What is the brain?

by | Nov 6, 2022

BJ – What is the brain? I reckon that the whole body/aura is the brain of which the brain itself is just a symbol and storer of junk data. It stores all the bad things or indeed everything that has happened to you throughout your life

JB – The brain is just a coordination centre.

BJ what about the whole body including the aura. What about that being the brain? What is not the brain?

JB – well it all is. It is all alive. It is all mind. Mind is everywhere. The brain is the brain. It is a computing centre that processes morphic fields into discernible abilities to work in a physical universe.
BJ – so it’s just a translator but not a complete translator or it was but we have messed it up.
JB – it’s a translator into physicality, to report physicality back into consciousness.
BJ – so it is not the originator, it is the translator.
JB – It’s a translator. The MIND is the interface between the two things. When you die you only have the consciousness left. You don’t have ‘mind’ in that sense. You have a much broader perspective because you have access and experience of the fields beyond death.

BJ – so your bandwidth increased as the interfering factors have been removed.
JB – potentially, depending on how much you allow it in life. You only set the dials here. When you get there, you cannot change it. The brain is just a computer. Its very sophisticated the way it works. Consciousness does not require a brain. Its main function is to coordinate itself in three-dimensional space. Three-dimensional space is twisted. So, you need something that is made of that twist to interpret what the twist is telling you.
BJ – if we were not in this universe, we would not need a brain.
JB – absolutely. That’s why you have light beings. That’s why you cannot see dead people because they are made of neutrinos and not of protons and electrons, and they are two dimensional so consciousness is a 2-dimensional thing which is interposed in the structure of the way in which three dimensions is constructed.

It works at a tangent in the spaces between atoms. It’s like a soap bubble. If you have three bubbles which join together you have a flat surface between them. That is where consciousness is – the space between atoms, right at that interface and that is 2-dimensional, and the rest is all twisted.

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