A meaningful day out with a friend


Before I start, I’ve just been sent this wonderful video which is very short but quite delightful.

So it is a lovely Saturday with hardly a cloud in the sky. I decided to take my friend from Hertfordshire to our favourite places. I cannot encapsulate more than a fraction of what we saw but here are one or two examples. Each stream, river, seashore, makes a different sound according to what the water is doing and I find it one of the most healing sounds ever. This is a small stream just by the main post office in Mells.

We went off to Nunney, an historical town complete with Castle. I love this picture of sunlight shining on a crucifix. Tiny churches in the middle of nowhere can attract people from all over the place and this is today’s visitors book.I was still feeling physically down after my extreme exertions in the last couple of weeks so we decided to drive home after four hours or so and as it happened it was the best thing because the weather became cloudy and a little bit cold. Our guests enjoyed it very much though which was the main thing.


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