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Frome Christian Mens Group meeting

As you may know I have featured hundreds of posters since I started this diary. Some are on the mark and some are not. The above gives a very powerful visual message about what correct advice can do. I saw it in the church hall in which we had our men's breakfast this morning Up early this morning to attend the Christian men's breakfast in Frome. It is always a pleasure to meet articulated...

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Cease Fire? + a room full of strangers + An amazing Frome bookshop

Dreams about Vegans The day began early with waking up from a dream. I was in a very large camp of Vegans. They had cooked mountains of vegetables which they laid out in steaming bowls on trestle tables and most of it looked the same. I sat down at a table where, strangely, meat was available and I was offered a portion but did not take it because I felt that they were doing it just out of...

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A multi coloured day – Rockaway Park -Frome Carnival

Finding professional help I continue my search for a suitable helper for developing this website. I thought I would try People per Hour  ( which is a site that many professionals use to get help by the hour. It is interesting how many people do not read the brief before applying.  My brief specifically said that I want someone from Somerset  here in the United Kingdom as it is...

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Things not what they seem + Frome Writers Collective

I have always had a strong desire for the truth, I find lies and omissions bordering on sacrilegious and whenever I see a lie I want to expose it. Again following the example of Samuel Pepys, from time to time I include political and controversial things.  For controversial please read 'material causing people to think'.  When I have had my coffee and glanced at the latest news I switch on my...

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Frome Open Gardens – a feast to inspire everyone

No less than 44 gardens to visit over a period of three days. For some reason we did not prioritize the visiting due mainly to the weather but we made up for it today Sunday. I can only give you a fraction of the amazing and original gardens that we visited with the added privilege of meeting the proud owners. Who needs a book on garden development when you can see it all before your very eyes?...

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A pictorial record of my visit today to Frome Somerset

Lovely sunshine and blue skies. A cool wind so you want to stay in the sun. A visit to my acupuncturist Martin who focused on my kidney and my heart. He found an arrhythmia  in my heart and recommended I get a check up via the doctor. My stomach problems that have been plaguing me for years have eased due to a change in my attitude fostered by Martin particularly by telling me that gastric...

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