Passing the time of day – Somerset style

I’m glad to say that my diary is not very full at the moment. Today I took out an advert for gardening, the means of our keeping on top of things financially, but basically we have been in hibernation, early spring cleaning, throwing out the material we don’t need, and just generally ‘being’. I quite like just sitting in front of the fire, yes it’s a real one, and enjoying its warmth and feel. It’s never the same sitting in front of a radiator.

I am suffering from various permutations and combinations of stomach problems including a new course which consists of pills training to restore your energy spectrum to characteristics of an earlier time in your life in other words rejuvenation. These pills are very strong and they do conflict with my stomach condition and that is something that you can only find out through experimentation since no course of pills can be tested against each individual circumstance.

We have some drama this morning with an overflowing sink. Looking outside we saw dirty dishwashing water flowing over the flower beds. I called in my trusty plumber Robert and we did our best to find out what was going on. Robert told me of his mother who had trouble with their plumbing, a blockage, they called Dynorod. They were told that there was no callout charge. After 15 min work, the chap submitted a bill for £90 because it was a diagnosis. I do hate being taken for a ride so we decided to be creative, face the problem, and deal with it on a commonsense basis.

First of all I tried to clear it with some drain rods but the angle was too great for the boards to end in and we did try from both ends so we then had plan two and plan three.

The drain had not been cleaned for years so after unsuccessfully trying to jet wash it and noticing some small pieces of masonry jumping up and down I decided to go for broke and buy some of this evil drain unblocker which is actually 95% sulphuric acid. It is absolutely essential to teach yourself up with glasses, gloves and waterproof clothing. The people in the shop told me that one drop had jumped up into someone’s face and he had to go to hospital to save the sight of his eye. With great caution I poured in 1 L of this evil liquid and immediately it started frothing and smoking. It should never be used indoors by the way. The shop who sold it to me thought they would soon stop selling it because it was so dangerous and they would not have sold it to me without knowing who I was working with in this case Robert my plumber.

Anyway I left it for about 10 minutes then try flushing the whole with running water and we saw the first signs of a dribble down to the main drain. We filled the sink and increase the volume. It is not entirely free but it will do. My total costs were £18 for the rods and £11 for the evil acid but it is certainly better than paying someone six or seven times as much.


I have finished reading the second of two books on the BBC. As I may have mentioned before, we might as well call the BBC the British Marxist Corporation. They cannot resist political correctness which was a Marxist device developed in the 1920s in Germany by a group of Frankfurt group and they cannot resist marginalising Christianity and other traditional values. I think in order to remain sane in this world, great strength of character is required. It is made much easier for me because I have a very supportive spouse but I honestly don’t know how I could survive on my own. It is the everyday conversation and support that is so necessary for the human being.


I’ve just been watching a rather dystopian video on YouTube, “Six deceptions  needed for Agenda 21”. If you want to know what sort of world is planned for us all then I suggest that this video is part of your general education, ghastly though it may be.  It is an open question whether one individual can make any change at all but I think we at least need to be aware of what is on the cards. it is in a way a numbers game in that the more people are aware and on a certain level of consciousness, change of the right sort can take place.

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