A church-less day – Glasto to be blasted by 5G – ideas galore

Yesterday I went to my men’s group evening. We were reminded that each person is a part of the jigsaw puzzle of life and we should all share. For the first time, the Curry evening event was open to ladies and there were about 35 people there I think. I do notice that men are unwilling to come out of their shells beyond talking about the normal everyday things. Maybe religion is outside the comfort zone of most English men. For example, it’s too late to start thinking about life after death when your other half has ascended to the heavenly realms. It is as well to be prepared because it’s difficult to study and absorb objectively when you are grieving and in shock.


Today Sunday we are experiencing the latter effects of a storm. I admit that I did not find within myself the incentive to attend church. When I do attend, I’m normally glad I’ve done so and have had a couple of interesting chats along the way, but not today.

The wind has died down the temperature is about 10° I decided not to go to Cheddar car boot sale as I normally do. Francoise spent the morning clearing out her very small room and trying to put a quart into a pint pot – very difficult as she counts sewing and painting among her hobbies. I would love to materialise a lovely big room with just the right light.


Watched a video by Simon Parkes about extraterrestrials, artificial intelligence, universal consciousness on Age of Truth  TV. have if you have two hours and 13 min to spare it is a mind blowing thing. but I found  particularly helpful his statement that many years ago he was offered the possibility of safety in a concrete bunker if and when there would be a nuclear war. He decided that a far better state of mind was to create conditions in which there would be no war because accepting the offer of a bunker means that you give in in advance and have a different more pessimistic mental landscape.


I’ve come across an extraordinary series of films entitled “time of the six sun launch”. I’m having the privilege of looking at advanced human beings speak about the awareness and future of mankind from a very elevated perspective taking into account the nature of the universe not just look From mankind’s point of view, the implication of increasing consciousness, the need to avoid the cycle of life and rebirth.

As usual each of nine films is available for 24 hours only and then you are invited to buy the whole series together with a lot of other special offers. The online offer is only $97 so I may well take them up on that. I don’t have a need to have the physical set of DVDs.

David Icke appears and discusses alien races and their need to be fed with energy. I agree this may sound strange to those not in the loop,  those who have not taken the red pill but chaos, stress, low vibrations on the earth are the very energy food that they seek for their own continuity. The world is set up the way it is to feed them. They cannot cope with higher-level vibrations such as love. I think this is half the answer of getting away from the chaos that we are seeing around us. Love is a vibration, it’s not sentiment.

I was so impressed that I wrote to the three people running the distribution and administration

This Series encourages an absolutely outstanding step forward in human kind’s consciousness.  Whoever made this series was truly inspired. As you do the work you should receive abundant blessings for the changing energy fields in others caused by this work”
to which they replied
Thank you so much for your support and kind words, we are delighted that you loved the film and it is wonderful getting such fabulous feedback from people, we are touched. We do hope that you enjoy the rest of the series. Please do share the love and tell everyone as we are just a team of three and we would truly value your help; for your convenience here are the relevant links: etc etc”

Today I sent two newsletters out to my 5G expose.com client list. The second one, the shortest,  was that EE the ongoing to introduce experimental 5G to the Glastonbury Festival they are going to put up five masts and blast everyone with microwave radiation. This is a total disaster. How can people get rest and refreshment I hope a ton of people write to Michael Eavis who should know better. The problem is and he must have signed a contract and received a lot of money for it.

The first one was about an enormous summary on the dangers of 5G, I would call it a superb document by someone called Oliver Vuillemin. He has summed this up in a fresh way with such clarity that only those who are either paid off or brain-dead could fail to be impressed by. I started my 5G website about a year ago and I’m very impressed by the number of new kids on the block who have perhaps seen my work, decided they could do better, and so to speak stood on my shoulders. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see this. Who cares who gets the credit so long as we get the result. If 5G goes ahead with all its implications the human species as we know it will be under serious threat within two generations. I’m going to see my MP on this next Friday to impress on him the importance of all this.


Today, we did some work on the allotment. I’ve taken delivery recently of a new strimmer, a petrol model. It is quite difficult to use without wearing out the nylon cord quickly. I find that after about 10 min work I have to replace the cord. I feel that it has too much power for its own good and I have thought of substituting wire for the nylon cord that the speed it travels it would cut through your boots like butter.

The other problem is getting the angle of the cut right otherwise you just run over the grass especially when borders are concerned. It is more difficult than I thought. N.B. wearing eye goggles is essential because the small stones and indeed the grass itself flies off at a quick rate and can easily get in your eye.

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