Lists of things that really must be done


Our goldfish love the sun and they gather together either sunbathing or swimming around fast. Our Buddha, below, contemplates everything, but he’s being slowly swallowed by the prolific growth around him.

I try to keep up with myself and my duties more or less but I find an accumulation of jobs that really need to be done and cannot wait any longer. The existence of this fact hangs on me and there is no question, you just have to put aside everything else and just get on with it.

Doctor’s appointments, things that have to be mended, things that have to be cleaned out and refreshed, phone calls that need to be made and cannot be put off any longer. My biggest characteristic, I don’t want to say fault, is not getting on with my tax returns. I have set myself this year the target that I really must get round to doing my tax returns early as opposed to waiting till December. It is now nearly the end of May.¬† I shall likely tell myself that I will do them on my return from holiday and then something will come up. I shall let you know when the happy day comes.

I can of course blame Russia for sending me microwaves to frazzle my mind. It seems that America and their slavish puppy dog the United Kingdom blame everything on Russia including wars, spying on other people, economic disruption, poisoning and of course global warming. It really makes me sick to see how America lie, bullying and murder their way round the world. The Hawks are so arrogant they just go on doing it and more or less tell everyone what they are doing  knowing that no one in the mainstream media would dare to do anything about it. Are there any investigative reporters left? There are a few dead ones I grant you.

I watched ‘Crosstalk’ which is a very good program run by Russia Today where you hear well-qualified people talking about both sides of the picture and giving references or what they had said. they were commenting that in Syria, the films of children suffering were manufactured and these were used as justification for the war and destruction of Syria. I am now waiting for the same thing to happen with Iran but I think this country is a tough customer.

If anyone is not up to speed, America thinks it owns the world and can interfere and destabilise regimes because they do not conform to the hegemony and dictatorship of this gateway to hell as I call the USA. The USA survives on three economic basis; debt with a charge ridiculous rates of interest and get countries in hock typically happening after a disaster; wars of which they have started 42 since World War II and counting (peace is not profitable) and finally drugs of both types. Pharmaceutical drugs are phenomenal money spinners and as regards the other class of drugs how many people know that the CIA have always been the major drug runners of the world, cocaine and suchlike. If the USA itself were ever to get a Nobel prize for anything it should be for hypocrisy.

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