So many things to do

I am listening to a Finnish video “Something in the air – The cell phone radiation documentary”.  Youtube have an evil way of keeping our attention. They keep a record of all that we have watched and tempt us to continue by introducing videos in the same genre.

There are normally 8 hours in a working day. Mine are – on and off – about 10 hours most of which are spent in front of the computer.  My day is not that different at week-ends save we tend to go out more on at leat one day. We aim to attend the ‘Stand in the Park’ informal meetings at 10 am on Sundays.

From the practical point of view I do not have to do gardening but I like to keep my current account topped up and physical exercise is good for us both.  The Powers that Be are trying to starve us into submission through a combination of food shortages, steep increase in prices of food, increased taxes on the price of gas (petrol) not to mention council tax and travel by train.

With gardening it is difficult to estimate what the job can charge. Everyone has different circumstances but some claim that they cannot afford something when in fact they just don’t like spending money.  I state a price that I prepared to work for and if it is too much then I leave the job.   I do not accept money until the customer says they are happy with what we (Francoise and I) have done.

Francoise’s’ french passport has run out. She can only renew it by visiting one of the consulates in UK of which there are two, London and Edinburgh.  There are currently 250,000 people waiting for appointments in London. You have to enter their rather badly designed website, look at the calendar, and gap a slot when it becomes available. Due to the pressure, slots remain unfilled for only a few seconds.    (Updates happen daily between 11 and 12 am). It is a nerve-wracking experience. The earliest offer was late June but that disappeared. the second one was mid July and that disappeared also. Its a bit like an auction. There is no allowance for delay.

My stomach continues to give problems.   For some reason my beloved home made bread is the main culprit. the offending item is barley. I might as well swallow poison. The results drain my energy. I survive by taking sodium bicarbonate and putting a hot water bottle on my stomach.

I am also interested in the latest healing methods. How many have heard of the med bed? This is a pleadians inspired technology. Try this. ‘Everything MED BEDS’. Be prepared to be amazed.

I do need to look after my body which includes regular walks, treatments, meditations even – anything to keep my humanity at full strength.  I await the future fear mongering embodied in the Monkey-pox manufactured and weaponized by the powers that be.  I hope enough people will recognize it for what it is – a complete scam to justify lockdowns and yet more vaccinations and top ups.

Garden and allotment duties keep me occupied also. Not everyone maintains their plot and I have to chide them. No one likes to do this but if they dont respond to emails or phone calls I have to up the pressure. Fortunately I am not seeking popularity. Someone has to do it.

From my research point of view there are so many papers to read in addition to the daily news inflow that I have to catalogue and enter into my web site if appropriate.