Quantum Entanglement

by | Apr 28, 2023

…All living things are required to observe and make real all non-living things, and all non-living things are entangled in the same way at a different level because of the consequence of the living things, all of which are entangled.

BJ so it’s the living vs the dead

JB so the whole story is to do with that.

BJ so the net is multidimensional so we can’t get away from anything

JB not if you are conscious and if you are not conscious there is nothing to observe so there is no consequence of anything. Nothing moves without consciousness so time is a function of consciousness because it allows for change.

BJ so when we say that time flies, we mean that we have gone out of time a little bit.

JB So it means that our time reference frame is less enforced than normal so you can set your reference frame in time to that of the atoms around you minus the order that you are putting into your living system.

BJ – there is a beautiful equation there somewhere.  The thought of it is like having a cream cake.

JB – so that is one way of looking at the thing. Look at the same thing from a different perspective.

BJ – I think the perspective points are going to make or break us. What I have difficulty with is the space between atoms because that is enormously small.

JB – If you get a lot of atoms in a lot of space you get a lot of space and since atoms are 98% space and 2% tension then there is nothing there really.

BJ I think that requires major de-programming on the part of most of us.

JB – look at the scale of an atom, the electron is miles and miles away from the proton. If you make a proton the size of a tennis ball the electron is 1028th the size of the proton. A tiny pea compared with a basketball and they would be hundreds of miles apart so the representational space is vast.

But if that happens in every atom and if electrons are just a fuzzy tension, then they are not real particles then you are talking about different graduations of the twisting of space. You are twisting that dimension. Space follows that dimension. That is why we say that space is twisted. Not as such but it is following a twist. So what we think is a straight line is not a straight line in dimensional terms. There is a curvature to it.

BJ That’s why time travel is possible and why aliens or anyone really can whiz along.

JB – not with the atoms you can’t

BJ – atoms is the slow way

BJ reading about aliens is transforming my view of the planet which is busily blowing itself up. If there are civilizations that have reached a state of harmony it is lovely just to think about them

BJ as a man thinks so he is.

JB – What the bleep do we know. I have a five-disc set. It explains entanglement beautifully. Spiritual and scientific component. The correctness of it is still there. MP$ can go on a disc. I benefited from seeing it again.

BJ we need regular updates in our perceptive bubbles otherwise we will get sucked in and even people who are au fait with something they still need to refresh themselves.

How do you feel being on an evil planet. Would you not rather be on a planet where everyone smiled at each other and had wings? Do you like it here?

JB – the problem is that you are always where you want to be. We try to convince ourselves that we want to be somewhere else but if we really wanted that, and understood enough to be that, we would be there. This is the whole point. You make your own existence. At the moment I have so much to do and I am learning by doing it, all sorts of different things, but this also relaxes me enough to continue to sturdy and gain increased clarity on what it is I understand. Overall, it is a good thing. Moderation in all things including moderation. Find activities that enable a balance e.g. having a drink in a pub. It is the variety that I think keeps one going.

BJ – I chop a few logs when I feel like it……  I find the BBC is toxic. You only get the filtered narrative. Why are WOKE people so called because they are so asleep. What is the matter with them. I think the Democratic party are the destructors of the planet. What are we awoke to? Is this a bad joke?

JB – it is the machinisation, the algarythmization of humanity. Everything needs a rule. Once you have these rules all in place then a machine can handle that. They are trying to explain life in a way that they can order people around. Everything you think and do is part of the machine system. They have got to make it fit. It is conformation and compliance.

BJ This ‘Just Stop Oil’. Can they not see that if you drive somewhere by car you are using oil

JB – they are self-defeating. It is complete nonsense. What is the oil doing? The main thing is that it is producing Carbon Dioxide. They have got into the carbon cycle and have weaponized it. It is an essential system in the living process. The reason for that is that the people behind them can make an awful lot of money out of it. It is furthering the rape of human freedom. So the acolytes, those who are sticking themselves to the roads are just fools. They don’t have a clue how to explain any of it.

BJ – don’t glue yourself to the ground in France. They will yank you off the streets. I think it is pathetic. We need 6 policemen to take golliwogs out of a pub and yet if there is a rape case, they go in prison for two days or something. Its just mad.


Is there a connection between quantum physics and positive thinking? by Mitch Horowitz. from the New Dawn Magazine.  Good brain-stretching stuff.

Quantum Entanglement Shatters Einstein’s Local Causality: The Future of Computing and Cryptography. SciTechDaily May 11 2023

How scientists proved the universe is NOT REAL: Nobel Prize winning proof EXPLAINED a deep dive into science and spirituality. ‘Everything that we call real is made up of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” ~ Niels Bohr, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.





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