watchers, and the specific rituals and practices associated with them,

Yeshua was living at the moment where the Roman Empire was taking so much power and everything was really going badly and Yahweh was really taking power (from Anhil?).  So Yeshua was sent to turn the population against Yahweh and tell them that is is not the real God. You have the Kingdom of God within yourselves, and teaching them love and compassion. It ended badly for Yeshua. So to repeat, Yahweh was an evil entity.  The truths are coming out. I am not the only one to say these types of things.  Scholars can study the texts and prove it.

The Christians may be a bit lost learning about that but when they learn that the Roman Empire has shifted into the Holy Roman Empire it is still the same people. There was a religion growing so they assimilated it and took it as a tool for power. The institution (of the Vatican) is evil based on evil reptilian entities including the Ciakahrr which are gone now but the institution itself though crumbling still has some power and the Christians are starting to be faced with this truth but there is a solution, a way. What do Christians want? They want to honor an entity of love and fraternity. Well that’s  the creator source – the source of creation.

That’s not a god it’s a source of consciousness, of energy so Yeshua or Jesus was sent to say that if people just stay Christians but just shift to stick to what the Yeshua was teaching people it is still Christianity and it is the real Christianity. Its all about love and helping each other and having direct connection with creator source. Jesus never spoke about churches or priests; he fought the priests. When he was judged by Pontious Pilate he said that he did not want to crucify Yeshua  but the priests of Yahweh said ‘ you need to crucify this man because he is telling lies. The real power God is Yahweh and its the Roman Empire and its the Roman Emperor so you need  to get rid of this guy who is just annoying everyone. That’s what happened.   When people realize this truth, that’s going to be a big change.

Dr Salla- I think that’s going to be part of the revelation and its worth pointing out that I agree with you about the Catholic Church having been taken over by reptilians very early on and it goes back to the early period of Christianity because a lot of people dont know… they think there are four gospels in the bible New Testament Mathew Mark Luke and John.  There were actually another four gospels so eight in all. The gospel of Mary, Philip, Thomas and the Gospel of Truth. These were giving a very different picture of Christianity, of Jesus, and they described that Jesus was emphasizing the light within that he was advocating  that his followers learned to embrace the Light within. He was there to help people connect with that inner light.

What the Catholic church did was that with the help of the Roman Empire they had the other four gospels that talked about Jesus encouraging his followers to  find the light within, that women were actually equal to the men in that journey, that Mary was one of the leading apostles not Peter.  Mary Magdalene was the one that had the deepest understanding of Jesus’s teachings. That is very clear in the gospel of Philip but that was all suppressed because when the Roman Empire decided to convert to Christianity they were interested  in power and hierarchy and they asked ‘ how do we do this?’ so they talked to the leading Christian bishops and they came up with this scheme so they said – we want you to create a hierarchy where at the top you have a pope, then bishops, priests and then the people  and you will have everything you need to make that happen.

So the orthodox Christians suppressed all knowledge of these other four gospels  and suppressed all the historical memory of the gnostics and it was only until 1945 with the discovery Naj hamadi when the Gnostic texts were discovered that all of this came out, so this is being suppressed even now.

I think this will come out and in the four suppressed Gnostic gospels it’s very clear that Jesus told everyone to find the light within because that light within is part of the universal light which si the father, which is God.  This being that calls himself God, Yahweh, was in fact the demiurge. He is a pretender.  That is part of the Gnostic teachings.  This will be a watershed for Christians around the world and I assume that Jews and Muslims will go through their own process.

Elena – It is not a state crumbling down. They must not see it like this.  They must see that the institution has lied to people to manipulate them is what is crumbling.  The faith can remain in the good things – the love – the connection to the creator inside. Go back to the teaching of Yeshua.

The groups including the Anunnaki were the protagonists. You have Anlil playing Yahweh. Sometime it was swapping but most times it was this.  Anlil playing Yahweh, Marduk playing Satan and Ninota playing Allah.  Enki was there as well and he was the one who told Noah to build the Ark because Noeh was the carrier of the bloodline of the activated people. Enki was behind the scenes always trying to save the deactivated people to ensure that this genetic strand stays in the population and multiply and spread out. It’s like Anki installed an antivirus population  with activated DNA so that people who are descendants of this bloodline, a lot of people currently, have activated powers especially healing and paranormal powers and that’s how we are normally when we are activated so it was a good move.

Michael – so when we come to this idea at the core of a lot of evangelical Christians which is  the return of Jesus, with the emergence of the Seeders, with the rise of the space arks, with the return of Enki or Prince Ea. Are we talking about the return of a real historical being in Jesus or are we talking about the teachings that he promoted and that is what is returning.

Elena – Jesus is not returning as himself or as a being. It is the frequency of his blood line.  It is his spirit, his teachings as you say.  That’s totally it. Now we are in the time where the Catholic institution is crumbling  and also other fake institutions based on the enslavement of the population by ignorance and submission, and when that crumbles there’s the renaissance of this faith in humanity. Faith in who we are and faith in the direct connection with God or the creator or a source because we are a fractal of it and that is what I am fighting to tell everyone. Yes we are made in the image of the creator, not the bodies, people!  The Soul!  We are fractals. The consciousness is a fractal of source.  As we are such a fractal we have the quantum entanglement to create a source and just by meditation and just centering our thoughts into who we are and our own frequency we have a direct line with God.

We dont need churches and institutions. What is it? It is power control and fear pressure. To tell that a baby is born with sin – what is wrong with you people. You know its not right. We are coming back to the truth and you know the saying ‘The truth shall set you free‘ but first it has to shatter your illusions, and that is not enjoyable but it needs to happen. So, to go through this change go back to the essentials. You own direct connection. If the Christians want to stay Christians  then study Yeshua. That is true Christianity.  I am not a Christian but I would do that anyway.

Michael – yes we when you get to the truth then Yeshua was really a dissident. Jesus was a dissident. He was persecuted because he wanted to empower people. He wanted them to go within and find the light within, not to give their power away to priests and hierarchies. That’s why they crucified him.  It is ironic that the church perpetuated that but  there those Christians that kept that alive and I think this is one of those things that is going to be really amazing for those that follow the Christian teachings that this true knowledge is going  to come out and I think this disclosure is going to have something in it for everybody.





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