A delightful garden – the burdens we bear


Off we went about midday to repair a rather untidy garden. It’s the usual story, the husband predeceases his wife. She loves the garden but cannot do it any more so just needs it done. The lady we are dealing with has a pleasant disposition, 90 years of age, bright as a button but little bit deaf, and makes us a cup of tea. Just the sort of customer we like.

My policy with untidy gardens is to start with the most difficult element and then work from there. It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t start at one end and finish the other. I tidy little bits and pieces and then it all comes together. I find the most creative thing is to do the job roughly, take a break, then see with a clearer eye probably next day what needs to be done.  I always try and communicate with the garden or should I say the spirits of the garden and tried to do what it requires.

A common problem is that plants are planted too close together so as a result crowd each other out. I can understand when you come across an empty garden and want to fill it but it is best to read the instruction on the packets so to speak and allow for what the plants or indeed bushes require. Bushes will fight for light and survival and seeing them bunched to close together even in a hedge is not a pretty sight.

We stuffed the car full of spoil and went off to the dump and then to home. During the day, I had correspondence with a chap called Paul who is a fellow sufferer from electromagnetic fields. He finds that he is becoming withdrawn.  He said he was coming to the area to visit his father and would like to come and see us. The evening came and went and no Paul. We then received a text from him saying that his father had to be rushed to hospital and it was very serious.

We sometimes tend to forget that people who do most for society themselves have the greatest burdens. I think Paul has had his problems for many years and cannot live like other people. I feel sure he has a friend but I don’t think she quite understands what it’s like to suffer from fields. I say to someone today that if I get too much exposure from my computer or walking around cities, it’s like hedgehogs raining down on my head. I can fully understand people thinking I’m crazy but I don’t say these things or indeed experience them for fun.

I got a quote for some new varifocal glasses. Without any whistles and bells the price was £220. I shall search elsewhere.

I continue to be stunned by this ridiculous global warming nonsense. In fact the Earth is cooling and approaching what is called the Maunder minimum. The lie about man-made global warming due to man made carbon dioxide is being perpetuated because of the enormous profits to be made from carbon credits. I read that British Steel recently had to pay £130 million into the system. What a wonderful racket! So long as they can keep the lie going for long enough the money will come rolling in.

If you don’t think the Earth is actually cooling, have a look at this article in The Science Times.

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