I hate being looked ‘up and down’ (being judged by appearance)

Slept reasonably well. If I am breathless I normally get up and sleep on the sofa in the living room. I may or may not watch a little bit of TV before dozing off. This morning I made some porridge with the aforementioned raspberries. I found that this fruit has a remarkable and instant effect on any acidic problems I have in my stomach. Shortly after 9 am the phone rang (normally not a good...

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If this topic is unfamiliar to you then watch here. It it outstanding. 1:19:46

I almost never post videos on my diary page but this is so good and REAL that it did me good as an example for the priorities that I should have 24/7 Veteran Clinically DEAD For 10 minutes; Had A Chat With Jesus Face To Face - Goosebumps! (NDE) This guy is so convincing. He was a hard guy - a Vietnam Vet. but his near death experiences changed his life. Click here.  

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Exopolitics Special. UFO’s ET’s Time travel – you name it

I am using this post as storage for a number of excellent videos on the topic of life beyond earth.  Sometimes I think that focusing on this is the only way of staying sane. In what part of a pile of s h i t do you want to sit in?  For some semblance of mind let us focus our minds on the big picture. It will  be added to and published at some time. NB - I have decided to transfer all this type...

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The world of the MedBed

So last night I tried the medbed, which is a futuristic device utilizing quantum entanglement. Se a rather glorious picture of it here.In order to take part you don't need to visit anywhere. You need to upload a picture of where you will be lying be it a bed or chair. You then send in the picture to the office in Switzerland. At a time determined by you, you sit or lie down in a location related...

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Near Death Experience, and a day meeting people

If you are the slightest bit 'down' then do watch this video.  We all believe in 'life after death' but this is a living breathing example of the reality. So today, a lovely sunny Saturday, we became part of the Somerset art trail, which takes place for a roughly one week period in the Autumn. We first went to Shepton Mallet to the prison to see...

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An enforced break from work

I have just returned from a pre-medical visit at the Sulis Centre, a branch of the NHS, in Peasedown here in Somerset.  It was an hour's worth of appointment and it flew by.  I am having  hernia operation next week and for many reasons which I assume not being sued I had to go over all my details including any past insults to the body, all medications, any allergies. As I am to be under general...

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