Inspired words from Buddhist Dr Sukerat Bhakdi


Today I am in full work mode. I love this Doctor; irrespective of subject matter, his attitude is a role model for anything in the scientific or indeed the humanities field. Do watch this interview and watch how he comports himself.

His faith involves three elements. Be compassionate, rejoice for others, stay in the middle i.e. don’t be extreme. So simple and yet so key.

Monday evening is the time I must make a report to the Town Council on the topic of our local allotments of which I am the chair. The last 203 years have seen much battering of the human spirit and I have shown that in spite of all, progress has been made and we have raised the bar on performance and user friendliness. It is quite unusual for Allotment Associations to have their own websites so without realizing it, we are managing to achieve standards that few others care to match.

Today started cloudless and warm. I had my eye appointment this morning so I was sat a couple of hours on buses. I had the quickest ever ‘in out’ experience. My appointment was  I entered the ward at 10.50 am, was tested at 10.55, entered the theatre at 11.00 and left after the procedure at 11.05.  I celebrated by having a lunch of fish, chips and mushy potatoes followed by custard and chocolate pudding yum yum.

A couple of weeks ago we had our house Feng Shui examined. I did this in preparation for a forthcoming attempt to re-launch my healing and diagnostic services. It was necessary to balance the house by placing a statue in the rear of the property, and also making a path of paving stones in the front garden.  We went to the Hillier Garden Centre in Cheddar and bought seven large slate-like paving stones and . just for good measure, five more goldfish to add to our five in the pool in our back garden.

With regard to the current world chaos, if anyone is interested, the bad and evil people who run the world will I believe destroy themselves by a process culminating in a world-wise collapse starting April 2024 and finishing August 2024. Meanwhile they will throw everything at us. Many people are dying and will die. It is a clumsy attempt by a group of psychopaths to destroy the human being and replace us with a form of being controlled by Artificial intelligence or ‘AI’

I know it is grim stuff but the only way to avoid fear (and the ability of others to make us frightened) is to know what is going on and why.

My stomach continues with its ups and downs but if I refrain from sugar and alcohol and eat food slowly my stomach is maintained in a quiescent state.

I type to the sound of fireworks. It is only 4th November but the forecast for tomorrow is not good so some have chosen to have their parties one night prior. A wise move because there is no wind and no rain.