Good Friday – much mental activity – a lovely sunny day

This is the day when – traditionally – roads and motorways are full of people going from place A to place B, sitting in traffic jams and admiring the view, keeping the kids quiet (or children as I would prefer to call them) when calculating the time of arrival which my TomTom GPS does with great accuracy. It is the only four day holiday in the year, apart from the vagaries of the Christmas period when longer holidays can appear to be given.

Today is when Christians commemorate – I was going to say celebrate –  the death of the leader of Christianity, Jesus Christ. I don’t think he particularly wanted to be a leader. He was just expressing the God within him – that timeless being full of light which is supposed to be the Light of the world. Looking at the world as it is now, it is a realm where liars, those greedy for power and money, the psychopaths are in control apparently so anyway.


I’ve just been watching a video called Climate gate “hide the decline” explained by Berkeley professor Richard A Muller. He is showing how some scientists willfully abused the statistics to show a result in favour of the increase in temperature. It’s only a short video, 4 min 59 seconds, but if you want to watch it click here.

I’m thinking of those poor police in London who deserved a break. All leave was cancelled because of a relatively few ignorant and uninformed people who insist on blocking up London including Waterloo Bridge and various other places. They were even threatening to go along to London airport.  When such massive events happen all over the place at the same time I want to know two things; who funded them and who organised them. The group are saying they will not cease their protests until they receive a promise from the government. But alas for them they have forgotten one small thing. The government is in recess at the moment and will not be back until 24 April. Now, there is visionary planning for you.


Since my visit from the EMF people referred to previously I have de-cluttered the wires under my desk and I feel much better. My “feeling better” means I can sit in front of the computer for a couple of hours watching video without feeling sick. In my book, that is a result.


I have been reading stuff and watching my usual range of 5G videos before putting them on my site. I note that Alphabet who own Google have decided to marginalise sites from Russia Today. They better get used to it because it is very much a question of hide and seek with anything contentious such as in my case 5G or smart meters. I gather information I require for my site while the events are current and put them on my site otherwise they disappear from the search engines. I think this is getting worse and worse each day that passes. So folks you could try A strange name for an internet search engine but it is more impartial.

Having said that, the amount of authoritative information increases, by that I mean true information not industry generated propaganda. I can honestly say that if people were to look at the entries in my site during the last seven days they would have a complete or almost complete understanding of the problems of 5G microwave radiation and the danger to our physical and mental health. In case you hadn’t realised, the wavelengths used or that will be used are just the same as in the U.S. military’s use in their war machine called the Department of defense. It should actually be called the Murderous Department of War but then that would sound too frightening and people might actually wake up.


We have spent the day being quiet. Francoise has spent some considerable time in garden tidying up the roses and so on. There is a special stillness in the air. I’m not surprised because everyone is relaxing and the usual subliminal noise to which I’m sensitive is not present. That is why we are taking advantage of this to be really still and do some quality thinking and meditating. “we are all members one another” as the good book says and this applies to our telepathic element as well.

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