Will the truth survive?

by | Nov 30, 2022

BJ – can science survive?

JB – it is dead. That’s why I left it. If you have to change the very definition of what it is to fit society and the people who run it then there is no validity to it.

BJ what comes after science apart from AI and technocracy. It’s a big hole that is being filled in the wrong way.

JB – absolutely it is and that is the distraction of the human race because souls cannot come in to pay off karma or resolve karma. Its better to say it like that. … and move on so the whole thing bottle-necks and eventually we get a species change downwards and the planet is of no further use at that level for the souls to use as a mechanism of coming into life.

BJ what happens to the planet. It either shudders to a stop or it has got to be redeemed.

JB – the problem is that you go into this sort of limbo state where they can recapture you each time you die and send you back again so effectively you become a slave. This is what all this metaverse thing is all about. It is taking away your individuality so that you are no longer able to exercise will and if you cannot do that you are effectively a machine and this is what they want people to be.

BJ – Bhattacharya was saying that he noticed a decline in people’s mental ability – to think even – Mike Yeadon said that he could explain things until he is blue in the face – he just cannot get through.

JB – each person has their own way of expressing what they believe; their bandwidth of restriction – we all are like this – that’s what makes individuality, which is made by restrictions and not by freedoms.

BJ – so we are all weird in different ways

JB – when you lose all these restrictions you effectively join together as the singularity as you really are inside…. Without consciousness you cannot generate a compass. You cannot know. You have to be outside the system to see where things are going. So – a machine – you cannot make life you cannot make anything that will have rational behavior because there is no compass at all. Its just a material function.

BJ – re effects of 5G – lipid particles can look like circuits.

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