Words of wisdom from Sir Bernard Ingham.

Yesterday, to a physiotherapist. I see I should have gone a couple of years ago after my big accident when I broke five ribs. Unbeknownst to me the ribs had gone out of alignment and I had been functioning at less than 100% ever since. A recent manifestation on a weak spot has caused a cascade of pain in my left rib cage and shoulders. I must now spend a considerable amount of time and money getting this re-aligned. The problem is that once the human body has got used to something being out of order it remembers it. The human body has to be retrained to normality. Fortunately all this is happening outside the garden season which is my main source of income during the year. Lessons learnt. Finally.


The fact that I even know who Bernard Ingham is dates me. But there are some people that are the source of common sense and they have something that the youngsters do not have, a reflection on how times have changed and what we need to do.

I’m  reproducing an article from the Yorkshire Post by Bernard which I think sums up the whole thing very well. In my two years of writing this diary this is the first time I have ever done this:

“This is our society and we shall all have to clean it up”

Do you remember Moral Re-armanent, the movement founded in the 1930s by an American cleric, Frank Buchman, who thought that military re-armament alone would not solve the problem? It attracted much criticism, perhaps not surprisingly since idealistically it sought absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and love. I was always wary of it, even if the Russians accused it of “supplanting the inevitable class war by the eternal struggle between good and evil”. MRA is now called ‘Initiatives for Change’ and is based in Switzerland. We do not hear much, if anything, about it but, by Jove, we need to think seriously about its objectives. Frankly, society – and politics – is going to pot.

The “magnificent seven” as the Labour defectors are called – and the threat of Tory resignations – just one aspect of it. Westminster is in a mess. You may feel my dismay is inconsistent in one resolved to look on the bright side. Not so. If history is any guide this could be the darkest hour before the dawn.

Human nature, if only out of self-preservation, swings from one extreme to the other. The reaction cannot come soon enough if Britain – indeed the world is to become a better place for generations unborn.

Off the top of my head I have in my Islamist terror risk corruption, the Communists determination to succeed by hook or crook and destabilisation, the multiple evils of the Internet and what I call the antisocial media, the drug culture, the flashing lights of a violent society, the mind sapping preoccupations of politically correct minorities, that perhaps inevitable preoccupation with mental health, intolerance as manifested for example by Brexit, public and private greed and the acute loss of individual responsibility

You might add the conversion of the world into a rubbish tip with devastating consequences for wildlife and on the other hand environmental fanaticism with headteachers, God help us, backing strike action by pupils against entirely unproven global warming.

Only the other day, a British scientist relatively asserting that on the basis of accurate records going back 800,000 years we are today where we should be in the ice age cycle. This is substantiated by two German scientists showing roughly a 1000 year climatic cycle from warm to come back again. No wonder people are confused.

It would be wrong to write off the human race as hopelessly degenerate. It is far from that when there are millions unselfishly performing good works every hour of the day.

But evil is stalking the land and we need to hunt it down and point to a better, more wholesome and satisfying way of life. What do we believe in?

Each of us has to stop passing the buck. It is our society and we shall have to clean it up. It’s no use whatsoever expecting government to do it all.

Of course, none of us as individuals can legislate to control the Internet, to prevent the crude and cruel abuse of for example Jewish women MPs or to provide effective defence against terrorism, crime, intolerance and greed.

But we can register our increasing disgust at criminal and antisocial behaviour, the corruption of youth by a prejudiced academia which is suppressing free speech and the awful greed among company executives and university vice chancellors who are rooking fee paying students interfacing daunting debts before they start earning a wage.

When our inadequate parliamentarians finally find themselves deprived of their Brexit games, if not Jeremy Corbyn, they had better launch the re-moralising of Britain.

After their long Brexit indulgence and before their expenses scandals they may not be the ideal agents of reform. But their job is to give a lead and we must now mount pressure on them for action.

Always, providing, of course, we ourselves are setting the standards we wish to live by. We are the best agents for a change in national attitudes and purpose.

Moreover, the press does not need much persuasion did join the exposure of neglect, incompetence and irresponsibility.

Our political parties would transform the atmosphere if they showed real determination to respond. At present the Tories are preoccupied with tearing themselves apart and Labour advocating a creed – Marxism – that has failed, not least morally, the world over while others, including defectors, wish to subject us to Euro – domination or, like the Nationalists, tear the UK apart.

They are, I admit, a divisive rabble. But we can start this day demanding they earn their keep by progressively eliminating society’s moral decay.


If I had the means, I would create an infrastructure for the spread of good ideas which would help society and community run better. Around the place, and by that I mean the whole of the United Kingdom, there must be thousands of elegant ideas partly going to waste because of the lack of other people finding out about them. For example I read an idea called “talking tables” which could be situated in the refreshment areas of larger chain stores. It could become the thing that if you wanted to talk to someone, if you were on your own, you could sit down and invite people to join you if he so wished. It will be public, anonymous, and safe. The cost would be virtually zero but who knows whether the idea would take off or not. The worst that can happen is nothing.

As Bernard wisely says, all change has to start with us. This Samuel Pepys type diary I am writing now is my modest way of making a contribution as indeed is my participation in our local allotments here in Midsomer as indeed is my 5G website which is now the largest reference point for things 5G on the planet. I started the website because I thought it was a good idea and it has blossomed into something very much greater than I expected. It has over 100 hits per day which is very small but I guess that the people who visit want to read the content, so it is not just a casual visitor.

I hope that is the case anyway.

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