I can’t even have a glass of wine

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This increasing sensitivity that I have is a two edged sword.  I’m becoming less tolerant both of my environment, and what I choose to eat or drink. The problem is that wine contains for purposes of preservation sulphites. I’m fairly convinced that it is the sulphites that have a bad effect on me. There is a certain pleasure in having a drink but it is mitigated by headaches and drowsiness. I might try raw cider to see if that is any better..

I received a call today from a lady who wanted her raised beds repaired because they were falling down. I will always go and see people because they called me but gone are the days of me doing a job outside my speciality. My specialities are hedges, lawns, paving cleaning. Anything out side this is too much like work as I have discussed before. The problem is there is a shortage of experienced workers and I hate to have to disappoint people and turn them down. There has to be a way of turning people down without them feeling discouraged. I say to people that I’m not the right person for them.

This morning was market day attended by relatively few people in spite of the good weather. Francoise bought some cod roe which we fried and we had them with baked potatoes. Hardly health food but it was nice and we always have a few pieces of green salad.

We visited our allotment plots and I planted five rows of potatoes. I think growth and reproduction is a miracle that we take for granted. Here is a rather old potato with a little sprout coming out that will reproduce itself 10 or 20 fold. The sun was shining and it was relatively warm at about 15°C so most pleasant to be out in the Allotments, chatting to other people and passing the time.

I had a chat with one person about being burgled. He told me that he put a new bolt to secure his garage door, and within two days someone had broken in. Putting alarms and locks is a clue to burglars that you have something to hide so maybe the answer is to remove items of value from your house, put your remote key in a metal box to make sure someone doesn’t drive off with your car and live an unpretentious life.

About the therapeutic side of allotments, for the brain to work efficiently it is vital that we do not fuss or preoccupy ourselves with one subject but switch off or divert our interests and let the brain do what it does best. The brain is the world’s most advanced relational data base and it requires no interference from the left brain in order to work. That is why problems solve themselves. We just have to stop interfering with the creative parts of our mind.

Today was the last day of a course for our local men’s group where we learn more about Christianity and being responsible people spreading the word and so on. I have never enjoyed the company of the person who runs this group. There is not only lack of chemistry but actually a negative chemistry. We both know it.

Furthermore, I find the people in the group unresponsive to stimuli. When a speaker has finished speaking, they have no questions, no excitement, nothing to say, and these are not the people that I wish to associate with through choice. I have got more pleasure out of my local gardening club than the people that I’m supposed to be at one with, fellow Christians. I prefer human beings any time and I feel that having a faith, especially when there is an aspect of guilt attached to it, can be less than useful. There is also the idea that God is guiding me and so I am infallible. I think you can become absolutely mad and isolated without realising it. Bring on common sense say I and bring it by the bucket load

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